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New York Giants’ Andre Brown: Right Man to Following During a Zombie Apocalypse?

June 23rd, 2013 at 10:30 AM
By Dan Benton

There have been a lot of lists created here in the offseason: Best Owners, Top Pass Rushers, Top Quarterbacks, Best Head Coaches and so on and so forth. You could make a never-ending list of all the lists that are created in the offseason, but one you probably wouldn't expect to see is "who best to following during a Zombie Apocalypse."

Well, expect the unexpected because that's exactly the kind of list Jason Smith of NFL Network recently created. And listed on it was none other than New York Giants running back Andre Brown.

Pop in a game tape of Brown's from 2012. Any game. He's the best angry runner there is. A horde of zombies approaching? He'll run through them and you'll marvel at the zombie body parts that go flying as a result. Hopefully, NFL Films survives the zombie apocalypse so they can capture some of these runs and put them to some awesome music and John Facenda-like voice-over. "Running like an overgrown child in a splash pool, the zombies lamented a futile effort to sink their teeth into his leathery skin…"

If nothing else, at least Smith's list is far more amusing than the norm. And hey, it's not like the CDC hasn't attempted to prepare society in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse (heck, they even took a page out of the 101 playbook) anyway, so why not draft Brown onto your post-Apocolyptic Zombie-smashing team?

Also included on Smith's Top 10 Zombie Apocalypse list is Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith, former New York Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum, Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens, Oakland Raiders superfan Darth Raider, Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman, free agent quarterback Charlie Batch, Pittsburgh Steelers defensive coordinator Dick Lebeau and, for some reason, wife of Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill, Lauren Tannehill.

Not an all-around terrible group of people to surround yourself with in the event of a zombie invasion. But, for our money, we'd like to include Ray Lewis, O.J. Simpson and Aaron Hernandez. And, if it turns out to be anything like the Resident Evil games/films, we'll also take Michael Vick.

Photo Credit: Mike Gannon


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5 Responses to “New York Giants’ Andre Brown: Right Man to Following During a Zombie Apocalypse?”

  1.  percellovesgiants says:

    Slow day today

  2.  demo3356 says:

    HAHA, Love it! Thanks for sharing Dan.. I guess Brown is the Daryl dixon of the Giants backfield

  3.  percellovesgiants says:

    I didnt mean to sound ungrateful, and you are right, for giant news this is the best site ever. But zombies?!

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