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New York Giants, New York Jets Lawsuit Against American Dream Complex Centers Around Parking

June 4th, 2013 at 8:30 AM
By Douglas Rush

Last month, the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority agreed on an expansion project for the American Dreams Complex, which currently sits adjacent to MetLife Stadium, home of the New York Giants and New York Jets.

'METLIFE STADIUM' photo (c) 2012, Kiah Ankoor - license:

Because the owners of the two teams feel that the building is larger than expected, they are trying to have the project shut down, which is why they have filed a lawsuit which cites traffic congestion for fans, especially on game days for their respective teams' home games.

New Jersey governor Chris Christie has gone on record saying it has become a laughingstock and is the "ugliest damn building in New Jersey, maybe even in America," according to James Moffat of Yahoo.

Back on May 17th, approval was set to have an indoor amusement theme park and a water park built in the complex at East Rutherford, but as the Giants and Jets have cited in the lawsuit trying to stop the project, "it will clog the complex's already congested transportation networks and create a transportation nightmare when events are held at MetLife Stadium."

Giants owner John Mara's main concern, as he told Ted Sherman of the Newark-Star Ledger, was traffic on the days of football games during the NFL season.

"Our endgame is to require the developers to agree to a reasonable traffic and parking plan, and restrict their operations on game day," he said. "They are unwilling to agree to anything. You can’t have thousands more people coming in and out of there at the same time. It doesn’t work," Mara said.

On game days, Giants and Jets fans pay a hefty price to have the ability to park near MetLife Stadium. Giants fans pay around $250 per season while Jets fans pay around $350 per season. Add that up for all of the season ticket holders and that's about $12 million per season in just revenue that the building is making.

However, if the American Dream Complex comes in with an approximated 30,000 spaces that would be free and adjacent to MetLife Stadium, that will be a problem to the Giants and Jets, who make money off the parking and would see a tremendous decrease in revenue if said structure was to take place.

This argument between two sides will say they have the fans best interests in mind, but in the end, it's about the all-mighty dollar.


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2 Responses to “New York Giants, New York Jets Lawsuit Against American Dream Complex Centers Around Parking”

  1.  fanfor55years says:

    In this case I think it may actually be about much more than money. Truth be told, if that monstrosity is open (the desire of the owners is that the “entertainment” part of the complex be open on weekends, which will be the equivalent of having an updated mini-version of Six Flags in the Meadowlands) the traffic jams will be monumental and a certain proportion of fans may decide it just isn’t worth it any longer to attend the games.

    In addition, as I understand it this retail/entertainment complex was discussed at great length as the teams were negotiating with the state in regard to the new stadium, and they were very clearly led to believe that the then-approved plan for Xanadu was what would wind up there. Now a new real estate owner wants to change the conditions and New Jersey, desperate for revenue, has supported that. It may be hard to cry for the teams that got state subsidies, but in this instance they have been led down a primrose path and have every right to sue both to protect their parking revenue but, much more importantly, to protect the Game Day experience of the folks who essentially paid for the stadium through PSLs and might wind up in open revolt if it takes them an hour in line to parking lots and another hour seeking to get out of the lots after the game.

    This could get very ugly for the teams. They certainly needed to file suits. If they hadn’t they’d have breached the trust of those of us who still love attending games and having the real experience, unmediated by cameras and screens.

    The Giants really should have built a new stadium where the old Yankee Stadium was when they had the chance, and left the Jets to their own devices. THAT was a mistake driven by the almighty dollar. They’d now have a great stadium that was more convenient to most of their fans, accessible by public transportation from the city and the suburbs (the public transit “accessibility” of the current stadium leaves plenty to be desired), and designed strictly for football and concerts. But that’s water under the bridge. They’re stuck with what they’ve got. They’d better protect the fan experience or they will have a fiasco on their hands. If the traffic gets jammed up every time they play (beyond the current, annoying, jams) they will find greater and greater percentages of their PSL owners deciding they’re done with coming to MetLife, see resales of those PSLs plummet in price, and lose a lot of loyalty from one of the most loyal fan bases in professional sports.

    This is a VERY BIG issue for the teams. It isn’t just about parking revenue.

  2.  JimStoll says:

    I say make the Meadowlands a pedestrian zone!!

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