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Kyle Bosworth Signing with New York Giants Further Personifies Jerry Reese’s Philosophy on LBs

May 30th, 2013 at 7:00 AM
By Paul Tierney

In today's passing oriented NFL, the game has evolved to place a premiums on defensive ends, cornerbacks and wide receivers that were not nearly as prevalent even just a decade ago. Perhaps the one position that has transformed the most over that time period is linebacker, which has gone from being the staple of any successful defense, to a supplementary role.

Gone are the days in which it's good enough to be a hard hitting, run stopping threat in the middle of the field. Any linebacker who struggles in pass coverage will see his market value decrease drastically, as it's impossible to defend elite NFL offenses without linebackers who can hold their own in both man and zone coverage schemes. The newest member of the New York Giants, Kyle Bosworth, is by no means a complete, dominant football player. But at 6'1" and the ability to run a 4.69 40-yard dash and likely playing for the veteran minimum, he fits perfectly into Big Blue's defense.

With the departure's of Chase Blackburn and Michael Boley, the Giants are without two of their three starting linebackers from a season ago. Additionally, Mathias Kiwanuka is likely to see more time at defensive end in 2013, which will limit his ability to play effectively at linebacker. It's entirely plausible that we will see a brand new trio of starting linebackers next season, which makes for an interesting dynamic on the Giants defense, but also creates vast uncertainties as well.

Currently, the Giants are likely going to rely on a combination of Spencer Paysinger and Jacquian Williams on the weak-side, with Mark Herzlich, Dan Connor, Keith Rivers and Aaron Curry competing for middle linebacker and strong-side linebacker. Kiwanuka figures to factor into the occasion as well. But again, it's much too early in the offseason to definitively state what his role will be in 2013.

So where does Kyle Bosworth fit into all of this?

At the very least, Bosworth is athletic enough to contribute significantly on special teams. If he  makes the 53-man roster, special teams will likely have played a large factor in his selection. But at the top end of his potential, is that he masters the Giants defensive schemes and pushes the players already on the roster for playing time. He's big enough to play in the middle and fast enough to guard tight ends down the field. He just has not effectively harnessed that athleticism at this point of his career.

Once again, the Giants have elected not to pursue pricey free agents at linebacker and fill the depth chat with low risk/ high-reward players. Eventually, one or more of them will develop into a productive player. There's no telling whether Bosworth will do so, but to sign him for the veteran minimum is an absolute steal for the Giants.

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7 Responses to “Kyle Bosworth Signing with New York Giants Further Personifies Jerry Reese’s Philosophy on LBs”

  1.  giantsou812 says:

    In a passing league you also need corners which we dont have.

  2.  JimStoll says:

    sounds like another fingers-crossed, scrap-heap, bottom-feeding LBer signing

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    This seems another irrelevant signing. But I have some concerns about the signing of Clement because they may feel he could play fullback and I was counting on Bear having to do that which would allow Robinson a lot more opportunity over the summer to play at tight end and show what he’s capable of doing.

    Tortorella was probably fired because he wouldn’t play the young kids with talent who were brought in by Sather because he wouldn’t tolerate the mistakes that kids make. I don’t want to see “the JPP of tight ends” languish on the bench this season. The kid needs to play. He, Hosley, Hill, Wilson, Pugh, Moore, Hankins, and Taylor need to play if the Giants are going to go places this season. They will all make mistakes, but unless we’re willing to live with some mistakes we don’t have enough raw talent to go deep into the playoffs. It’s a chance that is necessary to take.

    •  JimStoll says:

      I agree with the sentiment 4 draft picks and 3 second year players all playing significant snaps seems like a bit of a fantasy

      •  fanfor55years says:

        Maybe, but why settle for just making the playoffs and then getting clocked in the first round when this young talent could carry them far if allowed to mature over the course of the season? If we “redshirt” all of the rookies and severely limit the play of the second-year guys we simply are not talented enough to compete with Green Bay and San Francisco and Atlanta. But if those kids play we may be able to match up pretty well, provided they play to their potential.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    As for Steve Smith, let’s remember that he was a very good player for us who, unfortunately, never got the second contract that would have secured his future. We were lucky that he refused to sign the rich deal Reese put in front of him before he was injured. He was foolish for not taking the security.

    I’m going to guess that Jerry Reese has mentioned that situation to the agents for Cruz and Nicks. I don’t know what has been discussed with Hakeem, but if Cruz doesn’t sign the deal in front of him he’s absolutely nuts. Frankly, I already think the Giants are proposing to overpay him (if that $8MM per year number and $20MM in guarantees is true). If I were him I wouldn’t give Jernigan and Murphy the chance to show that between the two of them they might be able to come close to equaling his production. If that happens Reese is going to dig his heels in on a lot of contract clauses that matter (injury buyout, etc.) even if he won’t reduce the proposed payment. There’s always the small possibility that Mara and Reese get pissed off, decide they can live without him, get Nicks tied up by throwing an extra few million at him, and move on from Cruz, telling him they now want him to play the season out before deciding on a long-term deal and that he’s free to go into free agency. At that point he probably holds out until Week 10 but he then takes a huge injury risk when he probably would not be in great football shape. As Steve Smith found out too late, it only takes one hit to end a career. Cruz cannot afford to play for these stakes in the poker game. He should sign. He will sign, unless he’s crazy.

  5.  giankees says:

    I think if bosworth makes the team it a sign that things aren’t goin well. But I like that reese is trying to get a mix of players create competetion. I want another db but I’m happy if we take someone cut towards the end of preseason for cap purposes. I think yhat reese is staying strong with cruz and that if he Was bending to appease cruz thatvthey would have signed already. Reese is def looking atvthe big picture. An extra few million a yr to cruz could cost him a lot more with everyone else that needs to be signed. As for steve smith bottom line is football is a play for pay sport its reallyvthe only one. If you get hurt u lose money. Even if you get a portiin guaranteed its way less normally then the number on the top of the contract. So cruz I’m sure isn’t really worried about 1 million more a yr but more guarenteed money cause the plan is to market cruz heavy. So we will see

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