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Retired New York Giants RB Tiki Barber: Eli Manning is Better than Peyton Manning

July 18th, 2013 at 7:30 AM
By Dan Benton

Once upon a time, New York Giants running back (now retired), Tiki Barber, said quarterback Eli Manning was "laughable." Shortly after that statement, Manning would go on to lead Big Blue to a Super Bowl XLII victory in which he would be named MVP. The following year, Barber would apologize to Manning for his comments in a face-to-face interview. But Barber took that apology to a new level on Wednesday, telling Brandon Tierney and Dana Jacobsen of CBS Sports' the Morning Show that Eli is now better than his brother and current Denver Broncos quarterback, Peyton Manning.

"The expectation was that he was never going to be Peyton. I remember having these conversations with people who watched Eli in college, saying, 'He's good, but he's never going to be Peyton, he's not Peyton.' Guess what? I think he's better than Peyton," Barber told CBS Sports. "Because of clutch. What matters in sports? It's winning and losing. You get to the stage and what do you do? Eli's gotten there and he's won."

But Barber didn't stop there. Instead, he said he feels Eli has positioned himself to eventually be considered one of the top five quarterbacks in NFL history … if he wins another Super Bowl, Super Bowl MVP award and has a couple more 2011-like seasons.

"For Eli to crack the top five of all time, he's got to have a 2011 [type] season a couple more times and win another Super Bowl and be Super Bowl MVP, and then I think he's in the discussion for the top five [quarterbacks] of all time," Barber said.

In the end, Barber knows he, himself, has been proven wrong about Eli. But unlike the other analysts and pundits that refuse to acknowledge their mistake, Barber has owned up to his.

"As much as you want to try and diminish what he's done, you can't," he added. "Every stat and conversation point supports what he's done."

If that sort of honesty doesn't mend fences, we're not sure anything ever will.

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22 Responses to “Retired New York Giants RB Tiki Barber: Eli Manning is Better than Peyton Manning”

  1.  rlhjr says:

    Let’s see now; Tiki has had a come to Jesus moment concerning the youngster he heartlessly rediculied once he retired.

    He stood up for Stra while Sapp blew hot air in an attempt to draw ratings (Thanks for that perspective Norm)

    So Mr. Barber is trying to re-image himself? Whatever…………………………

    REPOST from the Manziel thread:

    New nick name: Jonny “The drunk” Manziel.
    He’ll now have a permanent grudge against all things Manning, because Archie recognized that his blood alcohol percentage was higher than his camp passer rating. As Prime Time would say, “Go home son, just go home”.

    REPOST from the “Tuck thread”:

    I respect your observations and the fact that you are behind the team.
    I’ll just say that no Giant fan of “advanced vintage” will trust what they see on the surface of this ball club.

    In particular I have hope that the young ball players have the ability and get ample chance to contribute to the team. Not only on special teams, but on real downs too.

    I am pretty sure the passing game and running game will flourish. Wilson, Brown and the Rookie form UConn feel like the genuine article to me.

    The issue with the ball club is as it has been for some years now. The offensive and defensive lines have to step up. When the owner isolates and understands this is an issue you have got to take note. You should also know (and be thankful) that rare is the owner who will even see much less understand that type of issue and bring it to the attention of his GM.

    There are question marks at defensive back and safety where again I feel good about the youngsters (Prince, Hosley, Hill and Taylor) in those positions.
    If Ross and Terrell Thomas work out the experience level in the defensive backfield along with spot play should be exceptional. And that also includes a Corey Webster comeback.

    But any seasoned Giant fan will tell you, Murphy lives among the “IF’s”.
    There a just a boat load of if’s at all but 11 positions counting both offense and defense.

    These questions can only be answered once the season (including training camp) starts and “rubber meets tarmac”. I really think the team will come into its own about the fifth game. I just hope the first four contests aren’t total disasters. In my hearts of hearts, I think that Reese and the coaches have good talent to work with. I see an improvement on 9-7 and defensive play.
    But Mr. Murphy……………..lurks.

    •  Krow says:

      Repost …

      What I find most maddening about the Giants is that there are recurring issues that never seem to get addressed. There’s a definite ‘ground hogs day’ ghost that haunts us year after year. Like a bad script that must be followed. We’re not good at handling change … or at best we’re very slow at it.

