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New York Giants’ Henry Hynoski Still Hoping for Week One Return

July 31st, 2013 at 7:55 AM
By Dan Benton

After being carted off the field with an MCL injury during the first practice of Organized Team Activities (OTAs), the status of New York Giants fullback Henry Hynoski was up in the air. And despite a successful surgery and no setbacks, his status still remains somewhat uncertain. However, Hynoski said on Tuesday that he is still aiming to return for the week one game against the Dallas Cowboys, but ultimately knows that decision will not be up to him.

“I’m going to do everything in my power to get back for the first game,” Hynoski said. “That’s my goal, that’s my intention, but ultimately that decision isn’t up to me. I want to just get back to playing football at the earliest possible date. Everything is going really well in rehab, making advances and strides every day. I’m just excited with my progress and I know that the trainers are happy with where I am, too.”

Hynoski has called his rehab "aggressive," but also admits that he's been careful not to "overstep his boundaries." In other words, he's pushing it to the brink in an effort to return as soon as possible, but not so much so that he risks re-injuring himself.

“With this rehab, it’s kind of a step-by-step process, in increments. I’m going to try to get back there at the earliest date. We’re being aggressive in my rehab and haven’t had any steps backward. We’re going forward the whole time, so I feel good about things.”

In the interim, the Giants have expressed interest in potential fullback replacements like Vonta Leach and, more recently, former Cowboy Lawrence Vickers. But Leach has since re-signed with the Baltimore Ravens, Vickers remains a free agent and the Giants have signed Ryan D'Imperio.

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13 Responses to “New York Giants’ Henry Hynoski Still Hoping for Week One Return”

  1.  Krow says:

    Last night I watched the Bob Papa/Carl Banks training camp show. They said that we were the worst team in the NFL last season in “3 and outs”.

    Seems the season average was like 42 … and we had less than half that number.

    They said that teams with this sort of stat were failing on first down … leading to too many ’2nd/3rd and short’ situations.

    Of course this is no surprise, but what a damning statistic. Talk about bending !

    •  JimStoll says:

      This is why Fewell should have been canned
      this has been the D’s M.O. for 2 years
      I know we got a ton of turnovers and points don’t look that bad, but when your D can’t record 3 and outs, your team does not control the tempo of the game, you never really knock the opposing offense out of its game, you never instill panic in the other team, you can’t make the big stop when needed, and it is awfully tough to either preserve a late lead or to get the ball back for that one more chance.

      Hopefully this year will somehow be better, and, if not, hopefully Fewell gets the axe at season’s end

  2.  F0XLIN says:

    Went to camp yesterday and a friend of mine got us VIP on field acess (right in the end zone of the practice field) I’ll try and give the best recap of what I noticed.

    -Prince is very much taking the next step into being a top corner in the league. His coverage in positional drills, 7 on 7′s, and 11 on 11′s was air tight all day. Broke up several passes and even when he does let up a completion, it’s because Eli put it where only the receiver could get it.

    - Webster will be fine, some very tight coverage on Cruz and others throughout the day. One sideline come back Cruz planted and cut back hard, Webster was all over him but Eli through it outside the sideline where Cruz dragged his feet and caught it. (Coughlin was quickly correcting Cruz’s plant on his cutback but it looked like a great catch to me) Cruz did have a couple drops throughout the day

    -Will Hill and Hosley both had some tight coverage in the postional drills. After watching Will Hill in practice, there is no chance he is getting cut in my mind, he should be our future at safety. I expect Hosley will also take the next step and be our starter at nickel

    - Sam Madison was one of the most vocal and hands on coaches on the field. he was about 20 yards from us and you might have thought he was still a player out there how active he was with them. I would love to bring him on as an assistant after camp

    - Eli is on point, Nassib over throws a lot of balls high. Looks like we will be carrying 3 QB’s

    - Cox also is worth all the hype, very quick to the outside, excellent vision, and very quick to hit the hole when it is there.

    - I had hard time at seeing the interior line play from our angle in the 11 on 11 portion. The players not on the field made a wall in between us and the play on the field. Having said that there were numerous runs that were blown up, or stone walled with no where for the backs to go.

    - Nicks does not seem injured to me, you could see him go full speed here and there. It honestly seemed like he is just protecting his body and slowly easing into it.

    - Randle is much bigger in person than on film, he made a lot of catches throughout the day, very smooth fluid receiver out of his breaks. Timing was excellent with Eli all day especially in the back shoulder drill

    - Barden still looks like garbage, caught everything thrown his way but seem incapable of doing anything with it after the catch.

    - Robinson left one of the biggest impressions on me. The guy is huge, and so nimble go his size. He made some excellent jukes and breaks today, caught everything thrown his way, and has the speed to get away from the defender after the catch. If he can mentally wrap his head around everything this season, he will be a huge asset

    - Deihl looks like he lost some weight and much better shape than last season, although I’d still prefer him to stay off the field.

    That’s all for now

    •  fanfor55years says:

      GREAT job!!!

      What I’ve heard from a few people who have been out there (I hate to admit this, but I gave one of my employees who is a huge fan the day off provided he went to the practice and reported back….I know, I’m sick) is consistent with what you’re saying, especially the stuff about Webster, Prince, Robinson and Hill.

      If Webster really is “back” and Prince has taken as big a step as it appears then suddenly our secondary is looking pretty strong. Those two on the outside, and Hosley and Ross sharing third corner duties, sounds more than solid. We know Rolle will be good, so the only questions are whether Stevie Brown was a one-year wonder and if Ryan Mundy can get the job done at least until Will Hill comes back from suspension.

