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New York Giants’ Antrel Rolle Doesn’t Suffer High Ankle Sprain; Hopeful for Regular Season Opener

August 13th, 2013 at 1:04 PM
By Douglas Rush

On Monday, New York Giants starting free safety Antrel Rolle had to be carted off from practice as he has suffered from what the team is calling a sprained ankle after getting his foot caught with tight end Bear Pascoe's while going up to defend a pass.

Free agent pickup Ryan Mundy took over for Rolle in the first-team snaps on the defense and if Rolle is out for an extended period of time, the former Pittsburgh Steelers safety will assume the starting duties for Rolle.

On Tuesday, Rolle addressed the media about the injury and delivered good news to everyone, stating that he does not have a high ankle sprain, although he did call it a "pretty good sprain" and was in a walking boot.

"Just thank God it is nothing too severe, nothing I can’t work through with just a little bit of time and hard work," Rolle said.

Rolle did mention that he doesn't have an known timetable for when he will return to the team, but he did say that he's not even thinking about missing the opener on September 8 against the Dallas Cowboys in Week 1 of the 2013 season.

With Rolle being one of the more consistent players in the Giants defense over the last four seasons, it's very important to have him in the lineup, but more importantly, having him healthy is even more important to the strength of the unit. It's very likely that head coach Tom Coughlin and defensive coordinator Perry Fewell will hold Rolle out for most of the preseason if needed, even if it's as a precautionary to make sure Rolle doesn't do any further damage to the ankle.


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70 Responses to “New York Giants’ Antrel Rolle Doesn’t Suffer High Ankle Sprain; Hopeful for Regular Season Opener”

  1.  GOAT56 says:

    Great news! Rolle is extremely important to say the least.

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    Everyone remember bashing me when I said Mundy would be the third safety?

    Good thing this wasn’t a high ankle sprain. Rolle is one player we cannot do without.

    It’s sad that Tuck’s availability elicits a collective yawn. I cannot blame anyone for being skeptical about his contributions but my view is that he will have a very good season. He’s in great shape. He’s focused. And he’s playing for a contract, with us or elsewhere.

    •  JimStoll says:

      in a boot; right now questionable for the opener
      assuming he cannot go week 1, Mundy, Brown, Sash?
      Mundy, Brown, Ross?
      Brown, Ross, Sash?
      Mundy’s resume is awfully skinny
      of course Ross has never played safety
      Sash was perhaps our second best defender last week for what that’s worth
      shades of 2009?

      • Dan BentonDan Benton says:

        A low ankle sprain is 1-4 weeks max. Boot is common. Would expect Rolle to be back sooner than later. Maybe even for the final preseason game.

        •  JimStoll says:

          personally I’m now pulling for Alonzo Tweedy
          we can do a whole Tammany Hall thing around that name

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I think the Hill situation is a big big part of Mundy being the 3rd safety. Hill at worse would be in a good battle with Mundy and might even be challenging for a starting spot.

      I think Tuck for preseason is a collective yawn. I want to see the young guys play. But for regular season we need Tuck. Maybe not as much since Moore has flashed some real ability to be a factor this year. In fact I wonder if we knew Moore would play this well would we have left Kiwi at SLB.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        Nope. The starters were ALWAYS going to be Rolle and Brown.

        I love Hill, but you have been beating the drum too loudly for both he and Taylor for months. You’re mistaking the role of the safeties, how they’re used and how important experience is at that position. Mundy was always the better bet for the third safety even though Hill may prove to eventually be the best of all of them (even Rolle).

        And Taylor is just as likely to wind up on the practice squad, or cut, as he is to be on the roster unless we suffer more injuries.

        •  GOAT56 says:

          When the last time we cut a 5th round pick? Taylor already got a lot of praise during OTAs so it’s not like he hasn’t shown anything. The coaches were experimenting with him in several different ways. You don’t cut talent just to keep a JAG. Taylor if healthy can at least do well on special teams and that’s what a backup safety is mostly doing.

          Hill has more experience in this system than Mundy and was already earning snaps last year. Brown is only in his second year here too. If Hill has the talent you think he has then why couldn’t he at worse hold down the 3rd safety? The 3rd safety role has been more of an in the box role which clearly fits Hill’s skill set. As a starter if we are expecting the safety opposite Rolle to play some free safety as well then Brown does have the upper hand.

