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New York Giants Have Sixth Lowest Arrest Totals in NFL Since 2000

July 1st, 2013 at 2:50 PM
By Douglas Rush

When you look at the arrest rate in the NFL, it's incredible, and to be quite honest, a shame how many professional players get themselves in trouble with the law. But, according to a recent study — which was published shortly after former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was arrested for murder — the New York Giants have the sixth lowest arrest total in the NFL since the 2000 season.

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They have had 13 total arrests in that 13 year span; some of which include Plaxico Burress back in 2009 for his self-inflicted gunshot wound in the Manhattan night club which lead to him serving two years in prison, David Diehl back in 2012 for DUI (driving under the influence) and Kareem McKenzie back in 2008 for DWI (driving while intoxicated). One of the worst cases may have been Jeremiah Parker, who was only on the team for four games in 2000, but was released by the Giants after he was arrested for physical abuse of a child.

Parker was acquitted of aggravated manslaughter, but was sentenced to 10 years for abuse of the child, who eventually died from the abuse suffered from Parker and his ex-girlfriend.

The most recent arrest from the Giants (although, technically, he was a free agent) was linebacker Michael Boley, who got arrested in February for child abuse, which was the second time he had been arrested in his NFL career. While as a member of the Atlanta Falcons, he had been arrested in March of 2008 for beating his wife. Boley was released from the Giants in February after four years with the team.

The Cincinnati Bengals and Minnesota Vikings have the most arrests in the NFL since 2000 with 40 a piece. The Denver Broncos are third in the league with 35, the Tennessee Titans are fourth with 32 and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers round out the top five with 28 arrests.

The Philadelphia Eagles have the fifth lowest arrest total in the NFL (who would have guessed that?), just one below the Giants with 12, while the New York Jets have the third lowest with 11. The Dallas Cowboys are tied for ninth in the NFL along with the New England Patriots with 15.


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