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NFL Network Lists Frank Gifford as Most Underrated, Tiki Barber as Most Overrated New York Giants

July 2nd, 2013 at 1:50 PM
By Douglas Rush

'National Book Festival 2008' photo (c) 2008, Darien Library - license: NFL Network has been running a recent series naming all 32 teams' most underrated and overrated players. On Tuesday, it was the New York Giants' turn.

Hall of Fame running back Frank Gifford was named Big Blue's most underrated player of all-time, while running back Tiki Barber was listed as their most overrated.

Dave Dameshek made the case for Gifford over players like Phil Simms and Jeff Hostetler because of how effective and special a player Gifford was from 1952-1964, as he excelled at the H-Back position for the team.

In his career, he rushed for 3,609 yards and 34 touchdowns, caught 367 passes for 5,434 yards and 43 touchdowns and also threw for 14 touchdowns. Dameshek mentioned that a team should look at what Gifford did in the league and try to get New England Patriots quarterback Tim Tebow to become. Gifford was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1977.

On the other side of the coin, Barber was given the title of overrated by Adam Rank because he felt that Barber wasn't as dominant a running back as he was made out to be. He also brought up his fumbling issues while with the Giants — 53 career fumbles and something Giants current head coach Tom Coughlin helped Barber fix by changing the way he held the football while running.

Rank pointed out that the Giants went on to have success once Barber retired from the NFL in 2006, winning Super Bowl XLII in 2007 behind a trio of running backs: Brandon Jacobs, Derrick Ward and Ahmad Bradshaw.

Dameshek did counter, though, that Barber was probably the Giants' best pure running back of all-time and best three-down back in team history, while Rank felt Super Bowl XXV MVP Ottis Anderson should have gotten more appreciation for his contributions as a Giants running back.

Barber rushed for 10,449 yards and 55 touchdowns and also had 5,183 receiving yards and 12 touchdowns. The 10,449 rushing yards are the most in Giants history.


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3 Responses to “NFL Network Lists Frank Gifford as Most Underrated, Tiki Barber as Most Overrated New York Giants”

  1.  Andiamo P says:

    I caught this yesterday. The guy calls Gifford the “Golden Boy of the NFL”…and than says he’s underrated.

    Didn’t make a whole lotta sense to me

  2.  purorock says:

    If I recall, Barber was one of the best backs in the league and in the discussion for MVP in his last few seasons. Didn’t he lead the league in rushing for the majority of a season too? Overrated? No. Just Hotwinded at times.

  3.  BillyS says:

    I may not be the biggest fan of Tiki off the field…but on the field he was absolutely NOT overrated. He put up some insane numbers. He had 6 years over 1,000 yards (3 over 1,500). And he averaged just a tad under 5 yards per carry. He didn’t score a ton (55 rush TDs), but there were times he played on teams without the greatest players. I mean come on…in 2003 he ran for 1,200 yards but only scored 2 TDs. To put that in perspective Dorsey Levens ran for just under 200 yards and had 3 TDs. Yes, he ran 1,000 LESS yards and scored one MORE TD than Tiki did. Tiki didn’t break any huge runs that year (long of 27), but to plod along and still gain 1,200 yards on the ground (and 400+ from receptions) is pretty solid considering that team went 4-12 that season. And it isn’t like he suffered because of a heavy passing attack. Kerry Collins only threw for 3,000 yards and 13 TD. Amani Toomer accounted for just over 1,000 of those yards (only WR on the team to break 1k) and hauled in 5 TDs.

    Long story short…Tiki was not overrated. He was the bright spot on some iffy teams (like 2003). He also put up some insanely good years. His last 3 seasons averaged 2,200 yards from scrimmage. To put that in perspective Adrian Peterson had 2,314 yards from scrimmage last year. And Tiki’s BEST year totaled more yards than Peterson (2,390 > 2,314). So, yes…I’d actually go the opposite and say Gifford is the most overrated and Tiki is the most underrated.

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