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New York Giants’ Justin Tuck Makes Cameo Appearance on TV Show “Necessary Roughness”

July 18th, 2013 at 6:30 AM
By Douglas Rush

In Justin Tuck's NFL career, he has accomplished just about everything he could with the New York Giants, including winning two Super Bowl Championships in his tenure. But on Wednesday, you could add another wrinkle to the celebrity that is Tuck, as he finally graced the TV scene as he made a cameo appearance on the hit television show, "Necessary Roughness."

It makes sense for Tuck to appear on the one-hour show on the USA Network considering the show is football-centered. The TV show is a spin-off of the early 1990's movie, "Necessary Roughness," which was about a college program that had to start from scratch after violating college rules in the past.

On the day of the airing for the TV show, when asked why it took so long for Tuck to get a TV spot on such a hit show, he said he doesn't have the star power in Hollywood like others do.

“I’m not that big of a star,” Tuck said with a chuckle Tuesday. “Sometimes it takes a little longer than you might think. But I got the opportunity to do something different, and I jumped on it. It was a fun experience, and I got an opportunity to work with great people.  I mean, I think everybody in America knows Uncle Jessie.”

The "Uncle Jessie" that Tuck is referring to is world-known actor and star of Necessary Roughness, John Stamos, who made his calling playing Jessie on the hit  1990's TV show "Full House." Before then, Stamos was also a part of the musical group, the Beach Boys as a backup drummer.

When asked where he would be when the show would air on Wednesday night at 10 PM, Tuck said "probably at home, changing diapers." The Tuck family welcomed their latest addition to their family on Fathers Day with the birth of their son, Jonah Tuck.

The recently-turned 30-year-old Tuck is in the final year of his contract with the Giants and is looking to have a bounce-back season after two lackluster years that were centered around injuries and inconsistency.

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3 Responses to “New York Giants’ Justin Tuck Makes Cameo Appearance on TV Show “Necessary Roughness””

  1.  giankees says:

    Im not sure how the cowboys are better than last yr. I dont think tge eagles got stronger up front ehich is why they were only s 4 win team plus they dumped some talented players at the end of the year. And the redskins destroyed rg3 knee and it looked like one of the worst decisions by a coach and also looked like one of the worst injuries that i have seen on a qb in a while. Yhat injurt changed his career and the redskins will have to change there offense around becaise of it. As for the defense if london fletcher was a giant we would be talking about replacing him and we def wouldnt be happy with there dbs. Sometimes a season just comes together for a team. Especially with a new scheme.

    Surprised how we feel so down on the giants. We have all afmitted yhat the giants have more athletic talent on offense that we can remember especially at the slill positions. You cant worry about injury cause you can say that for every team. On defense we got faster at all lb positions we got bigger and more experince at dt. We drafted a huge 2 huge upside guys for the def line and have been waiting for a lb to develop and signed a lb yhat dallas was high on last yr. Db has more depth than we have had in a while. Last yr we had cpubted on tt to return and were let down by that. Weheard how good rogers looked and were let down by that we expected tuck to be good anf were let down by that and nobody expected that jpp would have 5 sacks and not atleast have the same production. We need to have some more faith in this squad. We did win a sb with a hunch of these guys. Im startjng out training calp with the glass half full.

    •  rlhjr says:

      I respect your observations and the fact that you are behind the team.
      I’ll just say that no Giant fan of “advanced vintage” will trust what they see on the surface of this ball club.

      In particular I have hope that the young ball players have the ability and get ample chance to contribute to the team. Not only on special teams, but on real downs too.

      I am pretty sure the passing game and running game will flourish. Wilson, Brown and the Rookie form UConn feel like the genuine article to me.

      The issue with the ball club is as it has been for some years now. The offensive and defensive lines have to step up. When the owner isolates and understands this is an issue you have got to take note. You should also know (and be thankful) that rare is the owner who will even see much less understand that type of issue and bring it to the attention of his GM.

      There are question marks at defensive back and safety where again I feel good about the youngsters (Prince, Hosley, Hill and Taylor) in those positions.
      If Ross and Terrell Thomas work out the experience level in the defensive backfield along with spot play should be exceptional. And that also includes a Corey Webster comeback.

      But any seasoned Giant fan will tell you, Murphy lives among the “IF’s”.
      There a just a boat load of if’s at all but 11 positions counting both offense and defense.

      These questions can only be answered once the season (including training camp) starts and “rubber meets tarmac”. I really think the team will come into its own about the fifth game. I just hope the first four contests aren’t total disasters. In my hearts of hearts, I think that Reese has given the coaches good young talent to work with. And I feel strongly that Ojomo, Pysinger, Moore, Pugh and Hankins will make it to the field this year.

      I see an improvement on 9-7 and defensive play. But Mr. Murphy as is always the case with the Giants, lurks. It’s part of loving Blue.

      •  Krow says:

        What I find most maddening about the Giants is that there are recurring issues that never seem to get addressed. There’s a definite ‘ground hogs day’ ghost that haunts us year after year. Like a bad script that must be followed. We’re not good at handling change … or at best we’re very slow at it.

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