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New York Giants’ Eli Manning Doesn’t Make Kurt Warner’s Top 5 QB List

June 23rd, 2013 at 6:30 AM
By Casey Sherman

Former New York Giants signal caller Kurt Warner, now NFL analyst for the NFL Network, released his top 10 quarterbacks list recently. Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, absent from his top five was the quarterback who eventually replaced him as the starter for Big Blue: Eli Manning

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Manning just missed the top five, ranking sixth on Warner's list. In order, the top five went as follows: New England Patriots' Tom Brady, Green Bay Packers' Aaron Rodgers, New Orleans Saints' Drew Brees, Denver Broncos' Peyton Manning and Pittsburgh Steelers' Ben Roethlisberger. Following Manning at number six is Atlanta Falcons' Matt Ryan, Baltimore Ravens' Joe Flacco, San Diego Chargers' Philip Rivers and Dallas Cowboys' Tony Romo.

Typically, the quality of a quarterback is heavily dependent on how many Super Bowl rings they have, which is why some would argue Manning should be higher on Warner's list. Eli, who has two rings, is behind his brother Peyton Manning, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers, who each have one Super Bowl victory on their resumé.

Warner hasn't shied away from criticizing Manning in the past. Early in 2012, Warner proclaimed he didn't feel Manning was Hall of Fame worthy citing that his post-season success can't outweigh his inconsistency during the regular season. Some may say he is still bitter of being replaced by Manning when he felt he had more quality play left in the tank.

Still, to be considered the sixth best quarterback heading into the 2013 season by an NFL great is an honor. Manning has a good number of years of his prime left to build on his greatness.


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6 Responses to “New York Giants’ Eli Manning Doesn’t Make Kurt Warner’s Top 5 QB List”

  1.  James Stoll says:

    In other news Eli was ranked no. 1 on Kurt’s list of amateur antiquers

  2.  BBWC says:

    I think Warner’s vision is slightly clouded because, he adds too much weight to what he saw in Eli’s rookie season. Easy “E” wasn’t exactly a ball of fire his first season….However I do think, at this point, Eli belongs above Ben.

  3.  giantsou812 says:

    I dont care, Eli will win another superbowel.

  4.  Krow says:

    Get used to it. Warner is bitter because the Giants went with Eli over him way back when. He’s never gotten over it and never will. Frankly it’s tarnished Warner in my opinion. He’s supposed to be this honest, honorable guy. Tossing his faith around like he’s Tebow’s Dad. But when it comes to Eli that old devil of jealousy grabs him every time.

    •  BillyS says:

      That’s exactly how I view him. He’s always so preachy about how he used to work in a grocery store and talks about working hard to get where he got…but then he fails to give Eli any credit for working hard and becoming a great QB. I think Eli is definitely ahead of Big Ben now. He’s got more passing yards and his rings aren’t tarnished by *insanely* bad officiating like Roethlisberger had when the refs literally gave the game to the Steelers over the Seahawks.

  5.  rlhjr says:

    When Warner dishes Eli, good things happen for Eli and the Giants.
    Standby for one of the most transcendent seasons for Giant QB’s and the team ever. If Warner does pay attention to divine principal, he should fully understand that those who man would put last, God will put first.

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