  2.  Krow says:

    I appreciate that Tiki is trying to make amends. But even I … a lifelong Giants homer … can’t say that Eli is better than Peyton.

  3.  kujo says:

    And for his next act of contrition, Tiki will sodomize an eagle while strangling an American Indian and taking a **** on a big lonestar. All while wearing his Giants jersey.

  4.  kujo says:

    And for his next act of contrition, Tiki will sodomize an eagle while strangling an American Indian and taking a dump on a big lonestar. All while wearing his Giants jersey.


  5.  Dirt says:

    Tiki is on to something with the comparison.

    Let’s make something clear first: Peyton Manning will never win another Super Bowl. He has a long career with a bonafide track record of being awful outdoors in the cold in January. And as best as anyone can tell, the road to the AFC Championship will go through Denver, Foxborough and Baltimore for the remainder of his career. Just like last year when he sh|t the bed with 3 turnovers, he’ll still fail to get the job done. And if he does get to a Super Bowl, he won’t have Rex Grossman waiting for him.

    With that as a backdrop, Peyton will retire with one ring. Eli has two, so we have a debate. But if Eli goes out with 3? Like Tom Brady level, sans the cheating? I’m not sure it’s a contest.

    The ONLY way Peyton wins another is if it’s a Manning Bowl this year. Despite the elements, Fewell’s 1-0-10 defense will be no match for Peyton’s constant checking to a run.

    •  rlhjr says:


      •  JimStoll says:

        the age-old debate regarding whether post-season success trumps regular season success
        guys like Fouts, Marino, Kelley, all great QBs with no rings
        is Eli better than they were because he got to 2 supes and won them both and was the mvp?
        not sure
        I actually think a better comparison than eli and Peyton (Peyton is better by the way) is Eli and Brett (the ManPig) Favre
        Like Brett, Eli can be very very good at any moment in any game
        and like Brett Eli is prone to be very bad more often than we like to admit
        between the awkward fumbles, the left-handed interceptions, and the not infrequent really off days, Eli turns in an uneven body of work
        If he plays 10+ more years, he will likely surpass all of Brett’s records, including career INTs

        But that being said, Eli gives us the chance to win every time he steps on the field, and at any point in a game despite how he has played up to that point.
        Someone said it yesterday: Eli essentially starts the team every season at 8-8 and the team’s fortunes climb from there

        •  JimStoll says:

          apropos of the above debate:

