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New York Giants QB Eli Manning not Elite, Says CBS Sports

May 20th, 2013 at 11:35 AM
By Dan Benton

'Eli Manning' photo (c) 2012, Mike Morbeck - license: You can't spell "elite" without "Eli," but that doesn't make him an elite quarterback, says Will Brinson of CBS Sports, who recently ranked the NFL's top 32 quarterbacks. Instead, Brinson says the New York Giants signal caller and two-time Super Bowl champion is on the outside looking in.

5. Eli Manning, Giants: Yeah, yeah. You can't spell "Elite" without "Eli." And with his second Super Bowl ring in 2011, the younger Manning proves he belongs. But I'm cutting the list a little shorter for these purposes, and I feel justified after Eli "only" threw for 3,948 yards and 26 touchdowns (along with 15 interceptions) in a slightly down season that saw the Giants miss the playoffs. I'd still be more than happy riding Manning as my franchise guy.

Although Eli tops "The Next Group," he falls out of the elite category behind the likes of Drew Brees (New Orleans Saints), Peyton Manning (Denver Broncos), Tom Brady (New England Patriots) and Aaron Rogers (Green Bay Packers).

This sort of ranking is par for the course, really. Despite Manning's success, Super Bowl rings and Super Bowl MVP's, "experts" often look for any reason they can to deem him "not quite there." Luckily for us here at Giants 101, it has added enough fuel to the fire to keep "Poor Eli Manning" running annually for nine consecutive seasons — something that appears poised to continue well into year 10.

Elite or not elite, Manning is a proven winner and champion. And as former Big Blue General Manager, Ernie Accorsi, recently said, "there's no price too high for greatness." So let the others win the title of "elite" while Manning continues to feed his addiction by winning the title of "Super Bowl champion."


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15 Responses to “New York Giants QB Eli Manning not Elite, Says CBS Sports”

  1.  buljos says:

    I see it differently. Every NFL player defines success in the same way… winning the Super Bowl. That is the single most important, overriding statistic testifying to an “elite” QB rating. All the other factors and stats pale in comparison. Because we’re talking about people, there will be odd exceptions to elite QB = Super Bowl wins like Dan Marino and Trent Dilfer. Therefore, while I’ve been a Giants fan for about 45 years now, there’s no denying Tom Brady’s 3 rings with 2 SB MVPs. Payton and Drew and Aaron gotta put all their rings in a pile to equal Brady’s tally. After Brady, there’s Payton, Drew, Aaron and of course Eli with his two rings and two SB MVPs. To assert QBs with 1 championship each are in a category of QB above Eli with 2 championships is to assert that championships matter less than chucking the ball around, ratings, ratios, etc. Sorry… championships define a QB’s greatness and elite status in my book. Eli has earned that status, and he can prove it.

    •  Sintexo says:

      So Peyton* and Flacco are equal in your eyes then?

    •  Krow says:

      I hate to bring this up … but those rings of Brady’s are a bit tainted. Three Superbowl wins by 3 points each. Not to mention all the playoff wins needed just to get there.

      How good would he have done had the Pats not known the exact defense their opponents were going to call?

      It’s the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’, and IMHO it casts a very large shadow on Tom Brady and the Pats.

      •  KingAndrewXXIII says:

        C’mon man. Even the biggest Giant homers have to admit that Tom Brady is one of the best QB’s of all time, a champion and a sure first-ballot HOF player.

    •  jfunk says:

      There’s plenty of room for thoughtful analysis in between “only rings count” and “stat accumulators”.

      If Plaxico Burress dropped butterfingered that ball in 42 or Bradshaw fumbled on the 1 in 46, would Eli be a worse football player? Of course not, and it wouldn’t be statistics that you fall back on to make his case.

      What makes him great (I’ll leave the word elite out of it), is that you KNOW he can carry the team when necessary. You KNOW he can make “the play” when the game is on the line. The scramble before the throw to Tyree. The impossibly accurate dime to Manningham. The ice cold execution on countless 4th quarter game winning drives. Those are the things that give his teammates unwavering confidence that he WILL get it done when called upon.

      That’s what makes him great. The rings are just validation. Astute observers, (including Ernie Accorsi all the way back in 2002), have known he possessed that greatness for a long time.

      The game that turned me from “hopeful” to “knowing” was vs. Denver 2005. Guys that don’t have “it” don’t win that game.

  2.  Valid says:

    Meh, I have no problem with where he was ranked, as those are the only four QBs who I think have a legit argument to be placed ahead of Eli. A top five QB is certainly “elite” in my eyes.

  3.  jfunk says:

    Meh. Tough sell, even for those that care about such titles. Everybody’s got to draw their own line somewhere.

    It’s hard to take a ranking of 5th behind Peyton, Brees, Brady, and Rogers that is finalized with the phrase “I’d still be more than happy riding Manning as my franchise guy.” as any kind of disrespect even if your own list is slightly different.

