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Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz Missing from Giants OTAs Again, Jerrel Jernigan Hurt & Other Notes

May 30th, 2013 at 12:55 PM
By Dan Benton

The New York Giants took the field under warm skies on Thursday morning, but they were once again without wide receivers Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz. However, those weren't the only two missing on this day, as both Justin Tuck and Jason Pierre-Paul, the team's starting defensive ends, were also missing in action. However, the team was aware neither would be attending today and both are expected back on Saturday.

"Certainly, I am [disappointed]," Head coach Tom Coughlin said of Nicks' absence, adding that No. 88 had informed him he'd be here at "one point."

In the absence of the two defensive ends, Mathias Kiwanuka and Adrian Tracy saw increased reps. Meanwhile, on the offensive side of the ball, Jerrel Jernigan stepped up and looked good early, but eventually headed to the sidelines to have his thigh/hamstring wrapped in ice. The severity of his injury is not yet known.

Speaking of injuries, cornerback Terrell Thomas once again sat out of practice despite being cleared to participate, and was joined by center David Baas and guard Chris Snee. Linebacker Jacquian Williams however, took part in individual drills as he continues to work his way back from a PCL injury.

In the absence of Snee, James Brewer once again slid inside to right guard, while David Diehl started at right tackle. Jim Cordle also saw reps at center in place of Baas.

New addition, linebacker Kyle Bosworth, saw reps at MIKE and even made a really nice play chasing down rookie running back Michael Cox, who has shown some blazing speed. He was joined by wide receiver Brandon Collins and Prince Amukamara, who also had a tremendous late-May practice. Wide receiver Jeremy Horne also deserves a tip of the cap for a solid practice.

Photo Credit: Mike Gannon


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17 Responses to “Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz Missing from Giants OTAs Again, Jerrel Jernigan Hurt & Other Notes”

  1.  BigBlueGiant says:

    Dont get too excited about JJ. He’s a practice player. He’s always had good OTA’s and Training camps.

    •  Samardzija says:

      Is anyone excited that he got injured? Thats pushing it imo

      •  BigBlueGiant says:

        wasnt to do with him being injured, more the fact that he was making plays in practice prior to the injury.

    •  norm says:


      Dude, the only one here who ever seems to get “excited” about JJ is you.

      Every time his name is mentioned, you’re usually up in here five minutes later to breathlessly remind us all how much he sucks. That certainly qualifies as a greater level of interest in JJ’s Giants career than the complete indifference that most everyone else here has exhibited towards it.

      Not that I mind. It’s actually pretty funny and good for a laugh every time.

    •  Lou D. says:

      Guess we can start calling him Jerrel Journeyman. Gets his chance pulls quad/hammy. CYA!

  2.  DonD says:

    With the money that these athletes make, it is amazing that they are still not dependable. I work at a hospital and make a lot less than they do. I don’t think I will go in today either. You are on your own sick people. Ridiculous!

    •  norm says:

      If you ever reach the point to where you’re considered one of the best 1,696 hospital workers in the world, you could probably get away with that and not worry about being replaced.

      •  F0XLIN says:

        If I had an Optional work day today, I would most definitely be on the golf course and not here right now

        •  F0XLIN says:

          And I consider myself one of the best 1,696 G101 posters since it is a part time job

  3.  GOAT56 says:

    As much as the Cruz story has been over reported the Nicks story is being under reported. I don’t care about any of these players missing OTAs, it’s only matters in contract based situations. Actually, some of it is good because young players get increased reps.

    I think it’s interesting Bosworth got reps at MLB. I can’t see 4 rotating at MLB so that probably means Curry or Muasau are not getting MLB reps.

    •  norm says:

      Curry was never a serious option at MLB.

      That position requires some smarts and Curry is a box of rocks.

      Herz and Connor are battling for the #1 job. The Samoan is fighting to make the roster as a backup/special teamer. Apparently, the Bosworth kid has been added to the mix at the the MIKE as well.

      This is a good thing. I’ve been grumbling recently about the lack of bodies/competition at LB so the more, the merrier.

      •  F0XLIN says:

        I’m becoming optimistic Curry can win out the SLB job. After reading the comments from former great LB/LB Coach in Seattle, I got pretty excited about him, given he is going to be as motivated as he claims to be

      •  Lou D. says:

        Rivers has to be in that mix too. Herz (hate to say it, will never cut it). I think it’s a rotation of Rivers and Conner.

  4.  GOAT56 says:

    Marc Ross named VP of Player Evaluation

    “Marc has done an outstanding job of running our college scouting and the draft, and we wanted to give him a title that reflected that,” said Giants general manager Jerry Reese. “He will continue to do that, but I also want him to work on some special projects in pro personnel along with pro personnel director Ken Sternfeld.”

  5.  BigBlueGiant says:

    Norm, you’re completely off base. Seems that ALOT of people here have high hopes for Jerkitagain.

    That says he still sucks.

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