  3.  JimStoll says:

    the current depth chart at safety:

    26 Antrel Rolle S 6-0 206 31 (ankle sprain – out)
    27 Stevie Brown S 5-11 221 26
    25 Will Hill S 6-1 207 23 (suspended weeks 1-4)
    21 Ryan Mundy S 6-1 209 28
    39 Tyler Sash S 6-0 215 25
    30 Cooper Taylor S 6-4 228 (hammie — out)
    46 David Caldwell S 5-11 212
    44 Alonzo Tweedy S 6-2 193

    and I guess Aaron Ross

    •  GOAT56 says:

      Rolle will be back. Taylor will be back soon because he’s going to be on the 53 or IR. This situation does allow us to see what we really have in our safeties. Caldwell or Tweedy maybe have a slight opening to make the roster. One of those players might be a second team next game which is a huge opportunity.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        You are vastly overrating Taylor and underrating Mundy.

        •  GOAT56 says:

          A 5th round pick not making our roster that the brass was clearly high on? How is saying he’s a roster lock overrating him? It’s not like us to cut a player like him. It just hasn’t been our style. Even if he isn’t ready this year he’s part of our future at safety.

          Mundy have always said next to nothing about because I really don’t know. I always looked at him above Sash. I don’t know if Mundy can play or not. I do think we treated this whole offseason different because we knew Hill was going to be suspended.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    Sash is an interesting case. He isn’t a “great athlete” but he’s a savvy player who knows where he needs to get to on the field and showed at Iowa a great sense of anticipation and ability to read quarterbacks’ eyes. He was solid on Saturday.

    Sometimes safeties like Sash can have long NFL careers because you need those “dependable” guys who may not make the spectacular play but know how to play the defense properly, and are always contributors on special teams. He’s fighting for his career right now because I don’t think there’s any question that Will Hill is a far superior athlete, and he’ll be back after four weeks.

    If Sash can make some plays, and not just be a solid presence, he could make a real case for himself, especially if they are concerned about Hill’s sense of personal responsibility. In any case, they need someone as Brown, Mundy, or both, depart next season. Hill’s the guy they should try awfully hard to keep, but they know more about his head than any of us can.

    Cooper Taylor is unlikely to be a real factor in 2013, if ever.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      Sash got a real break with the Hill situation. I think his spot comes down one of the last spots on the roster. If he continues playing like last game he likely sticks.

      I disagree on Taylor. His injury hurts him from getting in the mix this year. The kid clearly has athletic talent and is pretty smart. He’s like a Sash with real talent. He definitely part of our future at safety. Actually, out of all the safeties he might be the most likely to be on the roster next year.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        Sorry, but that last sentence is an insane statement.

        •  GOAT56 says:

          How? Rolle with his salary has already been questioned about his roster spot next year. Brown and Mundy are free agents. Sash is on the roster bubble and could be knocked off when Hill returns. Hill as to stay out of trouble which he hasn’t so far. Taylor is a 5th round pick with upside so he will be back, all the other safeties have questions. Hill on the field would be a lock but you have to factor in off the field.

          •  fanfor55years says:

            You cannot REALLY believe this, right?

            This team is a championship contender next season. Do you honestly believe they will go into the season with, of all the current safeties, Cooper Taylor as the sole returnee? If you do then I will have to conclude that you have lost your mind.

            •  BigBlueGiant says:


              Goat, you on the sauce again brah?

            •  GOAT56 says:

              No that’s not what I’m saying. I’m saying out of all of our safeties he’s probably the most likely to return. I’m not saying he’s the core safety. But I am saying he’s part of the core because of his talent and youth. Think of him as a Hill this year for next year. He’s probably not a starter, probably in competition for the 3rd safety spot.

  5.  JimStoll says:


    what’s the rule for Will Hill right now?
    Can he practice and play in preseason then sits weeks 1-4
    I don’t remember seeing him on the field saturday

  6.  Krow says:

    Maybe he can play some ROT.