          1. Brett Favre 71,838 1991-2010 4TM
          2. Dan Marino+ 61,361 1983-1999 mia
          3. Peyton Manning (36) 59,487 1998-2012 2TM
          4. John Elway+ 51,475 1983-1998 den
          5. Warren Moon+ 49,325 1984-2000 4TM
          6. Fran Tarkenton+ 47,003 1961-1978 2TM
          7. Vinny Testaverde 46,233 1987-2007 7TM
          8. Drew Brees (33) 45,919 2001-2012 2TM
          9. Tom Brady (35) 44,806 2000-2012 nwe
          10. Drew Bledsoe 44,611 1993-2006 3TM
          11. Dan Fouts+ 43,040 1973-1987 sdg
          12. Kerry Collins 40,922 1995-2011 6TM
          13. Joe Montana+ 40,551 1979-1994 2TM
          14. Johnny Unitas+ 40,239 1956-1973 2TM
          15. Dave Krieg 38,147 1980-1998 6TM
          16. Boomer Esiason 37,920 1984-1997 3TM
          17. Donovan McNabb 37,276 1999-2011 3TM
          18. Jim Kelly+ 35,467 1986-1996 buf
          19. Jim Everett 34,837 1986-1997 3TM
          20. Jim Hart 34,665 1966-1984 2TM
          21. Matt Hasselbeck (37) 34,517 1999-2012 3TM
          22. Steve DeBerg 34,241 1978-1998 6TM
          23. John Hadl 33,503 1962-1977 4TM
          24. Phil Simms 33,462 1979-1993 nyg
          25. Steve Young+ 33,124 1985-1999 2TM
          26. Y.A. Tittle+ 33,070 1948-1964 3TM
          27. Troy Aikman+ 32,942 1989-2000 dal
          28. Ken Anderson 32,838 1971-1986 cin
          29. Kurt Warner 32,344 1998-2009 3TM
          30. Sonny Jurgensen+ 32,224 1957-1974 2TM
          31. Mark Brunell 32,072 1994-2011 5TM
          32. John Brodie 31,548 1957-1973 sfo
          33. Eli Manning (31) 31,527 2004-2012 nyg
          34. Steve McNair 31,304 1995-2007 2TM
          35. Norm Snead 30,797 1961-1976 5TM
          36. Randall Cunningham 29,979 1985-2001 4TM
          37. Ben Roethlisberger (30) 29,844 2004-2012 pit
          38. Joe Ferguson 29,817 1973-1990 4TM
          39. Jon Kitna 29,745 1997-2011 4TM
          40. Carson Palmer (33) 29,465 2004-2012 2TM
          41. Roman Gabriel 29,444 1962-1977 2TM
          42. Jake Plummer 29,253 1997-2006 2TM
          43. Brad Johnson 29,054 1994-2008 4TM
          44. Rich Gannon 28,743 1987-2004 4TM
          45. Len Dawson+ 28,711 1957-1975 3TM
          46. Chris Chandler 28,484 1988-2004 7TM
          47. Trent Green 28,475 1997-2008 4TM
          48. Ron Jaworski 28,190 1974-1989 4TM
          49. Terry Bradshaw+ 27,989 1970-1983 pit
          50. Ken Stabler 27,938 1970-1984 3TM
          51. Craig Morton 27,908 1965-1982 3TM
          52. Philip Rivers (31) 27,891 2004-2012 sdg
          53. Joe Namath+ 27,663 1965-1977 2TM
          54. Jeff George 27,602 1990-2001 5TM
          55. George Blanda+ 26,920 1949-1975 4TM
          56. Steve Grogan 26,886 1975-1990 nwe
          57. Bobby Layne+ 26,768 1948-1962 4TM
          58. Jim Harbaugh 26,288 1987-2000 4TM
          59. Jim Plunkett 25,882 1971-1986 3TM
          60. Tony Romo (32) 25,737 2004-2012 dal
          61. Jeff Garcia 25,537 1999-2011 6TM
          62. Joe Theismann 25,206 1974-1985 was
          63. Ken O’Brien 25,094 1984-1993 2TM
          64. Bob Griese+ 25,092 1967-1980 mia
          65. Tommy Kramer 24,777 1977-1990 2TM
          66. Bart Starr+ 24,718 1956-1971 gnb
          67. Charley Johnson 24,410 1961-1975 3TM
          68. Daunte Culpepper 24,153 1999-2009 4TM
          69. Steve Bartkowski 24,124 1975-1986 2TM
          70. Steve Beuerlein 24,046 1988-2003 6TM
          71. Archie Manning 23,911 1971-1984 3TM
          72. Brian Sipe 23,713 1974-1983 cle
          73. Norm Van Brocklin+ 23,611 1949-1960 2TM
          74. Otto Graham+ 23,584 1946-1955 cle
          75. Lynn Dickey 23,322 1971-1985 2TM
          76. Bernie Kosar 23,301 1985-1996 3TM
          77. Marc Bulger 22,814 2002-2009 ram
          78. Neil Lomax 22,771 1981-1988 crd
          79. Roger Staubach+ 22,700 1969-1979 dal
          80. Babe Parilli 22,681 1952-1969 5TM
          81. Danny White 21,959 1976-1988 dal
          82. Matt Schaub (31) 21,944 2004-2012 2TM
          83. Sammy Baugh+ 21,886 1937-1952 was
          84. Jeff Blake 21,711 1992-2005 7TM