  4.  giankees says:

    Eli manning behind peyton manning? As brady about that. Eli is clutch when it coynts in the 4th quarter and in the playoffs. Peyton has lost more home games where his team was more talented and favored heavily than people realize. The idea that ben and eli aren’t right behind brady is crazy. Its not like brees rogers and peyton haven’t had multiple chances to get into the sb never mind winning it. They can rank eli 32nd for all I care. If the game is on the line to get into a sb or win it who do you want? A game winning drive to win the whole thing? Peyton will throw a favre pick and his brother will hit manninham or an unknown tyree to make it happen. All you have to do is go back through brief history peyton to tracy porter and lastbyr he threw a pick when he had a chance to win also at home as the heavy favorite.

  5.  giankees says:

    The only year peyton won the sb he had 3 tds and like 7 ints. And the colts didn’t win due to offense they won due to defense. Eli in his 2007 yr threw 1 int and had I believe 7 tds and a game winning drive to win against an undefeated team. Peyton has gotten white washed in the past by the JETS! Not only that I understand when someone brings up marino and says sbs aren’t the only measure. Marino would lose games 34-31 and obviously would lose due to no running game and a poor def. Peyton would score 3 or 7 against the pats. Half of his wins were from 1 year I think he is 9-12 in the playoffs all time. 4 of them the year he beat the bears. And he looked horrible doing it 1 broken play td and 2 ints. If eli performed in the clutch like peyton we would run him out of town.

    Steelers were 9 pt underdogs and beat peyton
    Chargers were 8 pt underdogs and beat peyton 2x
    Sanchez jets 7 pt underdogs beat peyton
    Those are just a few of them

    I will take eli I’m not interested in a 13-3 season to lose to lesser teams at home in the playoffs.

  6.  NOLAGiant says:

    Honestly, I don’t have a problem with these rankings. Rodgers, Peyton, and Brady both got their teams to the playoffs. And not to make an excuse, but Brees had the statistically worst NFL defense ever. If we got into the playoffs and made it past the wild card round I’m sure this guy wouldve placed Eli in the same category as the top 4.

  7.  GIANTT says:

    I dont give a fig what these so-called “experts ” do to earn their paycheck , its irrelevant .If someone came up and said Eli was an average QB in the league and he got lucky on a couple of throws in the Super Bowls , who cares ? The Giants won end of story

    In the meantime , supposedly the Giants had an interest in this kid released by the Iggles – Miguel Maysonet – is there any room to bring him in to take a look ?

  8.  nygiantfanatic4life says:

    CBS sports can suck it! Eli is on the cusp of being the greatest QB in Giants History..I could care less where he stands in respect to the rest of the League. These beat writers just wanna start up S*&t. I am sick and tired of the media his QB rating avg has been the cool same 85 and will probably stay there until the sad day he decides to hang up his cleats. He is the only NFC QB to be annointed in GreenBaY twice. and go on to beat the unbeatable Pats. for 2 SuperBowl Championships.

  9.  wrdag says:

    Look I know this is just a notch above who the most popular kid is when we were in High school type story, but it does show where and who the “press will love ” in the coming year. The Philly Dream team as a prime example over the last few years. Should give you much needed perspective when reading NFL stories.
    Having said all that I am shocked over the last 2 seasons how Brees gets a major media pass on those interception stats???? Wasn’t that the exact issue that kept Eli from being ELITE prior to ring #2. In addition its the interceptions that has gotten former media darling Phillip Rivers thrown under the bus. You can read a number of stories that his job is in jeopardy in SD; which regardless of what you think of him, is shocking and insane. The guy has no one with any talent to throw too, no running game and a really, really awful o-line. Again, Brees gets the pass Rivers is getting run out of town.

  10.  norm says:

    Said it before and I’ll say it again.. the only possible circumstances in which these “rankings” would have any meaning would be in a league in which every QB played in identical elements and under an OCs who have identical philosophies on play calling.

    Playing eight home games a year in windy Giants Stadium/Met Life, Eli deals with arguably the least QB-friendly conditions of any of the so-called “elites.” His OC, Killdrive, favors a high risk.high reward strategy which produces a higher rate of interceptions and incompletions to go along with the greater number of big plays.

    In contrast, someone like Brees is guaranteed at least 10 games (8 at home, 2 in ATL) a year under a dome while playing for an OC whose play calling allows for a greater number of “safe” passes than Killdrive’s.

    When judged purely by a numbers/fantasy football standpoint, Eli will always compare unfavorably to Brees.

    I suspect Eli is a player who will never truly receive his just due until after he leaves the game. Four, five years after he retires, his rings will be start to take on greater weight as his statistical shortcomings will fade in importance, remembered only by those few bitter souls foolish enough to have once hitched their fantasy wagons to Eli’s star.

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