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For Archie Manning, Father’s Day is a Day to Be Proud of His Sons: Eli, Cooper and Peyton

June 16th, 2013 at 7:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Father's Day is a day to pay homage to the many Dad's out there who put everything they have into raising their children and providing for their family. They're often the overlooked glue that holds everything together — the glue that doesn't get recognized until the children grow up and realize just how far Dad had gone to ensure the best possible life for everyone under his roof.

But for Archie Manning, Father's Day is more than that. It's about enjoying the success of his sons: Eli Manning, Peyton Manning and Cooper Manning.

"They make us so proud the way they handle things," Manning said of his sons Eli, Peyton and Cooper. "They have good instincts, and it inspires us as parents to make the same good decisions they are [making]."

Success isn't easy on ole Dad, however. As proud as Olivia and Archie are of their children, having two sons playing quarterback in the NFL is quite nerve-wracking — even for a former NFL QB.

"I've had Sunday Ticket on DirecTV ever since Peyton got into the league," Manning says. "So I am able to watch all of Peyton's and Eli's games, but I suffer through them. A couple of times when I was caught on a flight, I want to know what's the score, but when I land and find out I can sometimes be a little relieved that I didn't go through the tension of watching it."

Two games a week might be a bit rough on Archie, but it was close to being three games a week. Unfortunately, spinal and neck injuries ended the career of Cooper, who was an All-State High School wide receiver and once considered a hot prospect by the University of Mississippi.

"Three games were a little too much," Manning says, with a chuckle.

That didn't stop Cooper's success, however. And while he may not have brought home Super Bowl rings like Peyton and Eli have, he's made quite a life for himself as a partner at a New Orleans Real Estate firm and as a member of the Dan Patrick Show, where he has his own segment entitled "Manning of the Street."

All in all, there are plenty of reasons for Archie to be proud on this Father's day … and all other days as well.

photo credit: StephenLukeEdD via photopin cc


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