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New York Giants Coach Tom Coughlin Now Unsure About Jason Pierre-Paul’s Week One Return

June 6th, 2013 at 4:24 PM
By Rebecca Pierce

'Tom Coughlin watches from the sideline' photo (c) 2012, Marianne O'Leary - license:
New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin spoke to press Thursday in regards to Jason Pierre-Paul's recent back surgery. Just two days after making confident statements that Pierre-Paul's projected 12 week recovery time would allow him to be ready to play against the Dallas Cowboys on September 8th, Coughlin is now taking a more reserved stance on the subject.

When asked Thursday whether he thought that Pierre-Paul would be ready for the season opener, he said, "I don't know that…I'm hoping, but I wouldn't say that. That is an aggressive position to take… But I would like to wait and see and listen to what the professionals are telling us. That is the key right now."

The 24-year old defensive end has been suffering with back problems for years, and many were surprised that Pierre-Paul chose June 4th, the middle of the off season, to undergo surgery to repair a herniated disc. Although Coughlin has chosen to be more apprehensive on the subject of Pierre-Paul's status, he remains positive.

"Anybody that has had a back (injury) knows that that is a very difficult thing to deal with," Coughlin said. "Nothing feels good. Your whole body suffers under that circumstance. Sometimes it is longer to recover than some other injuries. There is concern, but we are anxious about getting him back here and seeing him and talking to him…So let's just get him back here and see where we are, see what he feels like. He may feel a lot better than he has, who knows?"

The 6'5", 278 lbs Pierre-Paul will be looking to better his 2012-13 stats after the surgery. Like Coughlin, Giants fans can only remain positive and hope for the best in his recovery, which is projected to be completed about a week before the 2013 season begins.


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8 Responses to “New York Giants Coach Tom Coughlin Now Unsure About Jason Pierre-Paul’s Week One Return”

  1.  Dirt says:

    Welcome, Rebecca!

  2.  Dirt says:

    Time to stop crying about Cruz and Nicks being MIA. From Ralph V:

    Bright side to Nicks/Cruz absences? Eli Manning loves what he’s seen from Rueben Randle. “A lot of times that second year you have a better feel for what’s going on, what his assignments are and the ins and outs of the offense,” Manning said as the Giants wrapped up OTAs. “He’s confident out there. He’s got a great skill set. I think he’s had a great spring. I think he’s done a lot of good things, made a lot of plays for us and I think he can be a great playmaker for us this year.” #NYG

    So Randle gets key reps and the established stars don’t get hurt taking reps that are less important to them? Sign me up!

    •  norm says:


      I’ll no doubt be crucified for saying this. But it’s quite possible that Randle was drafted – and is now being groomed – to take over as the “X receiver” in the event that Nicks takes a powder after this year.

      Cast your mind back to the second day of last year’s draft. In the press conference that immediately followed the day’s selections, to whom did the Giants GM Reese specifically compare their second round pick, Randle?


      And to whom did smart football observers such as Greg Cosell compare Randle prior to the draft?

      That’s right; Nicks.

      We know that Reese is always looking several years ahead and that he uses the draft to address upcoming needs as well as immediate ones. He has known this day was coming for awhile and has long been aware of the very real possibility that the Giants would be unable to afford both Nicks and Cruz. It’s hardly inconceivable that Randle was drafted more as a future replacement for Nicks than for the then-recently departed Manningham.

      Does Randle have the goods to be as productive as Nicks? Who the hell can say at this point. But I’ve no doubt that Reese would be more than willing to gamble that he’d be a reasonable facsimile should Nicks price himself out of the Giants’ range.

      •  Nosh.0 says:

        All of us in the “Cruz is more valuable than Nicks” camp have been saying this for quite some time.

        Even if you disagree with what WR presents more value the fact is that Randle is a much more viable replacement for Nicks than Jurnigan is for Cruz.

      •  BigBlueWahoo says:

        Norm – love your insight and entertaining entries. Reuben Randle is not Hakeem Nicks. Also, for others out there, not necessarily Norm, Victor Cruz is not Hakeem Nicks. Hakeem Nicks is a budding superstar outside receiver. He possesses rare talent that is not easily duplicated. While Cruz has exhibited playmaker ability, Nicks defines it. Randle shows flashes of being solid – in a Toomer – type way. If Nicks wants to leave the Giants, as he has subtly hinted, he is gone – he is a premier, play making, bonafide, # 1 outside receiver. The Giants have never had someone like this – Plax was close – had his moments – but Hakeem is rare. For evidence, as if you all don’t watch/record and rewatch all games, I refer you to NYGiantCentral channel on Youtube – look at Nicks’ highlights and Randle’s – and anyone else – dude is unique and desirable.

        •  norm says:

          I have no wish to weigh in on the ongoing Nicks v. Cruz debate.

          Nor do I wish to speculate on whether Randle will ever be able to fully duplicate what Nicks brings to the table.

          I merely wanted to point out that it sure looks as if Reese and the Giants are preparing to move on with Randle as the X receiver in case Nicks’ contract demands are too pricey. I’d bet that Reese is willing to give up Nicks’ superior on-field production in favor of the considerable cost savings of a less talented player with a similar skillset who is still on his rookie deal.

          In other words: Randle + rookie deal > Nicks + $10 million/yr. That’s the calculus at work here.

          Unless your name is Eli Manning, Jerry Reese is not going to deviate from his tried and true negotiation strategy for anyone. Once he assigns a $ value to a player, he sticks to it and is more than willing to watch that player bolt if there’s another team out there who is willing to pay more. I very much doubt he changes his approach with either Nicks or Cruz.

          •  BigBlueWahoo says:

            Totally understand what you are saying – did not mean anything to come across as reviving a worn out debate, or to be an attack against an opinion. I was just intrigued by your comment and then started thinking that maybe Randle could be a suitable replacement for Nicks. I remembered a few plays he had made to wanted to double check my memories and see what type of highlights he may have made that warranted youtube consideration. I was not overly impressed and shot off a response in the heat of the moment.
            I understand your math but disagree with you formula. I believe that the NFL, in it’s current form, requires teams to “pay” two “stars” on each side of the ball to be successful. I think QB, WR, DE/OLB and CB are premier positions (I recognize great players exist at other positions of value LT, RB , DT, etc. but am focused on what makes the Giants run), and only hope that management recognizes that when you have a player that posses a skill set that is unique in the league today, you pay him. In other words the math I believe in is: Nicks with big deal + Randle on rookie deal > Randle on rookie deal + Cruz.
            Please do not think I am trying to stir the pot of the Cruz/Nicks debate – I just think that duo of good one great and one solid outside reciever is more valuable in today’s NFL than an amazing slot receiver and a decent outside receiver.
            I guess this is kinda the Nicks/Cruz debate – sorry – :-)

  3.  Krow says:

    I’m no doctor, but I know that surgery is the last resort for disc issues. This means JPP has a pretty severe, persistent condition. They obviously tried everything else … And failed … So they had no option left but the knife.

    This is a bad situation. And when you couple it with the Cruz-Nicks circus then you have a good idea why GMs always look stressed out. Because no matter how hard you work … No matter how good you do your job … You’re still at the mercy of luck and a$$holes.

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