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New York Giants Still in Mix for Former Baltimore Ravens FB Vonta Leach

July 11th, 2013 at 7:00 AM
By Douglas Rush

Now that the Victor Cruz contract situation has been solved by the New York Giants, they are turning their attentions back to the free agent market and fullback Vonta Leach, who still remains unsigned.

Leach was released by the Super Bowl Champion Baltimore Ravens last month after he failed to restructure his $3 million salary for 2013, and has been pursued by teams like the Giants, Miami Dolphins and Houston Texans; plus the Ravens are reportedly still in contact with Leach.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald says that the Dolphins remain the front-runners for Leach, who have $17.6 million in cap space to sign him, but Jackson did say that the Dolphins would prefer to sign him to a low-money deal, whereas the 31-year-old is looking for a more sizeable deal. He also noted that unless another team wows Leach within the next two weeks, the Dolphins are still the likely team.

But as Connor Orr of the Newark-Star Ledger has reported, the Giants are by no means out of the mix and firmly remain in the hunt for the Pro Bowl fullback, especially if Henry Hynoski starts the 2013 season on the PUP List as he is recovering from knee surgery.

About two weeks ago, Leach's agent Ralph Vitolo said the Giants "were in the top three" for his client's services, especially since the Giants are a potential playoff contender in the NFC and they have a starting spot they can offer him with Hynoski going down back in May with the knee injury.

Orr's source in the story, who requested to remain anonymous because of the situation, said that Leach has definitely kept the Giants on his short list of teams he is interested in, which is great news for the Giants since they have tried to land Leach in the past.

Vitolo did tell Paul Schwartz of the New York Post last month that if the Giants truly did want to sign Leach, they would need to be creative in a contract offer, and suggested as much as the Giants would have to offer a multi-year deal to land him.

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7 Responses to “New York Giants Still in Mix for Former Baltimore Ravens FB Vonta Leach”

  1.  Krow says:

    Let’s assume we do sign him. What do we do with Hynoski then?

    •  jfunk says:

      PUP as long as possible. If Leach is healthy and playing well, they could IR him and wait until the offseason to choose which one to keep.

      •  Kevros says:

        That seems like a crappy thing to do and not something the Giants would do. I think this “interest” is entirely media-driven and IMO not likely to happen unless they think Hynoski is out for the season…

        •  rlhjr says:

          Or if Ski is hurt worse than what’s being reported.
          Personally I like Hynoski. But Leach is a different breed of cat.
          That said, I agree the Giants would not mess over a player they favor.

  2.  rlhjr says:

    If Reese dose manage to sign him the offensive potential is scary.
    In addition to Nicks and Cruz, there will be a killer shove it down their
    throat mentality running, especially inside the 20.
    And 500 points & 5k yards for Eli is not far fetched.
    With a positive showing by the O-line, this unit could be lethal
    and quite frankly feared.

  3.  NYG says:

    There has to be a huge concern as far as blocking goes team wide. Wilson wasn’t good (sure hope he’s worked on it and is figuring it out). Brown isn’t great (especially for his size). Brandon Meyers was the worst blocking TE in the league. The lose of Bradshaw and Bennett is going to hurt more in blocking than anything. What could be better to lead our new tandem of new RBs than a beast that can take on and overpower anyone on the field. Ask Rice or Foster who their favorite player in the league is. I have a suspicion it’s Leach. I like Hynoski, but he’s young too. He’ll recover from the injury, but by when? Will he be the same after it? Injuries can have mental hangovers long after they’re healed. Make a deal for Leach…Make it creative. Get it done.

  4.  CT GIANT says:

    The O-line is being shuffled around, two RB’s with 4 starts, and only Pascoe has proven his slt as a blocker.
    Leach is a “one man show”, if JR can get this monster 6’2 260lbs of pure blow-up
    anyone in his path, both Brown & Wilson could be 1k runners.
    That leaves Eli to be protected at all times, given Leach is as good if not better then anyone upfront, he’s a 3 time All-Pro and keeps coming on strong.
    Henry may or may not be himself, but with the current state of the giants, Leach would be a star in his own right and propel a almost unstopable unit, on offensive.
    Time will tell.

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