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New York Giants’ Eli Manning, Justin Tuck on NFL Network’s Overrated/Underrated Team Lists

July 3rd, 2013 at 10:00 AM
By Douglas Rush

On Tuesday, the NFL Network ran the first part of their NFL's Overrated/Underrated Players of all time list for the New York Giants; Frank Gifford was listed as the Giants most underrated player, while Tiki Barber got the overrated title. On Wednesday, they announced the full list in a second part to the series for the most overrated/underrated, which has been running since June 17 on all 32 NFL teams. 

'Eli' photo (c) 2012, Scott Rubin - license:

The site listed current Giants quarterback Eli Manning, recently departed linebacker Chase Blackburn, former running back/return specialist Dave Meggett, and former running back Ottis Anderson and Joe Morrison on the underrated part of the list.

This is what had to say regarding the two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback on why he was put on the list:

Hands down, Manning is the greatest New York Giants quarterback ever. Fans don't give Eli enough credit for what he's accomplished in his nine seasons. He's already brought home two Super Bowl championships, one against a team pursuing the first 19-0 season in NFL history. Manning already has thrown for more touchdowns and fewer interceptions than Phil Simms. This season, Manning will most likely surpass Simms as the Giants' all-time leader in passing yards, and solidify his spot as the greatest quarterback in franchise history. For some reason, the perception that Eli Manning is not an elite quarterback still exists, and that makes him underrated. 

Not only has Manning won two Super Bowls with the Giants, but he also won each year's Super Bowl MVP Award for his brilliant performance in each game as well. Despite his success in the league since 2004, Manning still gets his share of criticism and doubts from fans of rival teams, but he continues to silence them each season with his play. Since taking over as the team's starting quarterback, Manning is 78-57 in the regular season, 8-3 in the postseason with 28 game-winning drives.

On the other side of the list, it had current Giants defensive end Justin Tuck, former tight end Jeremy Shockey, former running backs Ron Dayne and Brandon Jacobs and former cornerback Jason Sehorn on the Giants most overrated players list.

This was what had to say regarding why Tuck was on the overrated side of the list:

As a captain, Tuck is supposed to be a leader on the Giants. The best leaders usually lead by example. Tuck hasn't exactly set the best example over the past two seasons, totaling just nine sacks in that time span. That doesn't cut it on a defense predicated on rushing the passer. The Giants had the NFL's second-worst defense in 2012, allowing 383.4 yards per game. They clearly need more leadership from their captain. If he's going to lead the Giants to another Super Bowl, Tuck needs to get off the Subway diet and start crushing opposing quarterbacks.

In Tuck's defense, he hasn't been healthy for quite some time, as he has had to deal with nagging injuries, which has caused a drop in his production. In the year before his free agency year, Tuck has vowed to change how the defense's mindset is in 2013 and looks to improve his play, along with the whole entire unit, who ranked 31st overall last season.


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14 Responses to “New York Giants’ Eli Manning, Justin Tuck on NFL Network’s Overrated/Underrated Team Lists”

  1.  Krow says:

    Nailed it in 1.

  2.  Jason McEwan says:

    Hard to argue with this assessment.

  3.  BigBlueGiant says:

    I for one, don’t think that Tuck will be returning to his old form.

  4.  jfunk says:

    Ron Dayne? Somebody is overrating Ron Dayne?

    High expectations for Ron Dayne lasted about 20 games in the NFL.

  5.  Andiamo P says:

    I don’t think Eli is overrated or underrated. I think he has a lot of haters…obviously. But he has his share of supporters as well. I think his 2011 season is probably one of the greatest seasons a QB has EVER…literally. And maybe that is a bit underrated, but he’s not underrated.

    Tuck is a bit overrated i agree…

    but Corey Webster is far and away the most underrated guy on this team.

    •  Krow says:

      C-web has had seasons where he’s played great … but last year he was toasted like a bun.

      •  Andiamo P says:

        If you look at Webster and Tuck’s career….they are fairly similar.

        you could argue that Webster may even have the better Giants career.

        it’s just that Giants fans simply couldn’t recognize what Webster was doing….and if your own fan base isn’t going to recognize you, why would the Pro Bowl or the main stream media?

        •  Andiamo P says:

          PFF ranked Webster as the 7th best CB in football from 2008 – 2010.

          And we all know Webster played great in 2011, as well as his playoff run in 2007.

          mind you he had to deal with new schemes from Sheridan and Fewell during this stretch.

          Giants had arguably the best cornerback in football in 2008 and they had no clue….not even an inkling.

          *rant over*

          Enjoy the 4th everyone.

          •  Krow says:

            I like him too … but he’s had some bad stretches. He’s a man-cover guy, and does not excel in these puzzy-a$$ed, bend-then-break, big cushion zone schemes.

  6.  F0XLIN says:

    Brian Witherspoon hanging em up

    @Spoony29 It’s official…I’m a full time pro track runner now. Retired from the NFL this week.

    Dan thought you’d be all over the inside track on this

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