  7.  fanfor55years says:

    GOAT, you’ve not seen Taylor play A SINGLE play against NFL-quality competition. Are you basing your opinion on measurables? That’s a mistake. On the fact he was a fifth round pick? Plenty of them wash out of the league, including most of those made by our draft room. Taylor is one of those after-the-fourth-round-take-a-flyer picks that they HOPE will work out but hardly count on.

    I’ll start believing in Taylor when I see him look half-decent against good NFL players. Until then all I know is our scouts thought he was worth a risk and he played very well against really lousy competition in college. I hope you’re right, but I absolutely KNOW you have no objective basis for your confidence in him.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      The OTA reports were very good on him. He dropped in the draft because of his medical condition not because he couldn’t play. A smaller school always drops you some as well. I’m simply saying for him and I would for Cox as well that we are not cutting him just to have another JAG around when his main job will be special teams. These guys have clear talent and can play special teams while they round out their games. Neither will last on PS. A lessor talent in Douglas was taken last year off of PS.

      •  GmenMania says:

        +1. Kids from smaller schools always drop in the draft. It doesn’t mean they can’t play in the NFL; it just means that it may take them a little longer than others to get used to the speed of the game.

        I also happen to agree with GOAT that Taylor is probably one of the most likely to be back next year. Rolle I think will be restructured, and who knows what’s happening when Stevie hits FA. Have to see how he plays this season. GOAT’s statement wasn’t all that large of a proclamation.

        •  fanfor55years says:

          Like Mississippi Valley State, UCF, Troy and places like that? If a player is good enough he doesn’t drop in the draft because of where he went to school.

        •  fanfor55years says:

          GOAT’s statement was nuts. Anyone who thinks Rolle won’t be back should never opine on football again. And at least one of Mundy, Brown, Hill and Sash will return, more than likely at least two of them.

          Taylor is a black box. Everyone hopes he’s great. NO ONE knows anything about him. He could very easily be a “tweener” who cannot find a position where he’s good enough, or could find that straight-line speed means little at safety as opposed to quickness and anticipation and reading skills.

          •  GmenMania says:

            I think what GOAT was saying was that Rolle most likely won’t be back at his $7.5 million price tag next season; he will most likely be restructured. We need the cap relief anyway in order to fit Nicks, who you so adamantly insist will get a huge contract, under the cap.

            •  fanfor55years says:

              In fact we wouldn’t NEED to restructure Rolle to keep Nicks, but probably will because we’ll want Rolle around for at least 3-4 more years and that makes sense.

              And let GOAT speak for himself. What he said had nothing to do with restructuring. Your dislike for me is coloring your comments (pretty obviously). I’m awfully sorry you feel that way. Well, not really, because I couldn’t care less. Small people think small thoughts.

              •  GmenMania says:

                And over-confident people flaunt their so-called “knowledge” anonymously on message boards and refer to people as small-minded. I don’t like to waste my time with internet tough-guys, or in your case, internet arrogant-irritants. I have my opinion, you have yours; we disagree, and you felt the need to attack my personally. That’s your choice. But I’m not going to simply back down and let you claim that you are right, or that I am small-minded. Take that how you will, but don’t insult my intelligence when you have no idea who I am.

                •  GmenMania says:

                  And in fact, before this personal attack of yours, I valued your opinion and enjoyed your posts greatly. I didn’t dislike you; you, however, chose to believe that, and now it may in fact be true.

                •  fanfor55years says:

                  Suit yourself, but you have an interesting habit of making statements that are pretty cutting and seem particularly prone to misreading what someone else has said.

                  Just answer two questions: Did GOAT say anything about restructuring Rolle when I said his comment was crazy? And do you think it useful to conclude that a player is the most likely of ALL of the safeties to return next season when you have never seen him play?

                  •  fanfor55years says:

                    What I object to is that I said something that is, quite frankly, almost self-evident. I’m sorry, but GOAT is just way wrong on what he said. If he thought about it he would take it back or make significant modifications. Yet it is I who got jumped for saying what is, IMO, purely rational. It has happened many times before. Almost feels like an opportunistic piling on.

                    You may be right that I overreacted to you, for which I apologize. But my point is still right. Maybe that sounds like overconfidence and arrogance. I think it’s just common sense.

