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New York Giants QB David Carr on Ryan Nassib: He’s Been a Quick Learner

August 9th, 2013 at 2:30 PM
By Douglas Rush

One of the New York Giants' battles in training camp and in the preseason will be backup quarterback spot, which will be between veteran David Carr and rookie Ryan Nassib.

On Saturday, Carr and Nassib will get their opportunities to play for the Giants in their first preseason action at Heinz Field against the Pittsburgh Steelers. It's an experience that Nassib is really excited to partake in, as it will be the first professional game of his young NFL career, although it is only a preseason game.

“I’m excited,” Nassib said, “I'm ready to get out there and play somebody else. It’s going to be nice to be able to play in my home state and play in front of family and friends,” he said. “It’s going to be a fun weekend.”

During camp, Nassib has gone through his share of growing pains as a rookie, as he's thrown a couple of interceptions this past week in camp. But what has Carr impressed about the former Syracuse quarterback is his thirst for the game and his willingness to learn as he goes, as Mark Hale of the New York Post reported.

“I think that’s the most important, honestly. Because you get young guys in here sometimes, and not necessarily at the quarterback position, but they don’t care to learn,” Carr said. “They’re going to rest on their athletic ability. It’s not like they don’t want to do it, that’s just their nature. Ryan’s not that way. He’s taking good notes, writing stuff down. He doesn’t necessarily make the same mistake twice. I think that’s the key.”

In Saturday's game, Giants starting quarterback Eli Manning will see about 12-15 snaps on the field in the first quarter and then afterwards, all of the backups get in, which will include Carr, Nassib and Curtis Painter. Even Carr is excited to see what the team's rookie can do on the field for the team.

“I’ll get my series or two or see how it works,” Carr, the Giants’ veteran backup quarterback, said yesterday. “And then he’ll be in there. They want to see what he can do.”

While a lot of fans eyes will be on Nassib when he takes the field for the very first time as a professional, the nerves of playing at Heinz Field won't be as severe, as Ebenezer Samuel of the New York Daily News noted, he has played on that field in college when his Orangemen lost 33-20 to the University of Pittsburgh back in the 2011 season. 

“I’ve played in that stadium a couple times already,” he said. “The atmosphere is going to be a little bit different, but the field is going to be a little familiar. But going into your first game, there’s always going to be some butterflies."

Nassib was the Giants fourth-round draft pick back in April's NFL Draft and was the last of the rookie class to sign his deal with the team.

Photo credit: TheSignalCaller / Photobucket / CC BY-NC-SA


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18 Responses to “New York Giants QB David Carr on Ryan Nassib: He’s Been a Quick Learner”

  1.  fanfor55years says:

    Look, Nassib sure LOOKS like a quarterback, sounds like a quarterback, and comes highly regarded by our scouting group. He’s also a very bright kid, and apparently a quick learner who knows he has a lot to learn.

    But why do you think he’s thrown all those interceptions? A few were probably great plays by the defender, but from what I’ve heard most of them were throws to spots where receivers were not going. Gilbride’s offense is murder for any rookie to pick up. As much as I hope Nassib can prove he can handle being the backup to Eli, I think that’s next season, not this one.

    Carr is in an interesting position. He has all the money he’ll ever need. He seems more than willing to mentor the kid, and has heaped praise on him. Carr really doesn’t “need” the job. But he can definitely do it. And he seems to want to hang around the NFL even when he is set financially. Maybe he’s interested in coaching. I don’t think this will happen, but would they contemplate hiring Carr as the Assistant Quarterbacks Coach so he can serve an apprenticeship there but be available if they absolutely needed him while going into the season with Nassib as the #2 so carrying only two QBs? I don’t even know if league rules would permit that, but it might be an interesting solution to a real dilemma.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      Nassib didn’t play with top talent at Cuse, Pugh and a handful of other players but not many big time players. His final 7 games last year he had 13 TDs and 1 INT. Gillbride’s offense is tough but let’s see how he progresses this preseason before we say he can’t be Eli’s back up. And let’s not act like Nassib or even Carr is going to be given the Eli control of the offense. The offense would be paired down for either QB. I know 3 QBs is possible but I just like to see what this kid has in a game before thinking he can’t be the backup.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        He didn’t play AGAINST top talent either. That’s one of the reasons I think the jump is going to take a little while.

        Hey, I hope I’m wrong and he can be the #2 QB. But if that happens I’d be stunned.

