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New York Giants’ Kevin Gilbride on Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz Missing Practice: “They Both Need It”

June 13th, 2013 at 12:40 PM
By Douglas Rush

The New York Giants had been without two of their top wide receivers at the start of camp until this past week, when Hakeem Nicks reported on Tuesday to the team's mandatory mini-camp.

Victor Cruz, however, is still a no-show because he is in a contract dispute with the team trying to get a long-term deal out of the team, something that has been going on for over three months now.

Giants head coach Tom Coughlin spoke out on Cruz's absence and how impatient he is starting to get with him not being with the team. On Thursday, another one of the Giants coaching staff, offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride, spoke with Jenny Vrentas of Sports Illustrated on how both Nicks and Cruz missing practice has hurt them in their roles with the offense.

"They've missed time and the coaching, and to be quite frank, both of them need it."

In Nicks and Cruz's absence, Rueben Randle, Louis Murphy and Jerrel Jernigan have been getting the first team reps, and people in attendance at the Giants camp have been raving about both Randle and Murphy's progress and developing chemistry with Eli Manning.

Both Cruz and Nicks took part in workouts along with Murphy at Duke University back on April 10 when Manning brought the trio of wide receivers with him to the 2013 Manning Passing Academy. But that was two months ago, and that won't get the players into football-ready shape they need in order to prepare for the season.

However, because he was contractually obligated to and would have been fined up to $66,000 if he didn't, at least Nicks did show up and worked out with the Giants offense in drills.

Cruz on the other hand, well, we know that story. Everyone, from Coughlin, Gilbride, Manning and the rest of the Giants continue to wait on his arrival to camp.

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10 Responses to “New York Giants’ Kevin Gilbride on Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz Missing Practice: “They Both Need It””

  1.  Dirt says:

    This tub of sh|t should spend less time bashing his players and more time studying film.

    Whatever happened to Coughlin’s policy on not allowing assistants to talk?

    •  fanfor55years says:

      They need the practice now like we need another draw play on third-and-long from our own 25.

    •  norm says:

      + ?

      I can always count on my man, Dirt.

      While others may occasionally fall prey to the delusion that Killdrive is a “Top 5 OC,” my man never wavers in his commitment to keeping it real and speaking truth to blubber.

  2.  F0XLIN says:

    Same interview he talked about Ruben Randle’s progression and how he is the bellcow of the receiving corps, his whole demeanor has changed, and deserves to see a lot of playing time. Inferred the other outside position is his to lose

    I forget who it was who reported he was falling asleep in meetings last year, one of the g101 insiders around here. If this is true and he is focused, the talent is there, our O could be very very dangerous if the o line steps it up.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      The maturing of Randle and the addition of Murphy are why I am sanguine about the situation with Cruz. Eli is going to have three good receivers (plus two good tight ends) even if Victor holds out until Week 10. I don’t think that will happen, but the world won’t implode if it does.

  3.  Levito says:

    Everyone needs practice. 9-7 isn’t good enough.

    And Gilbride should practice shutting up.

  4.  jfunk says:

    It’s funny that everything that goes right on the Giants offense is Eli Manning, but everything that goes wrong with it is Kevin Gilbride.

    I bet at least 50% of the 3rd & long draws are Eli’s call.

  5.  BlueSince60 says:

    The system here is that Gilbride sends in multiple plays, at least one run and one pass. Eli gets to call run or pass, based on the defense he sees. The only time Eli gets to call his own plays are in the two-minute offense, and I don’t remember seeing too many shotgun draws in that situation. Take from that what you will…

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