                    •  GmenMania says:

                      Look I don’t completely disagree with you, but I also agree with GOAT. I think Taylor is incredibly likely to be on this roster in 2014; I’ve said that. What I myself did not say was that Rolle wouldn’t. I think Rolle 100% will be on this roster come 2014 (on a restructured deal). I certainly was not trying to pile on, but rather trying to defend a part of GOAT’s opinion that I agreed with.

                      We may not see completely eye-to-eye, but I do respect your opinion. I accept your apology, and in turn apologize myself for perhaps overreacting as well. Hopefully, we can move on from this, because I think you may have misunderstood the nature of my comments.

                  •  GmenMania says:

                    1. No he didn’t. That was my opinion. GOAT thought Taylor was most likely, while I think he and Rolle and both essentially guaranteed to be back, with Rolle on a restructured contract.

                    2. I have seen Taylor play when he was at Richmond, and put stock in the coaches comments from OTAs and Reese’s drafting of him. Draft picks (even late ones) always get a chance to prove themselves, and I think Taylor will get a 2-year window in which to do that. He’s a project, and projects need time to develop.

                    •  fanfor55years says:

                      I happen to agree with both of those statements, but you started by saying that what GOAT meant to say was #1 when he did no such thing. I wouldn’t have started something had he said what you just did, but he went way beyond that.

                      I happen to think Rolle is most certain to be back, as will at least one among Brown, Hill and Sash, as will Taylor. But Mundy will be in the mix too and may well replace Brown if the latter commands too much money.

                    •  GmenMania says:

                      Fair enough.

                      I don’t think Mundy is talented enough to replace Brown if he leaves next season. I think Brown will most likely be replaced by a committee of Will Hill or Cooper Taylor and another vet, or by an early draft pick. That being said, I haven’t seen Mundy play for this team yet, so for all I know he could be a perfectly competent replacement if Brown leaves.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        No pads, no contact. No meaning.

        Camp reports were GREAT on Barden a few years ago. So much for that.

        •  fanfor55years says:

          That’s in response to GOAT’s OTA post, above.

          •  GmenMania says:

            I remember you last year pumping up Will Hill after a good OTA showing. You also tend to over-project the abilities of certain players with little body of evidence.

        •  GOAT56 says:

          You just proved my point. Barden has been here 4 years and counting. There is no way you don’t include Taylor on the 53 for a least a year or two to see what you have. We did that for years with many players, Cooper is another one of those guys. Maybe I’m wrong and he turns out to be nothing but he be around at least a few years so we know.

          During the offseason there was a big sentiment that Rolle was at least in question roster wise nest year. If you don;t share those that’s fine but it’s something that was my though or that I made up. He’s making a ton of money at will be 31. If I had to guess I think he will be back but you can’t not factor money into the equation. What if Rolle refuses a pay cut?

          We are in win now mode but you don’t cut talented you players at the end of the roster for PS just to keep JAGs. That’s why Ojomo was kept last year and we took a chance on Douglass. If we thought highly about Douglass he would have been on the 53. That’s why we kept Scott as a rookie. To keep a guy on PS isn’t normally a non flashy player like Herman or from the past a player like Ballard.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        At least we have SEEN Cox, and he may have some promise. He’s also competing for a spot against some pretty weak competitors.

        For all I know Taylor is going to be spectacular. I hope so. But you’ve not seen anything from him, haven’t seen him play a down, have probably never seen Richmond or any of its competition play, yet say he’s good and is the most likely safety on the roster to be back next year.

        That’s nuts.

        •  JimStoll says:

          this doesn’t sound like you
          you’re usually way out on a limb projecting great things from the tiniest body of evidence
          remember Henderson? Wilkerson? Kehl?

          why do you hate Cooper so much?

          •  GmenMania says:

            Or Will Hill, Ojomo, etc. There are a thousand examples.

            •  fanfor55years says:

              Will Hill played at a BIG TIME program. I saw him way back in prep school, many times.

              Ojomo did it against NFL COMPETITION in preseason.

              Don’t be a tool. Your intent is way too clear. You could try being a bit more subtle.

              I never reach conclusions about players I’ve not seen play. I guess that’s a difficult concept for some to grasp.

