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New York Giants’ Marvin Austin Had Knee Surgery in January

June 11th, 2013 at 1:00 PM
By Paul Tierney

In some non-Hakeem Nicks or Victor Cruz contract soap opera news, New York Giants' defensive tackle Marvin Austin told reporters at mandatory mini-camp that following Big Blue's 2012 campaign, he underwent surgery to correct an issue (torn meniscus) that caused his knee to lock up. Given that Austin practiced during OTAs, it's clear the procedure was minor, but with the seemingly excessive laundry list of injuries the third-year player has suffered throughout his career, there's no injury he can sustain worth dismissing as meaningless.

Austin was the Giants' second-round draft pick in 2011, but missed his entire rookie season with a torn pectoral muscle. In 2012, a back injury, along with being buried on the depth chart, caused Austin to miss eight games and limited the former North Carolina standout to just five tackles, three of which were assisted. Austin failed to break the Giants already thin defensive tackle rotation and was maligned as a bust for the majority of the season.

“You see the competition (at defensive tackle),” said Austin. “I want to make this team. I’ve got to show them what I can do. I haven’t shown them anything. Some things don’t have to be said.”

With the Giants' acquisitions of Cullen Jenkins, Mike Patterson and Jonathan Hankins, along with Markus Kuhn's return from ACL surgery and Shaun Rogers' return from a blood clot, Austin is going to enter training camp as a long shot to make the roster. The Giants have already committed significant guaranteed money to Linval Jospeh, Jenkins and Hankins for next season, which leaves just one more roster spot left for a defensive tackle. If Patterson is healthy, he has the most talent and experience of any remaining candidates, while Kuhn saw significant playing time before injuring himself last season.

In the NFL, anything can happen, and it's possible that the competition at defensive tackle will motivate Austin to come into training camp in impeccable shape and become the player that general manager Jerry Reese drafted him to be. It's also possible that the Giants once again suffer rampant injuries at defensive tackle and Austin makes his way onto the roster by default. It's still much to early to tell, but Marvin Austin will be fighting for his job this offseason and it's going to be an extremely uphill battle for him to make the final roster.

The first step to putting himself in a position to succeed is to stay healthy, which has been a rare occurrence for Austin throughout his career.


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10 Responses to “New York Giants’ Marvin Austin Had Knee Surgery in January”

  1.  fanfor55years says:

    Oh boy, cue norm’s post about why Austin is a lock to be on the roster.

  2.  norm says:

    A long shot to make the roster?


    He’s a freakin’ lock to make this team.

    Book it.

    I have.

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    Just remember, as Paul says, Joseph, Hankins and Jenkins are locks. Kuhn will probably be PUP’ed if they can manage that. But with all that young talent at defensive end (added to by the drafting of Moore) there is not likely to be a fifth spot available at defensive tackle, so barring injury everyone else is vying for one spot.

    Austin has two advantages: Reese drafted him high; and he is a pass-rusher, which Hankins and Joseph are not (Jenkins can rush the passer but they may want one more of those types paired with the two run-stoppers). But Patterson can also rush the passer, and Rogers is a man-mountain who has forgotten more about how to play the position than Austin has learned.

    Also keep in mind that Tuck may be moved inside in certain circumstances this season in order to get more freedom for JPP, Kiwi, Moore and Ojomo or Tracy. He may become a swing guy who gets a good number of snaps at tackle. That gives them the pass-rusher they’d need and makes Austin less potentially valuable. I think the kid has an uphill battle.

    •  JimStoll says:

      plus he hasn’t proven anything since the last time he played, which was a pop warner game in 1996 — he looked great then though

  4.  CT GIANT says:

    If Marvin Austin makes the final 53, I will be amazed, even shocked, unless of course, if Reese, again, doesn’t want to look stupid by picking this kid who had series of explosions, taking money, being thrown out of school, and finally coming here looking fat, slow, which imo, he still is.
    IF, he can turn that around, fine, but with Jenkins, Joesph, Hankins, Patterson, Kuhn, and even Rogers, he will have one tough time, and JR might have to bite the bullet and let him go, or PS him?
    If anyone sees him, I would love to get his weight, and see how he does in camp, against what I think , are some solid guys, starting with Jenkins, even st 32, he will make Joesph a tacking/sack machine, due to his speed, and Austin will look like Tuck, sucking air, on one knee, ha, lol.
    Don’t like wasting a pick that high, but if he can turn it around, I’ll turn my opinion around!

  5.  GOAT56 says:

    Sorry, can’t see a healthy Austin not making the roster. He’s much closer to a near lock than a long shot. Look at JR’s history. What healthy second round pick has JR gotten rid of after 2 years? We can keep 5 DTs. There’s no need to keep both Patterson and Rodgers after drafting Hankins.

    •  JimStoll says:

      the odds are with him as a 2d rounder
      the only JR draft picks who have survived 2 years or less are Greg Jones, Chad Jones, Dillard, Petrus, Dodge, Woodson, Bowmar, Wright, Woodson, Henderson, Alford and Johnson

      that’s 12 out of 46. not a one of them was a 2d round pick

  6.  norm says:


    here we go again…

    To recap my previous 1,793,286 posts on this topic:

    Austin’s complete lack of production thus far in the NFL is irrelevant.

    The fact that he may, in fact, be less talented than every one of the three vet DTs who were brought into camp on one-year, non-guaranteed contracts is also irrelevant.

    The only things relevant to determining Austin’s fate this year are (1) he was a former second round pick who is still on his rookie deal; and (2) he’s played a grand total of 103 snaps in the NFL and has not been given – in the parlance of Reese – “his chance to fail.”

    Y’all can keep prattling on & on about how awful Austin looked in every one of those 103 snaps and how Patterson on his worst day is light years beyond Austin on his best. But until Jerry Reese actually shows a willingness to cut a healthy player drafted in Rds 1-3 prior to the end of his rookie deal, the consensus opinion on Austin’s talent (which I largely agree with) means jack sh!t.

    Giving young, highly drafted players their “chance to fail” (i.e. letting them play out their rookie deal) is one of the bedrock principles of this organization under Reese and Accorsi. We saw it with Sinorice Moss (who most here insisted was on the bubble, year after year). We saw it again with Ramses Barden (who most here insisted was on the bubble, year after year). And then again with Travis Beckum (who most here insisted was on the bubble, year after year). Now most here are insisting that Austin is on the bubble; that he’s a “longshot to make the roster”; that recent history means nothing ; that Austin’s case is somehow different; and that the Giants GM is lying when he says “Young players must be given their chance to fail.”

    Yeah, right. Whatever.

    As I’ve posted already: I am so sure about this that I’ve gone full-Fassell. I have pushed all my chips to the middle of the table and will exile myself from this site permanently if Austin is cut for reasons other than health.

    Don’t get your hopes up; it ain’t happening.

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