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Could New York Giants Be Leading the Desmond Bishop Chase?

June 24th, 2013 at 6:30 AM
By Douglas Rush

It has been a little over 72 hours since it was first reported that the New York Giants had interest in landing free agent middle linebacker Desmond Bishop, who was cut by the Green Bay Packers last week.

Bishop had meetings with the Minnesota Vikings and Kansas City Chiefs last week, but he left those meetings without a contract and later told Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports and Tim Ryan of Sirius XM Radio that the Giants and Jacksonville Jaguars were now in the mix. He has since narrowed his list of potential suitors downto three: the Vikings, Chiefs and Giants.

Although Bishop has yet to make a decision on where he will call home next, he said publicly on his Twitter account on Friday that he is fortunate to have teams interested in his services for the 2013 season.

"Decisions decisions!!! Stuff spot, but great position to be in because I have options. Truly a blessing," he tweeted.

Bishop was cut by the Packers after six seasons due to the fact that he was set to make $3.464 million and was coming off a torn hamstring injury; an injury which cost him all of the 2012 year.

The Packers thought about putting Bishop on the trading block before the start of the season, but instead attempted to restructure him deal. Once those efforts failed, Green Bay released their former sixth-round pick of the 2007 NFL Draft. So now, Bishop has his pick of the teams, but which one would be the best landing spot for him?

There is the Chiefs, who are under a new direction under head coach Andy Reid and general manager John Dorsey, who was the former Packers Director of Football Operations, and helped scout Bishop when he was in college at California. The Chiefs, however, do have Derrick Johnson and Akeem Jordan already at middle linebacker; Jordan was brought in on a one-year deal by Dorsey to reunite with Reid when they were with the Philadelphia Eagles. On the outside, the team has Justin Houston and Tamba Hali, who are two of the team's best pass rushers on the squad, so trying to fit Bishop into that situation might be difficult.

Then there is the Vikings, the team Bishop met with first and a team some felt would be the instant choice for him to land once he was cut by Green Bay. That was until their current middle linebacker Erin Henderson, now taking over for the departed Jasper Brinkley, came out and said that "he was playing the Mike (MLB)" and he wasn't letting the spot go for anyone. Henderson has been taking all of the snaps for the team in the offseason at middle linebacker, and one would have to wonder if some feelings would get hurt if he was pushed out for another player.

This leaves the Giants, who have yet to give the starter's title to anyone at the start of camp. Right now, it's Mark Herzlich and Dan Connor who are battling it out in the middle for the Giants, but Bishop would be an upgrade at the position over both players. And if the Giants are interested in signing him, they are thinking the same thing and it's a big reason why Jerry Reese has gotten involved to begin with.

Bishop referred to the Giants as "having a great situation," which means that he recognizes that one, he could likely start immediately if he were in the fold, and two, the Giants are always a playoff-contending team and have won two out of the last six Super Bowls played. With all of the talent the Giants have assembled now on defense, they could be a potential force, if healthy. Throw in a former first-round draft pick like Aaron Curry and the potential signing of Bishop and Reese may have made a once average linebacker unit into a really strong one that could make a serious impact on the field.

Of the three teams mentioned, the Giants on paper could make the most sense for Bishop, who may not be looking for a big contract, but a chance to show the Packers that they made a mistake in cutting him. What better way for the Giants to improve on their 31st ranked defense of a season ago by bringing in an already good player with a chip on his shoulder? Sounds like a potential win-win for the Giants if they can close the deal.

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10 Responses to “Could New York Giants Be Leading the Desmond Bishop Chase?”

  1.  rlhjr says:

    The only thing I don’t like about Bishop is his injury. Is he fully recovered?
    And just how serious was his tear? Pretty bad to miss a entire season i’d say.

    Other than those items, he meets the age and (supposedly) talent requirements that Reese looks for in FA’s. However, this is not the same situation as signing Kreem McKinze, Pierce or Role. This guy is a nomad and like Bennett could only be looking for a platform from which to get paid.

    Seems like coaches and players use the Giants as leverage. I’ve no real problem with that. But I would like a long term answer at MIKE. A player the team can build around. And a strong talent/leadership guy.

    •  JimStoll says:

      the injury is a big concern
      when a solid player is injured such that the team that knows him best doesn’t want him back that should tell you something

  2.  Krow says:

    There’s so much dust in the air already at the LB position I’m not all that keen on adding more. Especially if it’s a Bennett-type-play-well-and-leave situation. That will just land us in the same spot next year … constantly trolling for LB help.

    Let’s just see what we’ve got, and try to develop a little stability in that unit.

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    I don’t see bringing in Bishop as a real problem at all. Give him $1.5MM plus some playing time bonuses, plug him in at MLB, give Herzlich another year of experience before he takes over the position (unless a draft pick beats him out down the road), know Bishop moves on next season in all likelihood, and we suddenly start to look like a “real” linebacking corps. Obviously, he’d have to pass a physical, but presumably the Giants would be very careful with that since that cap space is precious.