              •  GmenMania says:

                Prep school is even a lower level of competition that a small school like Richmond, yet you like Will Hill based on what you’ve seen but claim that no one can possibly know anything about Taylor from what they’ve seen of his play.

                And Ojomo did it mostly against future grocery-baggers. I want to see him do it against NFL backups, or even better, NFL starters.

                •  fanfor55years says:

                  As to Ojomo, I fully agree. As to Hill, he was considered one of the best athletes and players on a great Florida team. Hardly comparable to Richmond. I threw in the prep school stuff because I had seen him play, live, against a number of opponents who went on to big-time Division I schools. Hill was far and away the best player on the field in every one of those games. If the kid wasn’t troubled he’s have wound up a top 10 draft pick.

                  •  GmenMania says:

                    I don’t agree that Hill would have wound up a top 10 pick, but his talent is undeniable. I just want evidence that he can play against higher levels of competition.

            •  BigBlueGiant says:

              Or Tracy and Jerninan…..

              •  fanfor55years says:

                I did not say anything about them before I saw them (except to comment on what the team had said about how they might fit in), and actually was NEGATIVE about Tracy initially. I knew little of Jernigan but liked his play in the first preseason action he saw when he went up and grabbed a contested ball despite his size and over the middle to boot.

                And while I’ve never said Jernigan is great, I’ve said he has value as the only real backup slot receiver we have and that he has been pretty decent as a kick-off return man. I also said that since Eli could deal without an elite guy in the slot Jernigan COULD replace some of Cruz’s production if not his talent. That was all said long after I’d seen him play.

                You guys are not getting the distinction. One can be right or wrong about a player, but at least wait until you’ve actually seen the guy play ball.

          •  fanfor55years says:

            Wilkinson DID it against the Patriots in a regular season game with real meaning.

            I saw Henderson play a game (though it was an accident of circumstances when I was visiting a nephew) in college and was very impressed. (By the way, had he not been hurt I still think he’d have beaten out Tollefson for the #4 spot on the depth chart).

            Kehl played very well for BYU and they played a legit schedule that included some teams that Stanford played too while I was following Stanford very closely, so understood the common opponents. Kehl’s problem turned out to be simple: he wasn’t tough enough at the next level. No way of knowing that at the time.

            I don’t hate Cooper. I just know nothing about him and don’t believe any others know more. I hope he’s great. I’ll wait to see evidence of same.

        •  GOAT56 says:

          We saw a quarter of Cox against players that will be looking for jobs in a few weeks. I made my judgements on Cox from us drafting him and OTAs, the game did nothing to change my view. I feel the same about Taylor.

          To me if the competition for Taylor’s roster spot is Sash that’s weaker than Torrain or Scott. Sash is a solid professional but those RBs in my view have the ability to play better if need than Sash. Sash is nothing you keep a “black box” off the roster for.

          We have a long history of keeping draft picks (where’s Norm). Top 5 round picks are usually guaranteed a roster spot under JR and even most 6th rounders make it. Cooper was an upside pick so what’s the point of cutting him? It’s just like Mosley would have been on the roster if his injury only lasted a few weeks. Look at Robinson a similar specimen he was kept even though he wasn’t ready to contribute. It’s just the way we do things. You have to really show nothing as a 5th rounder to get cut and Taylor in my view from the coaches comments has already shown enough.

          •  fanfor55years says:

            It’s a long way from cutting him to saying he’s the most likely returnee of all the safeties.

            •  GOAT56 says:

              When 2 are free agents, one is on the bumble, one has already been suspended twice in a year and the last and the last is making over 9 mil a year. He’s a draft pick with upside those have always been given at least 2 years. All those other guys could not be back although of course some will return. It’s just like last year at the time I would have made a similar comment about Robinson compare to our other TEs. It’s how we have worked. That’s why I think he’s the most likely to return.

  8.  fanfor55years says:

    Done with the argument. Waste of time, and REALLY silly.