          85. Neil O’Donnell 21,690 1991-2003 4TM
          86. Bobby Hebert 21,683 1985-1996 2TM
          87. Aaron Rodgers (29) 21,661 2005-2012 gnb
          88. Jay Cutler (29) 21,316 2006-2012 2TM
          89. Gus Frerotte 21,291 1994-2008 7TM
          90. Jack Kemp 21,218 1957-1969 3TM
          91. Jim Zorn 21,115 1976-1987 3TM
          92. Jake Delhomme 20,975 1999-2011 4TM
          93. Earl Morrall 20,809 1956-1976 6TM
          94. Richard Todd 20,610 1976-1985 2TM
          95. Trent Dilfer 20,518 1994-2007 5TM
          96. Billy Kilmer 20,495 1961-1978 3TM
          97. Michael Vick (32) 20,274 2001-2012 2TM
          98. Aaron Brooks 20,261 2000-2006 2TM
          99. Jay Schroeder 20,063 1985-1994 4TM
          100. Charlie Conerly 19,488 1948-1961 nyg
          101. Brian Griese 19,440 1998-2008 4TM
          102. Chris Miller 19,320 1987-1999 3TM
          103. Daryle Lamonica 19,154 1963-1974 2TM
          104. Matt Ryan (27) 18,957 2008-2012 atl
          105. Tobin Rote 18,850 1950-1966 4TM
          106. Billy Wade 18,530 1954-1966 2TM
          107. Dan Pastorini 18,515 1971-1983 4TM
          108. Mark Rypien 18,473 1988-2001 5TM
          109. Bert Jones 18,190 1973-1982 2TM
          110. Jim McMahon 18,148 1982-1996 6TM
          111. Chad Pennington 17,823 2000-2010 2TM
          112. Joe Flacco (27) 17,633 2008-2012 rav
          113. Milt Plum 17,536 1957-1969 4TM
          114. Wade Wilson 17,283 1981-1998 5TM
          115. Bill Kenney 17,277 1980-1988 kan
          116. Don Meredith 17,199 1960-1968 dal
          117. Stan Humphries 17,191 1989-1997 2TM
          118. Doug Williams 16,998 1978-1989 2TM
          119. Elvis Grbac 16,774 1994-2001 3TM
          120. Jeff Hostetler 16,430 1985-1997 3TM
          121. Rodney Peete 16,338 1989-2004 6TM
          122. Mike Tomczak 16,079 1985-1999 4TM
          123. Greg Landry 16,052 1968-1984 3TM
          124. Frank Ryan 16,042 1958-1970 3TM
          125. David Garrard 16,003 2002-2010 jax
          126. Scott Mitchell 15,692 1991-2001 4TM
          127. Ed Brown 15,600 1954-1965 3TM
          128. Erik Kramer 15,337 1987-1999 4TM
          129. Tony Banks 15,315 1996-2005 4TM
          130. Kordell Stewart 14,746 1995-2005 3TM
          131. Doug Flutie 14,715 1986-2005 4TM
          132. Joey Harrington 14,693 2002-2007 3TM
          133. Sid Luckman+ 14,686 1939-1950 chi
          134. Jason Campbell (31) 14,682 2006-2012 3TM
          135. Kyle Orton (30) 14,621 2005-2012 4TM
          136. David Carr (33) 14,452 2002-2012 4TM
          137. Bubby Brister 14,445 1986-2000 5TM
          138. Marc Wilson 14,391 1980-1990 2TM
          139. Ryan Fitzpatrick (30) 14,336 2005-2012 3TM
          140. Alex Smith (28) 14,280 2005-2012 sfo
          141. Bill Nelsen 14,165 1963-1972 2TM
          142. Gary Danielson 13,764 1976-1988 2TM
          143. Matt Cassel (30) 13,495 2005-2012 2TM
          144. Eddie LeBaron 13,399 1952-1963 2TM
          145. Josh Freeman (24) 12,963 2009-2012 tam
          146. Bill Munson 12,896 1964-1979 5TM
          147. Matthew Stafford (24) 12,807 2009-2012 det
          148. Don Majkowski 12,700 1987-1996 3TM
          149. Mark Sanchez (26) 12,092 2009-2012 nyj
          150. Rick Mirer 11,969 1993-2003 5TM
          151. Tom Flores 11,959 1960-1969 3TM
          152. Bob Waterfield+ 11,849 1945-1952 ram
          153. Jay Fiedler 11,844 1995-2005 5TM
          154. Cotton Davidson 11,760 1954-1968 3TM
          155. Vince Ferragamo 11,336 1977-1986 3TM
          156. Mike Livingston 11,295 1968-1979 kan
          157. Tony Eason 11,142 1983-1990 2TM
          158. Tim Couch 11,131 1999-2003 cle
          159. Charlie Batch (38) 11,085 1998-2012 2TM
          160. Frankie Albert 10,795 1946-1952 sfo
          161. Billy Joe Tolliver 10,760 1989-1999 5TM
          162. Eric Hipple 10,711 1980-1989 det
          163. Byron Leftwich (32) 10,532 2003-2012 4TM
          164. Mike Phipps 10,506 1970-1981 2TM
          165. George Ratterman 10,473 1947-1956 3TM
          166. Steve Bono 10,439 1985-1999 7TM