        •  GOAT56 says:

          I think some of the Big East defenses are better than people think. No it’s in no way the SEC. But Conn, Rutgers, Temple and SF have put more defenders in the NFL recently than most would think. He played in a pro system. But he could struggle big time.

          Here’s to hopping you’re stunned.

          •  BigBlueGiant says:

            He lit it up against a 6th ranked Louisville team. Cinncinatti has a good program as well. And so did WVU

    •  ERICHONIUS says:

      Well, I’m pretty sure the giants have to keep both of them. There is just no way nassib clears waivers and I can’t imagine that the team would be willing to risk a 4th round pick. With regards to Carr, I am positive he would rather have the coach role if it were possible, he could make more money as a coach, since there are no salary caps involved, but there is most definitely a rule regarding this. Likely he would have to retire in order to coach. There would be too many ways for the wealthy teams to use a system like this to get a competitive advantage, for there not to be a rule. So no go.

  2.  jfunk says:

    I assume rules prohibit a player from going from coach to player on a team I’m any rapid fashion if its possible at all. Otherwise I’m sure it would be a popular tactic to carry veteran “backups” that way.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      I think that must be true, but I wonder. A lot of owners wouldn’t cough up the dough for an extra coach. And a lot of these vets still want to paid veteran minimum to go to meetings, hold the clipboard, and practice with an outside chance to play. They don’t want to take $45-50K (or less) and have to sometimes sleep at the office because they have so much work to do.

      But I suspect you’re right.

  3.  GOAT56 says:

    “If the player was on the active list for fewer than 9 games during their “only Accrued Season(s)”, he maintains his eligibility for the practice squad.”

    I think this means Ojomo is PS eligible.

    •  Krow says:

      Then there’s a solid chance he goes there. But … but if he came in out of shape … and didn’t make the most of his big opportunity … they may just write him off.

  4.  Krow says:

    If Eli goes down for an extended period of time then we’re toast. But if he gets dinged for a couple of games then we’re going to need someone who can run the show till he gets back.

    The Giants are never ever in a million years going to trust that role to a rookie.

    Carr is the primary backup for 2013. The only question is what happens to Ryan Nassib.

    •  GeezUp says:

      I’m glad Carr is being a good sport about the situation. It really says a lot about his character because he’s essentially watching the young guy take his spot. I don’t like the idea of carrying 3 QBs, I would rather have the extra body at any position. Plus Eli is the most durable QB in the game. With that said, if Eli does go down I would rather have Nassib come in and show what he can do vs Carr being a stop gap. Because I’m 100% sure even with all the weapons we have Carr cannot win enough games to save our season. If Nassib tanks and we suck then our reward is a top pick in the draft and we’ll know if Nassib can be the next franchise QB. It doesn’t make a bit of sense to move up to get him this season if we didn’t think he could be our next guy after Eli.

  5.  Andiamo P says:

    I hope he plays….and not just the last 5 minutes of the 4th Quarter and hand the ball off.

    but i’m also just as interested, actually more interested in seeing Hankins, Moore, Cox, and Herman play

    I think Pugh and Coop aren’t playing

  6.  Dirt says:

    Coughlin/Killdrive started Hixon over Nicks early in his rookie season. Krow is right – no fvking way Nassib is higher on the depth chart than Carr this year.

  7.  Nosh.0 says:

    I think the argument is not “is Nassib ready”, but rather is Carr any good? As far as I’m concerned I haven’t seen anything in his entire career that makes me believe he’s ever learned to stay in the pocket and deliver the football. He still has the same happy feet that plagued him back in Houston.

    Point is, does David Carr give us that much better of a chance to win a regular season game than Nassib does?

    And, if Eli goes down we’re just plain f#>k.eD regardless. So why not just throw the kid right into the chaotic world of being the #2 QB. I mean we are the same organization that had no problem going with the Hefty Lefty as a backup for a few seasons.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Why are you so down on Carr? He has looked good in a number of preseason games in the past and was a starting QB in this league.

      If Eli gets nicked and has to miss a few games I think Carr gives us a chance whereas Nassib probably doesn’t yet. Carr can manage a game, especially if the run game is working, and he is years ahead if Nassib in his understanding of Gilbride’s offense and where receivers will be based on reading the defense as they start their routes. Carr is far from great, but in a season in which the team may have a real shot at a ring (the Niners, Falcons, Packers and Seahawks look to be very good but none are unbeatable with the offense we should have) you can’t give away games to buy experience for Nassib.

  8.  Krow says:

    I’m not arguing for or against Carr. My point is that the Giants won’t go into the season with only Nassib backing up Eli. Next year maybe … but not this one.

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