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New York Giants’ Kevin Gilbride on Eli Manning: He’s Always Looking to Get Better

June 18th, 2013 at 6:30 AM
By Douglas Rush

Heading into the 2013 season, the New York Giants could have one of the most explosive offenses in the entire NFL, especially if they all stay healthy.

In 2012, the Giants had one of the highest scoring offenses in the entire league with 429 points, which was the sixth highest in the NFL. In Week 17 against the Philadelphia Eagles, the Giants put up 42 points, had 397 yards of total offense and everyone got a really good glimpse of what the team can do when players are healthy and running on all cylinders.

Earlier in the season, the Giants had 502 yards of offense against the Cleveland Browns and 604 yards of total offense against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, both games the Giants won and scored big in as well. Those two games are something offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride would like to build on for the upcoming season, especially with some of the new weapons on offense that he can utilize.

In an interview with after the team's mini-camp ended, Gilbride sat down and talked about a variety of topics including his offense, the wide receiver situation, Eli Manning, among many other things.

"The thing is they haven’t been working. They haven’t been listening. They haven’t been growing; they haven’t been developing. They haven’t been receiving the coaching that they need to get better. To be quite frank, they need it," Gilbride said of Nicks and Cruz. "And the absence and not being here has hurt them and because of that, it has hurt us. But the good thing is that Brandon Collins and some of the other young receivers have had a chance to get some reps. Now the Jerrel Jernigans, down the road, they may be coming into a more integral part of what we have been doing offensively because of that. "

And on Eli Manning:

"There is no such thing as ‘maintain.’ You have to get better all of the time or you are going the wrong way. And you have heard it as a cliché, said many times, what I firmly believe and I think that good players all know it, as you physically get older, you have to compensate for that with continued growth with technique, continued growth in the deepening of understanding of what is taking place out there, so that you can compensate for whatever that loss of skill level is. So as a receiver, as a running back, as a lineman, if you are not doing that, then pretty soon you are going to be on the bench.  As far as improving; the same things as always, making better decisions. Sometimes he gets antsy trying to make a play. And as always, he will try to push the envelope beyond what it should have been pushed. Continuing to make better decisions in terms of recognition of how teams are trying to disguise coverages, doing the little things better in terms of carrying out his fakes. He still can grow in terms of understanding what we are looking for as a coaching staff because he is our spokesperson out there. He is our guy, he is our link that has to translate it or say it out on the field. So there is still a lot of room for him to get better. But the best part of about it is that he is going to roll up his sleeves and do everything he can to get that done," he said.

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6 Responses to “New York Giants’ Kevin Gilbride on Eli Manning: He’s Always Looking to Get Better”

  1.  Krow says:

    You mean Eli’s not out in clubs buying rounds of champagne? And he’s not in talks over a reality TV show? No contract issues? No self-serving promotions? He’s not hanging around with celebs?

    He’s just working hard trying to be the best player he can be.

    What’s wrong with this guy?

    •  JimStoll says:

      that’s why the rest of the league and all the pundits outside of NY hate him so

    •  Sonny Mukhopadhyay says:

      If you think Eli has not been out in clubs, drinking champagne, or buying rounds, you probably think Mickey Mantle was a choir boy, lol.

      ELi is married now with a family, but it wasn’t that long ago that he enjoyed hobokens night life and occasionally hit the establishments.

  2.  GIANTT says:

    With a 20 plus million salary THIS year and a 100 mill or so contract , Eli can have the club built in his home . Not that Im saying that Eli would be out at any point anyway
    after all who does he have to impress in his posse ? Peyton ?
    Their salaries present a whole different attitude . If Eli left the game RIGHT NOW , hes still made enough to carry him through life without any worries . As much as most of us would like to make these stratospheric salaries , where Cruz stands and where Eli stands so far re money is a completely different situation and Im not going to get mad at Cruz for just starting to taste the fruits of his labors whereas Eli has seen the effects of football salary money all his life . So lets not use Eli as the comparison for any of these young guys and just be grateful that all that has happened to Cruz is that he was -gasp- seen in a club .

    •  Sonny Mukhopadhyay says:

      Eli has a nice place, I know the automation company that he used to work on his house.

      Its a sleek nice design, IIRC, he uses control 4 equipment (top of the line) and basically can control the entire house with a single remote (or his cell phone), and the design is simple enough for a kid to use.

      That said, Eli used to go out alot more, and enjoyed the night life, he’s now a married man, with a little manning, so he’s not going anywhere, lol.

      Make no mistake, he was no eagle scout though, Hobokens night life was no stranger to him.

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    Victor Cruz may turn out to be a fame-obsessed punk (I really don’t think so, but who knows?) but I still want him on the team. I am pretty sure I was the first guy to say that he IS replaceable and the Giants should not pay him so much as to screw up their cap situation, but GOAT is nuts if he really believes that the Giants cannot “afford” to spend $18MM on Nicks and Cruz. Of course they can. The cap will be going up in 2015, Randle’s contract doesn’t expire until then, injuries happen, and a number of big salaries among current players will be going away in the meantime. Jerry Reese should be making every attempt to keep BOTH, and he certainly will. But the Giants are properly committed to doing things their way, and that includes careful assessments of value for players based upon the analysis of one of the top Pro Personnel teams in the league and a “value chart” that the team believes in as the basis for allocating cap space. I don’t think they will up their offer to Cruz beyond where it has gone, I don’t think they should do so, and I think Cruz will sign and declare himself delighted that they reached agreement and do whatever is necessary to repair any damage to his popularity (which will have been minimal as long as there is no holdout).

    Cruz is replaceable. But let’s remember that the difference between a ring and a year of frustration can be as little as one dramatic catch-and-run (ie. the 89-yard play against the Jets in 2011), and Cruz is a play-maker par excellence whose ability to make BIG plays is a rare part of the slot receiver’s repertoire. We would miss him a lot if he’s gone and we fall short of a title for lack of one or two big plays.

    I will continue to assume Cruz plays hard and well for us in 2013 and that the receiving corps of the Giants becomes the best in the league and the offense becomes a weekly nightmare for defensive coordinators who have to contemplate this group led by this quarterback.

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