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New York Giants Offense Seeking Healthy Potential Once Again

May 25th, 2013 at 11:30 AM
By Jen Polashock

Every year, the fire power on the offensive side of the ball looks frightening (in a good way) for the New York Giants — on paper. But, Organized Team Activities (OTAs) started and so too did the injuries. Yay.

'NY Giantson Offense' photo (c) 2011, Rajiv Patel (Rajiv's View) - license:

Fullback Henry Hynoski underwent surgery on Friday to repair the MCL tear and the tibial fracture he incurred earlier in the week. The Giants’ team physician, Dr. Russell Warren (at the Hospital for Special Surgery) performed the surgery, of course. The Hynocerous isn’t as doubtful as some about the 2013 season.

"I am going to set my mind to being ready for the first game of the regular season," Hynoski said. "They said that is not an unrealistic goal, and I will do everything in my power to be ready for the start of the season."

Although many have their proverbial panties in a bunch over both number one and two wideouts, Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz (OTA no-show and RFA still unsigned), the team does have talent in their depth pool and these kids getting more reps may become a blessing in disguise. Said depth now includes: Rueben Randle (projected third wide receiver on the final 53-man), Jerrel Jernigan, Ramses Barden, Louis Murphy, Kris Adams, Brandon Collins, Kevin Hardy, and Jeremy Horne.

Second year wideout Randle has already voiced that he wants to be more in blue. He wants to improve upon where he left off in 2012 and gain more YAC (yards after the catch).

"Last year I didn't have a lot of deep balls — caught slants and bursts and trying to get about 15 yards extra after the catch. That's something I want to show that I can do this year," Randle said.

Offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride thinks Louis Murphy could work out in the temporarily vacant slot position while Cruz remained out of practices. Murphy has shined so far (albeit in non-contacts). Murphy is in his third offensive system in just as many years — and most likely the most difficult to grasp — however, he claims although the Giants' offense is a little different than what he's used to, he likes the way the OTAs are coming along.

"It's a little different but I like it a lot," Murphy said this week. "It does a lot of different things that works to my benefit. I like to stretch the field, I can go into the slot, play outside — I can do it all. But I do like to stretch the field."

General Manager Jerry Reese isn’t ready to give up on third-year receiver (labeled a “bust” unfairly by many), Jerrel Jernigan and neither is Jernigan himself.

"I've been here three years; I know the offense and just have to go out there and make some plays and contribute to my team," Jernigan said.

Speaking of the “bust” label, Ramses Barden is again officially in a Giants uniform.

Even after his coming out party in Charlotte, North Carolina last season, folks still prefer to place him on the disposable pile. Given the proper opportunity, he can perform and even quarterback Eli Manning proved it that September Thursday evening — that he did have quite a bit of trust in the fifth year, 6’6” “Plaxico replacement.” Maybe that preconceived notion was the initial nail in this kid’s coffin… Either way, Barden is happy to remain here, despite what he rumbled during free agency. All one has to do is watch #13 on the sidelines; he does love it in New York.

“I’m happy to be back,” Barden said. “This is where I wanted to be and now I’m here. I was out there listening to the calls, getting back into the rhythm of the cadence, enjoying the camaraderie and absorbing everything. I remember everything; I’ve had four years to soak it all up. I’m happy to be back on the field. I feel great. I expect the best.”

On paper (as always this time of year), things look to be endless in possibilities through the air. The remaining two factors shall tell us the reality, come regular season: health and Easy E. The latter is conversation left for another day.


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5 Responses to “New York Giants Offense Seeking Healthy Potential Once Again”

  1.  fanfor55years says:

    My feelings about Ramses Barden are well known so there’s no need to repeat them here. And I suppose there’s no more harm having him in camp than any of the other 20-30 who are highly unlikely to make the team, barring a continuing string of injuries.

    Boy, I go away and come back to find out Hynoski’s hurt, that Cruz’s continuing absence may have caused Nicks to think better of showing up for OTAs, and that they decided to go with the linebackers they’ve got. I’m sure some have already stated that Hynoski’s injury may be a Giants101 BID because we will now see a lot more of Robinson and he may be able to secure that tight end position that could make the Giants’ offense scary-good since Pascoe will be working at fullback much of the time (and NOW do you Pascoe-haters see why some of us were more positively-inclined toward him because of his ability to act as an insurance policy at fullback?).

    I’m on record as having loved the signings of Murphy and Myers, and being still optimistic that Jernigan is not a bum at all. I think if a lot of time goes by and neither Nicks nor Cruz shows up we will see that we have a lot of talent at the receiver spots (and I’m not even mentioning Randle who should be primed for a good season and will benefit immensely from more work with Eli).

  2.  fanfor55years says:

    What kind of lineup have they used so far at linebacker? Is Hynoski or Connor starting at MIKE? I assume Williams and Rivers are starting on the outside. Is Curry being used outside or at MIKE? And have they finally acknowledged that Kiwi is PRIMARILY going to be a DE even if they call him a joker?

    •  herbalizer says:

      According to reports by P. Traina, if I remember it correctly:

      1st string LB’s are Rivers-Herzlich-Paysinger
      2nd Curry-Connor-Muasau/Sabino

      Williams still nursing pcl injury/surgery.

      oh, btw: Cordle at center (which should make Norm a happy man!).

  3.  andiamo708 says:

    Part of Barden probably does want to be here….he gets to play with Eli Manning

    but I’m sure the other part of him wanted to leave….because he never plays.

    I guess no one else was serious about signing him…which is odd b/c you go and watch Murphy’s film from last year and here is a guy who started 5 game for Carolina and all you can think is….why? Is that all Carolina had down there?

    Maybe there is something behind the scenes that they just don’t like about Barden (attitude, work ethic, etc) or maybe it just boils down to Special Teams. But if something happened to Nicks or RR I would actually throw Barden out there before I’d put Murphy out there.

  4.  creewan says:




    Kiwi started with the DL but has been called a “joker” several times this offseason

    Jacquain limited to individuals

    Cordle at C
    Brewer at RG
    Pugh at RT

    Snee and Baas sat

    MLB battle should be good

    Hope Brewer can at least develop into a solid depth player at multiple positions

    Webster was consistently roasted

    All info per Traina report

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