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Philadelphia Eagles Sign Former Stony Brook OL Michael Bamiro; New York Giants Had Interest

July 17th, 2013 at 10:30 AM
By Douglas Rush

Last week, former Stony Brook offensive lineman Michael Bamiro held a workout in New Jersey which many NFL teams to attended — 22 in total, including the New York Giants.

The Giants didn't get the chance to sign the massive rookie because their NFC East rivals beat them to it, as the Philadelphia Eagles agreed to terms with Bamiro, as Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer has reported, and he is expected to sign him contract with the team on Wednesday and report to the Eagles camp on Monday.

The contract that the Eagles will sign Bamiro for was not disclosed as of yet, but considering the Giants still have to sign rookies Justin Pugh and Ryan Nassib, any offer the team would have made wouldn't have been as great as some of the other teams. Apparently, Bamiro liked what the Eagles had to offer.

Bamiro ran into eligibility issues this past year when he thought he was going to be playing his senior year at Stony Brook, but because he has previously attended another college before transferring to Stony Brook, the NCAA ruled that he was ineligible to play in 2013, thus making him an NFL free agent.

Because he graduated from college as well, he also wasn't an underclassmen, which is why he was able to avoid the NFL Supplemental Draft, thus allowing him to chose his employer from the workout he had last week.

The Miami Dolphins were one of the teams in the mix for Bamiro as well and were in on him until the end where he decided to sign with the Eagles. With Bamiro now signed, the Giants focus before training camp is still trying to get both Pugh and Nassib to agree to their rookie contracts; both of which are likely being held up due to the amount of guaranteed money in the deal.

Photo credit: West Point – The U.S. Military Academy / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND


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8 Responses to “Philadelphia Eagles Sign Former Stony Brook OL Michael Bamiro; New York Giants Had Interest”

  1.  GOAT56 says:

    I don’t think we will be ranked high or thought of highly by many come this NFL season. We didn’t make the playoffs, lost several good players and didn’t make any splashy acquisitions. I get it. I understand how we can be looked upon in a non-favorable light. Then you have the annual love fest with Dallas experts believing this is the year they harness all this “great” talent into a SB contender. Now you have RG3 who some will say can walk on water if healthy.

    I don’t see Dallas as any better than they have been which is a 500% team. I don’t like their change in defense. I think those CBs were made to play in Ryan’s scheme and they got hurt by poor safety play and injuries more than scheme last year. Ware and Spencer as 4-3 DEs with Ratliff and another at DT screams struggles against the run to me.

    Washington I see as a team most hard to figure. The fact is when RG3 played with Garcon the Redskins only lost once or twice. But I just don’t see the offense they ran last year working the same. Teams will adjust doing the offseason. RG3 has the skills to be a quality pocket QB but rarely did he have to do so in 2012. I think that this year RG3 is going to be forced into many more situations that are uncomfortable. The Redskin’s defense has just as many questions as ours but less upside. I felt like Haslet did a great job the second half of last year covering up the Skins holes, I think that this year they will show. The Redskins don’t have a #1 CB and in this division that will hurt them with so many talented WRs. Also they face a first place schedule. I look for the redskins to be a 500% team.

    Philly is a wildcard but if they get good QB play their offensive skill position players are as scary as ours. Plus their OL should be night a day better. I think Philly can surprise and be in the mix but I doubt they have enough to win the division.

    I just see our competition to win the division as not the most daunting. Even with all of our struggles last year we are a few plays in the redskin and/or Philly game away from winning the division. I believe a healthy Nicks solve most of our issues on offense. It opens up the running game, Cruz, our TEs and allows WRs to get open faster thus improving our pass protection. Eli was also off last year. I expect more of the 2011 version of him that is more than enough to lift his surrounding cast to the division title.