    A group that includes Bishop, Williams, Paysinger, Curry, Herzlich, Connor, and Rivers sure looks like a pretty fine second line of defense to me. I think we’re all so used to being disgusted with the play of that part of the team that most cannot bring themselves to see what is right in front of them: any single player with “potential” may not make use of it, but when you have 5-6 with it then some will fulfill it. A starting three of Bishop, Williams and Rivers could be a very, very, good group. Add the real potential of Curry, Paysinger and Herzlich, plus the steady play Connor can provide, and I’d start liking this defense if we can get the situation at corner squared away.

    •  JimStoll says:

      the only one of these guys who has managed to stay healthy for a full season is Paysinger, and that’s because he doesn’t play much
      the problem with the Giant LB corps is that JR is forever trolling for “value” and as a result he either signs guys who were highly touted coming out of college but who never transitioned to star status in the NFL — currently: Rivers, Curry, Connor; or he goes with low draft picks and/or RFA’s: Paysinger, Williams, Herzlich. One of these days that formula might pay off but as yet it has not.
      In fact the only consistently decent LB’s we’ve had over the last decade are Pierce and Bolely, both of whom were semi-accomplished before being picked up in FA.

      Maybe this unit will out-perform this year, but first they have to stay healthy, and second they have to prove their histories don’t represent their true abilities.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        I think the “they cannot stay healthy” theme has been a bit overdone. Michael Strahan had a hard time staying consistently healthy, and plenty of people complained about that when he was around while he was playing his way into the Hall of Fame. Just because Rivers has had three injuries (one of which was a serious one that resulted from a borderline dirty play) doesn’t mean he’ll have one this season. Just because Williams lost much of last season doesn’t mean that will be repeated in 2013. Football is violent and there will be injuries each year. But as long as a player doesn’t have repeated injuries to the same joint or muscle group a lot of those injuries are random.

        In other words, I think it is entirely fair to doubt Terrell Thomas without feeling the same way about Keith Rivers (or Aaron Curry or Mark Herzlich or Dan Connor).

      •  rlhjr says:

        THIS ^

        Well said JimStoll. And pleas folks, do not get your skivvies in a bunch because our “Sainted” JR has been called out. We all know the man is as good as it gets when talking NFL GM/personnel and draft acumen.

        It’s just the front office adopted strategy/philosophy for linebacker is just as Jim described.

        The team simply refuses to invest a high draft pick in a backer; And in particular a MIKE. It is arguable that Reeseā€™s method worked with Pierce.
        But that formula has yet to be duplicated.

        Still others argue that the linebacker position is no longer valued. If so then why does this very conversation persist each year on G101? I’ve got news, true value is having a guy who can stay on the field, understand where everyone is supposed to be and bark with authority to get them there.

        The Giants need a leader/general on defense who is not a DE or SS. The defense needs a signal caller who can play three downs and be the heart beat of the unit.

        Plain and simple, Reese and Mr. Mara need to make up their minds to find a worthy/talented kid and pay him to lead the defense on the field.
        That said, a few months ago I stated and standby the statement that Reese has assembled the best collection of “who who’s” at the linebackers position in a very long time. But the long term prognosis is still governed by “IF” and plenty of them.

        They bit the bullet with an offensive lineman in the first round. They better duplicate that bite with a (MIKE) linebacker. That is all.

  4.  GIANTT says:

    Seems to me that the Giants may have enough cap room to sign EITHER Leach or Bishop but not both without cutting someone if they wanted to sign both so…. Who would you rather have the Giants sign ?
    What bothers me is that even at this stage of the game Giants are seemingly still interested in Leach . Does that mean that Henry is injured seriously enough that he might be out for a while (Into the season ) and please dont do to Henry what they did for Ballard .

  5.  CT GIANT says:

    Vonte Leach is a 6’2 260lbs of a hitting machine, takes out LB’s like there little people in his way. Here is where I think “Hyno” takes his injury on PUP list if as Raplh Vacchiano, who does not print rumors, unless he gets confirmation, it’s real, and Reese wanted him enough to make an offer to him, but was matched by Houston.
    I think Henry’s issue is bigger then first thought, and signing an all-pro FB three years running, IF he can sign him, it might be paramount to the run game.
    The backer-situation is what it is, he Reese signed all there is out there , with Bishop
    the exception. Both TC & Fewell have praised Herlich in OTA’s & with Connor, and several others, including Curry, Rivers, Williams, we got enough for someone to rise up to take the mike at MLB.
    I maybe all wrong, but Leach would make our run game become one of the best, as they get there mojo going, this guy is a beast, and yes, I think the giants are worried
    about our “Hyno”.
    CT GIANT No spell check?

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