          167. Tommy Thompson 10,385 1940-1950 2TM
          168. Zeke Bratkowski 10,345 1954-1971 3TM
          169. Frank Tripucka 10,282 1949-1963 4TM
          170. Dave M. Brown 10,248 1992-2001 2TM
          171. Jack Trudeau 10,243 1986-1995 3TM
          172. Rex Grossman 10,232 2003-2012 3TM
          173. Mark Malone 10,175 1980-1989 3TM
          174. Vince Evans 9,485 1977-1995 2TM
          175. Bobby Thomason 9,480 1949-1957 3TM
          176. Lamar McHan 9,449 1954-1963 4TM
          177. Gary Hogeboom 9,436 1980-1989 3TM
          178. Mike Pagel 9,414 1982-1993 3TM
          179. Sam Bradford (25) 9,378 2010-2012 ram
          180. Pat Haden 9,296 1976-1981 ram
          181. Derek Anderson (29) 9,206 2006-2012 3TM
          182. Chad Henne (27) 9,198 2008-2012 2TM
          183. Bob Berry 9,197 1965-1975 2TM
          184. Vince Young 8,964 2006-2011 2TM
          185. Kyle Boller 8,931 2003-2011 3TM
          186. John Friesz 8,699 1990-2000 4TM
          187. Jim Finks+ 8,622 1949-1955 pit
          188. David Woodley 8,558 1980-1985 2TM
          189. Rudy Bukich 8,433 1953-1968 4TM
          190. Randy Johnson 8,329 1966-1976 4TM
          191. Pete Beathard 8,176 1964-1973 4TM
          192. James Harris 8,136 1969-1979 3TM
          193. Tommy Maddox 8,087 1992-2005 4TM
          194. Arnie Herber+ 8,041 1930-1945 2TM
          195. Cam Newton (23) 7,920 2011-2012 car
          196. Steve Walsh 7,875 1989-1999 6TM
          197. Kent Graham 7,801 1992-2001 4TM
          198. Al Dorow 7,708 1954-1962 4TM
          199. Craig Erickson 7,625 1992-1997 3TM
          200. Gary Cuozzo 7,402 1963-1972 4TM
          201. Paul Christman 7,294 1945-1950 2TM
          202. Steve Fuller 7,156 1979-1986 2TM
          203. Dick Wood 7,153 1962-1966 5TM
          204. Jim Ninowski 7,133 1958-1969 4TM
          205. Bob Avellini 7,111 1975-1984 chi
          206. Randy Wright 7,106 1984-1988 gnb
          207. Tarvaris Jackson (29) 7,075 2006-2012 3TM
          208. Andy Dalton (25) 7,067 2011-2012 cin
          209. Adrian Burk 7,001 1950-1956 2TM
          210. Josh McCown 6,998 2002-2012 5TM
          211. Dave Wilson 6,987 1981-1988 nor
          212. Steve Spurrier 6,878 1967-1976 2TM
          213. Steve Pelluer 6,870 1984-1990 2TM
          214. Bobby Douglass 6,493 1969-1978 4TM
          215. Scott Brunner 6,457 1980-1985 2TM
          216. Hugh Millen 6,440 1987-1995 4TM
          217. Steve Ramsey 6,437 1970-1976 2TM
          218. Jim Miller 6,387 1995-2002 2TM
          219. Shaun Hill (32) 6,381 2005-2012 3TM
          220. Ty Detmer 6,351 1993-2003 5TM
          221. Dennis Shaw 6,347 1970-1975 2TM
          222. Quincy Carter 6,337 2001-2004 2TM
          223. Damon Huard 6,303 1998-2008 3TM
          224. Johnny Lujack 6,295 1948-1951 chi
          225. J.P. Losman 6,271 2004-2011 3TM
          226. Jack Concannon 6,270 1964-1975 4TM
          227. Jeff Kemp 6,230 1981-1991 4TM
          228. David Whitehurst 6,205 1977-1983 gnb
          229. Jacky Lee 6,191 1960-1969 3TM
          230. Frank Reich 6,075 1985-1998 4TM
          231. Trent Edwards (29) 6,033 2007-2012 3TM
          232. Cecil Isbell 5,945 1938-1942 gnb
          233. Patrick Ramsey 5,930 2002-2008 3TM
          234. Kelly Holcomb 5,916 1997-2007 4TM
          235. Joe Kapp 5,911 1967-1970 2TM
          236. Glenn Dobbs 5,876 1946-1949 2TM
          237. George Shaw 5,829 1955-1962 4TM
          238. Steve Dils 5,816 1979-1988 3TM
          239. Rob Johnson 5,795 1995-2003 5TM
          240. Jim Hardy 5,690 1946-1952 3TM
          241. Steve Tensi 5,558 1965-1970 2TM
          242. King Hill 5,553 1958-1969 3TM
          243. Joe Pisarcik 5,552 1977-1984 2TM
          244. Don Strock 5,349 1974-1988 2TM
          245. Jack Thompson 5,315 1979-1984 2TM
          246. Todd Blackledge 5,286 1983-1989 2TM
          247. Paul McDonald 5,269 1980-1986 2TM
          248. Matt Moore (28) 5,268 2007-2012 2TM
          249. Mike Taliaferro 5,241 1964-1972 3TM
          250. Kevin Kolb (28) 5,206 2007-2012 2TM