    •  JimStoll says:

      good post
      I agree with everything you say
      the one add on I would make takes off from your comment regarding the job Haslett did last year covering up the skins defensive weaknesses, and it is this: Haslett is a plus for the Skins; Fewell is a minus for the Giants

      in a division where all 4 teams are likely to be between 6-10 and 10-6, that could be a big factor

      nothing we can do about it, but let’s just hope we’re not looking outside in at the end of the season because Fewell once again game-planned us into a bend bend bend, break defense

      •  GOAT56 says:

        I think with a healthy Eli we never do worse than 8-8 and we haven’t in a full year with him under center. So we are 8-8 or better just by having Eli which makes us at worse a contender for the division.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      Yeah, i dont see that with Dallas. I see them taking the division Personally and being much improved.

      Those CB’s you talk about meant for Ryan’s defense will be even better in a much better coaches scheme. Their LB’s, Secondary and D-line fit better in Monte Kiffen’s 4-3 Tampa 2, IMO. They have a strong passing game and running game. I see them being the team to beat in the division.

      The redskins will be good, but I see them falling off of last year’s success. Teams will have figured out the pistol and who knows how RG3′s knee will hold up. Their defense will be better as well, as Carriker and Orakpo are returning from injuries.

      The Eagles will be better as well. They improved their defense, and that offense might come to life in Kelly’s scheme whatever adjustments he has made for the NFL. you have to think they’ll be better than 4 games.

      As for us…. I see our defense being our Achilles this year. I see us missing the playoffs, and finishing 3rd in the division.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        Those CBs are man to man guys and now are going to play zone much like the complaints with Webster. Ware and Spencer have never played DE in the NFL. I feel that’s an underplayed adjustment. If this same defense had Ryan back I would like them a lot more. With 2 man CB and their pass rush with some better safety and LB play. Plus their DTs aren’t great either.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        I think the redskins defense over achieved last year and the end of the year. This year they do have more players but still are very subpar in the secondary. I think Carriker is a JAG and his presence won’t mean anything. Orakpo is a very good player and that position will be better but I thought Rob Jackson played well in his place so the rise in play won’t be as much as it would seem.

  2.  F0XLIN says:

    1. Bellichick
    2. Coughlin

    I’ll take it all day as long as the Super Bowl head to head match up continues

  3.  giankees says:

    Skins have rg3 coming off a major surgery and i cant see him running like he did last the pistol is going to expose the qbs to getting hit by ends and lbs this yr. When he was hurt towards the end of the year he couldnt pass because the run wasnt respected as much. I will believe his pocket passes when i see them.
    Vick has ro make it through 4 games in a row till i start to think the eagles are dangerous. Too many pelvic and sternum injuries for me to believe he can hold up. When the back up comes in its a total diff offense back to the drawing board
    Romo is romo he is going to have to prove it in a big spot.i can still see his pass in the flat against wash last yr that went for 6 the other way. Dallas did lose some def line help too

    Stop reading about cruz. Who cares what he says about his contract he signs for less than he feels he is worth and now we make complaints about that. The alternative was signing with another team next yr, forcing a trade or holdout for more money. We have a guy that feels like he took less to stay with a team we love. Thats the kind of guy you want. And stop complaining that he makes millions and should be happy with whatever he gets. We pay the millions to watch him which makes up his salary wether it be from games, tv or buying jerseys.

    I can see giants taking a wait and see approach before paying nicks. I actually can see him being tagged next yr just to make sure that he wont get hurt for 4 games a yr like he has been. I love him and he is our best rec but if he is going to be injured this yr and next i cant see the giants paying alot for him especially if randle steps up.

    The defense picked up enough guys to make a difference. They dont all have to be good just some of them. If jenkins is good on the line that can make a huge difference. Plus the 2 older guys patterson androgers if one makes the team great. We def have filled the camp with bodies. Lb could be better from a better def line. Db is my biggest concern cause one injury and or if webster doesnt return to his form we are screwed

    Offense will be fine the line is set up better this yr than it has in a while and the rec talent and the running backs talent is better than it has been in a while. Barring inj wilson can hit some homeruns that bradshaw could not and brown is our first back that i can rememner since hampton that can make 1 yrd which is why we had a good run last yr before his injury and he had 8 tds in 8 games. How many times did we see jacobs get stacked up at the line. Wilson needs a crease and he is gone brown doesnt need a crease and he pushes forward.

    Te will be our surprise this yr he is a sure handed guy that can be the safety valve that eli has had when he is his most productive.

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