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New York Giants’ Aaron Ross Says Team is Hungry; Poised for Another Super Bowl Run

July 16th, 2013 at 10:30 AM
By Dan Benton

Although cornerback Aaron Ross took a brief hiatus from the New York Giants in 2012-2013, it hasn't taken him long to get back into the Big Blue groove. It also hasn't taken him long to realize that 2012-2013 was a bad year for the team, and that they suffered a severe mental lapse that ultimately led to yet another poor finish. Despite all that, Ross says the team appears to be re-focused this offseason and resembles more of the team he left following Super Bowl XLVI than the one he saw on film a year ago.

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"I've been seeing everybody has that hunger again like the two other Super Bowls," Ross told Newsday on Monday. "I'm not sure what happened last year, but a lot of mental busts and maybe a little bit of complacency set in after the Super Bowl. But this year, you can tell with coach Coughlin — starts with him — how hard he's pushing the team, how hard he's pushing everybody."

And it's not so much that the Giants just want to rebound and put a better foot forward in 2013; rather, they want to make sure no one else hoists the Lombardi Trophy on their home turf.

"It seems like everybody has that hunger, plus the Super Bowl is going to be played in our stadium. We can't have anybody else playing in our backyard," Ross added. "We've talked about it, and it's another goal that coach Coughlin put in front of us. Guys are hungry to achieve that goal."

When it comes to respect — or lack thereof — the Giants seem to find endless motivation. Often, they appear to play better when no one gives them a chance, and since no one has ever won the Super Bowl in their home stadium, precious few are giving Blue Blue a chance to be the first to do it.

That, coupled with the desire to rebound from a year ago, have the Giants supremely focused heading into training camp.


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2 Responses to “New York Giants’ Aaron Ross Says Team is Hungry; Poised for Another Super Bowl Run”

  1.  GOAT56 says:


    I can’t see Pugh holding out even if this minor issue isn’t resolved in time. He’s in competition for a starting job and even a few days hold out can make a difference in his quest.

    Like F55 I am one of the more optimistic posters here so I thought it would be right to state my concerns for the upcoming season.

    1) CB – Reminds me of safety in 2009. If everyone stays healthy I think we will be fine but depth is a major concern. The TT comeback is a great story but even if “healthy” I don’t trust him to start at CB should an injury occur. I don’t trust Ross either. I know Ross was solid 2 years ago but Ross is older than his draft status would indicate and I think he’s close to done. I’m counting on Prince as a given aa our #1 CB to be a very good player. I trust that Webster as a #2 CB can be at least solid. But both starting all 16 games seems unlikely so that’s why my key play at CB is Hosley. I think Holsey has to step up and beat out Ross at slot CB because Ross just isn’t that good. Also, Hosley has to do enough to be next in line as a starter should Prince or Webster miss time. Hosley has the talent to be a good player for us. Hosley wasn’t good last year but he got a lot of snaps as a rookie and I expect tremendous improvement much like Prince from year 1 to year two.

    Really CB by far and away is my concern. RT is a concern but with 3 solid options I think we will get good enough play. Even if Diehl wins the job if he plays poorly I think his leash is much shorter than the past because Brewer and/or Pugh or realistic options as well.

    LB is a concern for most and I understand why but I’m with F55 on this group. I see much more talent than I have since the Armstead, Barrow days so I have little doubt that they will be better than last year. The group we had last year have resumes but based on last year’s performance it’s hard not to be better than the performance we received.

    Safety is another position some question but I really like Hill and Taylor so even if Brown can’t cut it I think we will be fine. I also think allowing Rolle to play more of a free safety plays to his strengths more than how we have had to use him the past few years. A healthy KP is a loss but we can still get quality play from the group we have.

    DL has some concern but I think there are so many pieces that can help that we will produce a quality unit even if some players don’t produce. This assuming JPP is back at least in a Beatty 2012 type way for the start of the year.

  2.  Krow says:

    A hopeful statement from Ross.

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