          •  GOAT56 says:

            An interesting thing about this list is while Eli is only #33 if he passes for 4,000 yard this year he moves into #18. And he’s 3 years away from moving to #10 alltime. For anyone who questioned it Eli will be a HOFer if he just stays healthy for another year or so.

            •  Krow says:

              Generational bias. Longer seasons … domes … pass oriented offenses … rule changes … length of career. Probably a half dozen more significant factors. And besides, it’s not a ‘total passing yards’ competition.

  6.  giantsou812 says:

    Giants offense is loaded with talent, (HIGH OCTANE)
    Giants will only go as far as the defense will take them. Hopefully next years draft will be all about defense.
    should be fun to watch this year.

  7.  rlhjr says:

    You have to think that with the infusion of young talent, the team metrics are on the verge of a metamorphosis. If Reese has selected and will select legit NFL talent, the team is about to be one of the youngest in the league.

    That and the’ fore mentioned “talent” would make the “Blue Crew” relevant and very dangerous for a number of years to come.

    The key is when the talent that Reese has selected starts to kick in. For example, I still think the big ROT (Brewer) is going to come around. He got decent PT last season.

    His only issue is/was attitude and swagger. He needs to develop a nasty streak.
    Having your lunch money taken daily (training camp seven on seven) speeds that process tremendously. I also like Herman and love Robinson.

    Only time will tell. But if some kids start to make noise this year and next this club could well be set (Free agency notwithstanding) for a long run of excellence.

  8.  GOAT56 says:

    I think this year will be a reflection of JR’s last 4 drafts including rookie free agent signings. The few questions we have on offense can be solved if players like Pugh, Brewer, Mosley, Robinson, Randle and Wilson step up. On defense while we have some vets to fill in the core of the defense was picked up in the last 4 drafts with JPP, Joesph, Hankins, Moore, Austin, Tracy, Ojomo, Kuhn, Williams, Herzlich, Paysinger, Prince, Hosley, Hill and Cooper. If JR drafted as well as we think and signed the rookie free agent talent we think then this defense should develop into at least a solid one and maybe a very good one. The offense will be good regardless but the difference between good and great is contributions from these players. I think that’s what this year comes down to in our level of success.