  9.  Sintexo says:

    Apparently their playing with some interesting combos:

    Ohm Youngmisuk ?@NotoriousOHM
    In 11s, at start NYG defense had Kiwanuka and Rivers standing up, Jenkins, Rogers, Linval inside. Herzlich and Paysinger at LB in middle

    Seeing some defensive ends dropping back in coverage in this practice. Kiwanuka, Tuck, Tracy and Trattou have all dropped back on some plays

    Giants now using Justin Tuck at DT with Kiwanuka and Tracy at DEs and Jenkins inside.

    Interesting practice. In 7s, Justin Tuck working as a LB with Paysinger and Jacquian. Tuck working in coverage

    Trattou and Tracy also getting looks at LB in 7s

    Here’s another formation: Tuck, Jenkins, Kiwanuka up front. Jacquian, Paysinger, Tracy at LBs. Ross, Prince outside. Thomas in slot

    Another formation: Hankins, Patterson, Broha on line. Curry and Tracy standing up. Herzlich and Jacquian at inside LBs.

    Austin, Okam, Ojomo on line. Bosworth and Trattou standing up. Herzlich and Sabino inside linebackers.

    Nickel package: Tracy, Tuck, Jenkins and Kiwanuka up front. Paysinger and Jacquian at LB. TT at slot.

    It sounds like Hosley is having a decent practice too:

    Ohm Youngmisuk ?@NotoriousOHM 22m
    Jayron Hosley picked off Painter in 7s

    Jayron with a strong practice. Just broke up a quick deep pass from Eli to Cruz in single coverage

    •  Sintexo says:


      •  F0XLIN says:

        I actually hate that they are using so many different formations, trying everyone out everywhere. The biggest weakness for our D last year was communication breakdowns. The games when Fewell simplified things is when they were at their best (that and KP on the field) Adding more responsibility, combination, communication is not a positive. Fewell is not confusing anyone

        In addition the speed of the game is picking up, add Chip Kelly into the mix, it puts the D in a bad position trying to rotate guys on and off the field as teams are running hurry up, playing faster, ect

        •  GmenMania says:


        •  JimStoll says:

          intuitively I agree
          so many combos suggests that Fewell does not know what he has or what he is doing, or that he has so many perceived weaknesses that he is trying to cover things up
          with so few practices, spending what little time you have doing this that or the other thing that will never see the light of day in the regular season seems unproductive

          maybe there is genius here, but Tuck in coverage? Really?

        •  GOAT56 says:

          Communication hurt but I think what hurt even more is that offenses for the most part knew exactly what we were doing. We didn’t fool anyone except SF. Know PF is taking a look at all his options with the great versatility the DL has. How do you get enough snaps for a player like Moore if everyone is healthy? Does a player like Tracy carry more value because he’s a natural 3-4 OLB? A player like Austin might have more use as a 3-4 DE. I think PF needs to figure out what everyone can do so he can better use their strengths. We have a really deep DL and maximizing that talent is on PF. Communication does have to improve but we also have to be able to change looks because the offenses are too good to be as basic looking as we were last year.

          •  JimStoll says:

            I would posit that while our DL is deep and talented, it doesn’t mean that all or any of these guys can play multiple positions and play any but their natural one well
            Kiwi for all his time at LB was never more than just okay in that position; far better as a DE
            Tuck as a LB? other than the occasional one off, I sincerely doubt it
            they have flip flopped on Tracy as well over the years

            the down side of investing so much talent in one position is there are not enough snaps for them all so then one is tempted to move heaven and earth to get these guys on the field

            not sure it works or that it ever has

            •  GOAT56 says:

              You’re assuming that he’s going to use all of these different looks. I think he’s seeing exactly what guys can and can’t do. I think asking Kiwi to be a 3-4 OLB is different than a 4-3 SLB. I think Kiwi’s match that of a 3-4 OLB. The Tuck stuff seems a little curious but maybe he’s being a place holder for JPP. It’s just like we try fake FGs and some other trick plays in practice.

              This 3-4 isn’t going to be our base defense or even close it’s just something else we can mix in.

  10.  Sintexo says:

    This might cheer up some people as well:

    Ohm Youngmisuk ?@NotoriousOHM 2m
    Pugh getting snaps at first team RT. Mosley at RG in this hurry up drill.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Thanks for the updates. Some pretty crazy combos being tried. Some sound pretty intriguing.

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