      What you have to say about Robinson is pretty damned exciting.

      •  F0XLIN says:

        I did not get to see Robinson as a blocker but as a receiver, he is really exciting what he can bring to the table. Oh and your Kiwi observation was confirmed. First drill he was near the indoor facility with the rest of the dline and could not see the number, but his body almost blended in with some of the leaner DT’s

        Mundy also had a nice pass break up in 11 on 11′s, but positional 1 on 1′s he was no where near the tight coverage Will Hill had

        •  fanfor55years says:

          Yeah, there’s no doubt in my mind Will Hill is the real deal, but the kid is always going to be something of a risk because even with strenuous effort he’s probably only one bad day away from trouble. And remember, Mundy will be expected to play a Deon Grant role. Grant was not able to cover tight ends really tightly, but his anticipation was excellent so he got himself into the right place most of the time, and was also a guy who would come up and HIT against the run game. I think Mundy will be capable of doing the same thanks to his training under LeBeau and his natural aggressiveness.

          No doubt though. Mundy is a “decent” option while Hill could be a star.

          •  F0XLIN says:

            Agreed he will be serviceable, hopefully Hill is sincerer and continues to work with the organization to turn his life around. All in all I walked away much more confident in the DB’s and the D in general. I expect to complete for another championship, as always health pending

      •  GIANTT says:

        Where do I sign up ?

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    We’re all rooting for Hynoscerous to be ready against Dallas, but the actions of the team are certainly inconsistent with that outcome. It could, of course, just be buying insurance in an uncertain situation. Let’s hope so.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    It’s still really early, but all of the reports coming out of camp ought to be getting us all pretty excited.

    It’s clear that Eli now has THREE excellent wide receivers to target since Randle is proving he is ready to justify where they drafted him and is in sync with Eli. If they all stay healthy NO defense can cover all of them because each can murder single coverage and only one could be doubled.

    Reports confirm that Myers catches anything near him. I continue to insist that as much as we loved The Black Unicorn, we now have a better tight end for our needs because Myers is a better Red Zone option. And now we hear from FOXLIN that Robinson looks terrific as a receiver.

    We are told that Coughlin has decided to split the duties at running back so both Wilson and Brown will get plenty of touches while giving defenses completely different problems to address. I love that approach and think it should be very successful.

    We are hearing outstanding things about a defensive secondary that is going against a better group of receivers than they are likely to see in any game this season. The fact that they’re holding their own and forcing Eli to make great throws is truly wonderful news.

    And we’re hearing from coaches that Tuck, Hankins and Moore look really good and that Hankins and Moore should have opportunities to play this season. We also have heard Chris Snee say that he thinks Cullen Jenkins is a tremendous player whom he is happy he doesn’t have to play against any longer, while Nunn makes it clear that Jenkins can play inside or outside and provides the kind of flexibility that Tuck did not so long ago.

    It’s early, and they just got into pads, and they haven’t played against opponents. I haven’t heard much about the offensive line or the linebackers, two areas that were question marks after last season. But it’s hard not to feel good about what is happening so far. Some of the big questions (“Will Webster prove last season was an anomaly?” “Does Tuck have it in him to return to form?” “Can Kiwi successfully bulk up and play well at his natural position?”) seem to be in the process of being answered in the affirmative. Long way to go, but the news seems pretty good so far.

  5.  GIANTT says:

    My first thought when I saw that Vickers was in camp for tryout was . We play Dallas first , how motivated would he be against his old team ?
    I am also a bit worried that Hynoski might not be ready but it may also be that the Giants are just kicking tires on ANYBODY who might POSSIBLY be an upgrade on what they have right now in which case I see that the Giants are taking no chances .
    Look , the Giants left the possibility of signing Leach out there right to the end if we are to believe the pundits even though I think they were always a distant third behind Baltimore and Miami . This is just the pattern to look at anyone out there

  6.  rlhjr says:


    I think the Giants were absolutely serious about signing Vonta. And Reese most likely would have found a way to pay the man at some point. And as much as they like Pascoe, he’s not a back. And until signing Vickers, they didn’t have a legit fullback to turn to. They would have paid Leach next year and the year after for sure. And he would have been a monster for this teams running and passing games.

    Sam Madison coming back to coach DB’s? That is the best news I’ve heard in some time concerning this defense. The guy was really coaching the DB’s along with R.W. McQuarters until he broke his leg and shut it down for good. Madison is responsible for turning Webster into a real NFL corner back.

    Madison is one of the best (thinking/execution) corners to play the game.
    The guy knew every wide out he played against like the back of his hand.
    Madison was/is a film guy, tendency guy and above all else a thinking guy.
    He’ll be a wonderful influence on Prince and Hosley. This is really a big deal.

  7.  GOAT56 says:

    I’m really excited about Robinson. Before the draft doing my 2012 mock there were 2 mid to late round TEs that caught my eye because of great athleticism Taylor Thompson and Robinson. So when JR actually drafted Robinson in the 4th round I was really excited because it meant that JR saw his upside as being huge. Like Cox this year Robinson was also taken higher than expected but I think it was because we had no 5th round pick and JR felt he could risk not getting a guy with the upside of Robinson. We knew he was raw even more so than JPP who JR compared him to athletically. I think with a fully offseason and year under his belt we are starting to see his natural talent start to shine. I look for Robinson to steel some snap from Myers due to his blocking and abilities as a receiver. Robinson isn’t going to catch a ton of balls because there are so many other options but much like Murphy I think he can make some big plays and really make an impact even in a backup role.

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