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New York Giants’ David Wilson: I’m not Worried About Stats; I’m Worried About Winning

June 13th, 2013 at 8:40 AM
By Dan Benton

Going into his rookie season with the New York Giants, running back David Wilson set some lofty goals for himself. It's something he does prior to the start of each season dating all the way back to high school, and something he'll do again this year. However, after only a year under head coach Tom Coughlin, Wilson realizes that although compiling big numbers for the back of your football card looks good, in the end, it's all about the W.

"I’m not worried about the carries or the yards or stats. It doesn’t mean as much as winning games and us working together to make the running game effective so the passing game can be effective," Wilson said at mini-camp. "When you balance out the two that’s when you win games and we definitely need to win games because the Super Bowl is here this year. That’s where I want to be."

Wilson also realizes, with both Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs no longer around the locker-room, he needs to step up his game and fill part of the void that has been left. One of the primary ways of doing that is ensuring the coaches have confidence in him.

"I have to be really precise in practice and give the coaches confidence. I know they have it in me and I’ve been looking good and doing what I need to do so far. I just got to get better and better each day, use this offseason to be as effective as I can when the season starts," he said.

So far, it would seem as if the Giants are exuding that same "All In" mentality that recently won them their fourth Super Bowl championship. Now it's all a matter of staying healthy and following through.


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15 Responses to “New York Giants’ David Wilson: I’m not Worried About Stats; I’m Worried About Winning”

  1.  Krow says:

    I think last year … publicly setting crazy goals … was a mistake. It doesn’t make you look ambitious … just clownish.

  2.  JimStoll says:

    with a little luck from the Health Gods, this is a year in which the running game could be its most dynamic in recent memory

    Brown really showed a lot last year — hard runner, strong burst and acceleration, great vision, great in short yardage

    Wilson has all that speed

    they could and should be a great tandem

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Wilson has more power than most realize.

      I’ve loved Brown since they drafted him (I’m sticking with what I called him: “The poor man’s Rodney Hampton”).

      This combo, and an improved offensive line, should open up the offense this season and allow it to be extremely productive. I think they have the best shot at a “balanced offense” (which allows Eli to be at his deadliest) they’ve had in years. Just think about this. When Eli had THREE excellent wide receivers (in 2011) and a mediocre running game he was great and they won a title. When Eli had two fine wide receivers (call it 2 1/2 because Toomer made some big plays along the way even though he was fading) and two very good running backs they won a title in 2007. This season Eli should have THREE excellent wide receivers AND two strong running backs, and a better O-line than he’s had in three years. Barring injury I look for an offensive explosion in 2013. A big enough one to potentially carry them to the point when the defense kicks in. If that happens, the Niners and the Packers had better watch out.

    •  norm says:

      A day after Ahmad Bradshaw signed with the Indianapolis Colts, coach Tom Coughlin gave praise to the current members of the Giants backfield. The young group of runners is looking to collectively replace the toughness, leadership, and production that Bradshaw brought to two Super Bowl runs.

      Coughlin seemed particularly impressed by rookie Michal Cox, who was the Giants seventh round pick in this year’s draft. He said of Cox, “The young kid continues to do some good things,” which is a huge compliment as far as Coughlin goes.

      Cox (6’, 220lbs) is similar in stature to Andre Brown (6’, 227lbs) but has comparable shiftiness and cutting ability to David Wilson, though Wilson is much more explosive. Cox also stacks up well against Da’Rell Scott, who is smaller and more of a straight-line runner, whereas Cox has shown all through camp that he can create holes for himself and set up his blockers better. If Michael Cox continues to impress, he can definitely grab the third tailback roster spot that is up for grabs right now.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        Okay, call me whatever you want, but this is exactly what I predicted and what I’ve been saying. Cox may have the goods and Scott is a very limited player. Cox has the capability, if needed, to become the #1 or #2 back. Scott does not.

        Cox SHOULD become the #3 back.

        •  GOAT56 says:

          Cox playing well doesn’t mean Scott doesn’t have ability. You could be right but I don’t see how this verifies anything.

          •  fanfor55years says:

            The comment about Scott being “straight-ahead speed” is what I’ve harped on for a few years. Speed, alone, does nothing for you in the NFL. Without lateral ability it’s nearly useless.

        •  F0XLIN says:


      •  GOAT56 says:

        I said I had a good feeling about Cox because we passed over some talented named RBs when we drafted him. He had like 700 yards with a 3.6 YPC for UMASS last year so you know scouts had to really see something to draft him.

        •  fanfor55years says:

          What they saw was that he had a crummy offensive line and that they frequently were totally overmatched.

          •  F0XLIN says:

            It was that combined with UMASS playing from behind every game and never having a chance to run the ball

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    Glad to see Terrell Thomas saying he’ll do anything to help and David Wilson off his concern about stats. And VERY glad to hear Moore is ready to mix it up. Add to that David Carr’s consummate professionalism and concern about team needs ahead of his own and we’re starting to see the kind of commitment that is required to go deep into the playoffs. I think the Super Bowl being at Met Life this year has become a point of focus for a team that I think may still be a year away from having the talent to win a ring but just might get ahead of themselves like they did in 2007 because of their desire to get to that ultimate game on their home field.

  4.  Dirt says:

    So Willis McGahee is free, think we sign him?!?!?!

  5.  fanfor55years says:

    I assume Victor Cruz is going to sign a long-term deal by late July. I also assume, unlike some, that the Giants are going to retain Nicks at whatever the cost necessary.

    I therefore assume that the next few years will see a Giants team with the best collection of offensive skill players they have ever had, and one of the top groups of them in the NFL, perhaps the absolute best. Who will have better than Eli, Nassim, Nicks, Cruz, Randle, Murphy (if signed to an extension), Myers, Robinson, Wilson, Brown and Cox? That is a very deep, and very talented, group of players.

    They will also have plenty of talent on the offensive line. The addition of the two draftees, combined with the first time they’ll have Mosley available, the maturation of Brewer, and the potential of McCants pretty much assures that, but Reese is going to keep picking offensive linemen over the next two drafts (perhaps not with the first pick, but I would not completely rule that out).

    I think the Giants’ offensive side will be among the 3-4 best in the NFL over the next few years, and if they get a little creative should be right at the top of the league.

    Their special teams will benefit from the presence of Weatherford, a big upgrade in athleticism at the bottom of the roster, and hopefully a relatively consistent placekicker with a stronger leg than Tynes (who shall remain, along with Kareem McKenzie and David Diehl, my picks for “Most Under-Appreciated Member of the Giants through A Two-Title Era”).

    So it will come down to defense for this team. Players, and coaching.

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