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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Admits He’s not a New York Giants Fan, but a Dallas Cowboys Fan

June 19th, 2013 at 6:30 AM
By Paul Tierney

Outspoken New Jersey governor Chris Christie may have to watch his words on a number of issues, but he made his allegiances clear in his NFL affiliations yesterday. Although Christie  is the leader of the great state of New Jersey, he admits he;s not a fan of either team that calls the Meadowlands home.

'NJ Governor Chris Christie' photo (c) 2011, Bob Jagendorf - license:

"It is not the New York Jets … and it is not the Philadelphia Eagles," Christie said to ESPNNewYork,com. "Get ready now. My favorite football team are the Dallas Cowboys … which by the way is not the smartest thing for the Governor of New Jersey to want to be is a fan of the Dallas Cowboys." 

Politically, rooting for the Cowboys is not the most savvy if moves when two other professional teams play in New Jersey. Even if Christie was a Jets fan, he could at least have a justifiable excuse. As a Cowboys fan, he comes off as a bandwagon football fan who grew up nowhere near Dallas, but fell in love with the likes of Troy Aikman and Emmett Smith during the mid to late 1990s.

In fact. Christie admitted that the success, or lack there of, of both New York football teams during his childhood played a major role in which team he chose to root for as an adult.

"The Giants and the Jets pretty much stunk when I was a kid," Christie said. "And my father was a Giants fan and I used to remember watching him when I was eight, nine-years-old. Every Sunday, he would watch the Giants and yell at the TV set. I used to think to myself, why would I want to root for a team that makes you angry? So I decided not to and the Cowboys were really good back then."

If Christie had remained a Giants fan, he would have saved himself a great heartaches over the last several seasons. Instead, in the past couple of years, he's called the team the "New Jersey Giants" and even picked the Jets to defeat them, and now he has to hope his non-political affiliates do not effect his upcoming political aspirations.


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6 Responses to “New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie Admits He’s not a New York Giants Fan, but a Dallas Cowboys Fan”

  1.  Krow says:

    Obviously he thinks he needs Texas to become President. While one can reasonably expect voters in the Northeast to pull down the lever based on important issues … I don’t think the same logic applies to the braindead rednecks down south. I’d wager an expressed affinity for Lone Star Draft should pretty much lock the state up. Oh, and don’t forget how much you love rodeo.

  2.  TuckThis says:

    Of course, I realize that was tongue in cheek, but since when did any republican have to worry about taking Texas? He like most young guys ( no offense gentlemen) form their loyalties in their youth and gravitate to the “winners/front runners,” hence all the 20 somethings who grew up Yankee fans. It also probably explains why he’s a mets fan. No advanced degree required to figure it out. ;-)

    And yes, I know that many of us became fans of certain teams based on family loyalties!

    •  Krow says:

      The growing latino vote has put Texas back in play. Christie is wrong for Texas on a lot of other levels … he’s smart, seems to get along with that black fellow Obama … and he’s from New Jersey. Fatboy’s redneck kryptonite. But in a couple years he’ll be eating burritos in San Antonio while chatting about ‘the Boys’ … in spanish.

  3.  sonnymooks says:

    This isn’t a political site (thank God).

    That said, republicans aren’t worried about losing texas, the folks down there like having jobs and getting paychecks as opposed to welfare checks besides the folks in Texas prefer to signs checks on the front rather then the back, they aren’t going to care who is or isn’t a cowboys (or texans) fan.

    That said he probably is telling the truth about why he is a cowboys fan. I hate, loathe and despise saying this, but there are alot of cowboy fans outside of texas simply by the virtue that back in the day, the team was very good, and they didn’t like their local teams very much.

    I had several teachers in H.S. (In queens) who were cowboy fans, and never stepped foot in the lone star state. I know someone now, who is a cowboys fan despite his father being a Giants fan (and unabashed cowboys hater).

    Its not much different then how alot of folks became Lakers fans, or Celtic fans or Bulls fans during their dynasty years. Hell, I even used to know 49ers fans who grew up during the 80s.

    And I’m not even going to get into the number of steelers fan who have never been to Pitt.

    •  Krow says:

      I’m glad it’s not a political site too. Cause those places are full of people spouting Fox News talking points like they’ve been trained to do.

      •  Sonny Mukhopadhyay says:

        Thank Gods its not a political site, The Sheeple hate fox news, can’t blame them either, thinking for oneself hurts and watching MSM media doesn’t, LOL….

        All that said, Not a big fan of Christie, but this stuff about politicans and their sports teams is really old, truth is, there is nothing strange about a politician not rooting for their local sports team, not every politician grows up in the state they work for (Hillary Clinton is from chicago, Bloomberg is from Boston, I met Bloomberg before he became mayor, he hated every single new york sports team then), does anyone think they are really going to dump their hometown team ? And if someone who represents his local area doesn’t root for his local team, is it really that strange ?

        There are politicians in D.C. who hate the redskins, and pols down in D.C. who love them (and not for any political reason, its from being there for so many years).

        This really isn’t news. Pataki made a big deal years ago about not liking the jets or giants because they were in jersey, ignoring the fact that he was a lifelong diehard buffalo bills fan.

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