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New York Giants FB Henry Hynoski Optimistic About Returning for Opening Game in September

May 24th, 2013 at 2:30 PM
By Douglas Rush

One thing all New York Giants fans know is they always get bit by the injury bug at sometime during the season. On Wednesday, it had already hit them on the first day of OTA's as starting fullback Henry Hynoski had to be carted off the field after banging his knee into the knee of running back Andre Brown.

An MRI showed that Hynoski has an injury to his medial collateral ligament in his left knee and a chip fracture of the lateral plateau. The Giants have announced that he will have surgery on Friday to repair the damage and a timetable for his recovery has not been determined.

Just before the surgery took place on Friday, Hynoski had a very positive approach about the injury and has a target date in mind.

"I am going to set my mind to being ready for the first game of the regular season," Hynoski said. I will do everything in my power to be ready for the start of the season," he said.
The date that Hynoski is targeting is Sunday, September 8; when the Giants open up their 2013 season on Sunday Night Football against the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium.
Whether Hynoski can actually get his knee healed enough to fulfill that promise remains to be seen. For time being, the Giants likely will shift backup tight end Bear Pascoe over to be the fullback position, something he has played before in the past.
Giants general manager Jerry Reese could always look to the free agent market and see what's available, but expect the team to solve the issue internally for the time being.
One option that has been ruled out is the potential return of former Giants running back Brandon Jacobs, as he has publicly stated through Twitter that he will not play fullback at all, not even for his old team.
So until the Hynocerous gets healthy and back onto the field, expect Pascoe to be the guy.
Photo credit: Mike Gannon


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2 Responses to “New York Giants FB Henry Hynoski Optimistic About Returning for Opening Game in September”

  1.  TheCatch says:

    Ahh Brandon did you stop to think that there would be a paycheck in it for you? That’s if the Giants actually had an interest in signing him.

  2.  bocabart says:

    I think BJ was referring to playing fullback, not running back, a small nuance but a valid distinction never the less.

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