    •  JimStoll says:

      the biggest problem with the defense is Fewell and his philosophy
      talent-wise, LB is still very weak as JR continues to hunt for bargains with UDFA, rejects, injury victims, etc.
      While the youngsters could come on, it is equally possible that the defense could be scary scary bad this year

      it will be interesting to see how we fare with Dallas and Denver right out of the box

      •  fanfor55years says:

        Those are two tough games when we’re still feeling our way to a team identity, but I think you are still seriously underestimating the probability that with all the competition on defense a number of excellent players will emerge.

        •  JimStoll says:

          Fewell worries me more than the talent

          •  GOAT56 says:

            I don’t love his scheme but it’s proven his scheme can work. The key is the defensive line. And the key player just might be Hankins. The kep for the DL is to stop the run on the early downs to free up the pass rush. Last year we were horrible at that aspect. This year while we have vets in Patterson and Rodgers that could possibly fill the role I think it will be Hankins. Hankins was second team in OTAs and I think that a big deal from a player likely to keep improving. While Jenkins might get more snaps I think very early in the season on early downs we see Hankins next to Joseph.

            I harp on the run stopping lead by the DTs because once you do that in fewell’s scheme everything else is set up. You put the offense behind the chains and pressing which feeds into TOs. Under Fewell we will probably never be top 10 in yards but I think we can be successful in points allowed and turnovers caused.

          •  fanfor55years says:

            I hate the man’s defense but have come around to admitting that IF they play it right there’s justification for it. But it cannot work if you cannot stop the run, because you MUST be able to force tough passing situations that allow the defensive ends to come full bore and the defensive backs to take some chances in order to get turnovers.

            The absence of decent play at defensive tackle last year doomed us. I really think the addition of Hankins, Jenkins, Rogers and Patterson at camp cures that (and makes it at least possible that Joseph returns to form). We also should see more going after the ball on the part of Prince, Hosley and Rolle this season.

            Can they get stops in the fourth quarter in big games? We’ll have to cross our fingers and wait to see how this season plays out. I’m completely disappointed in a defense that I thought could be great but turned into a disaster. But I think they’ll be much better this season.

  9.  fanfor55years says:

    Quarterback debates are endless. There’s never a final truth.

    The way to look at the Manning Boys is a bit like looking at two great painters.

    Let’s say Peyton is David, or Ingres, or Manet. He is consistently terrific and can be depended upon to rarely screw up. He stays at the top of his game. He even paints a masterpiece every once in awhile.

    Let’s say Eli is DeKooning, or Basquait, or Van Gogh. Among their work are a lot of stinkers (they may sell for plenty but that doesn’t make them good) and a few outright jokes (the worst of Basquait is truly not as good as what you can find in any number of nursery schools around the country as the kids play with paint). But when the chips are down he is fully capable of an uneartly performance that snatches victory from the jaws of defeat.

    Who do you prefer? Me, I’d take one DeKooning, Van Gogh or the best Basquaits versus an entire room of Davids, Ingres and Manets, but it’s really all about taste, preferences and prejudices.

    Tiki prefers Eli. Frankly, with my life on the line, I would too. I trust him in a big spot more than I do his brother. I trust him to paint a masterpiece when the chips are down. That’s why I have thought of him in the past few years as in the same category as Unitas, Montana, and Elway. Brady is there too. Luck is going to be. Tiki’s right. If Eli gets another ring and has a few more 2011-like seasons he will be in the pantheon of greatest quarterbacks. Most of us just don’t want to believe it because we see all his errors. We forget that all the greatest quarterbacks made ‘em too.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I think Eli can move up historically but I wouldn’t look past Peyton like his career is over. Last year was his first coming back from serious injury. This year is has best change to win a SB in a while. He has more around him then many of the Indy years and many of the top teams in AFC haven’t improved. Peyton wins one more SB and like Elway’s his career narrative changes greatly in the last few years of his career.

      For Eli to be considered better by some than Peyton I think he’s going to need 2 more SB wins than Peyton career wise. Peyton is so much better of a regular season QB that Eli needs a decisive post season edge to force a real conversation. Also, Eli is going to have to stay healthy a play until at least his late 30s.

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