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New York Giants Listed as No. 7 Most Expensive Team in Sports to Watch

May 20th, 2013 at 4:35 PM
By Douglas Rush

In today's sports world, fans know it is not cheap to attend any professional sporting event. On tickets alone, it can get a little pricey. Throw in parking prices, food and souvenirs, and you could be looking to spend anywhere between the average car payment and a person's whole paycheck.

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Business Insiders recently passed along a study on the Top 25 Most Expensive Teams in all of professional sports to attend in person. The New York Giants were ranked at No. 7 overall on the list of 25.

According to their study, the overall average person will spend $143.69 at a Giants game. The average ticket price for a Giants home game came out to $111.69, while the Fan Cost Index (which is the average spending amount for a family of four) was $592.24.

The New York Jets, who share the same building as the Giants, came in at No. 6 on the list with their average spending price at $149.94 and with the average ticket cost at $117.94.

The No. 1 team that made the list was the Dallas Cowboys, whose average fan spends $166.70 and the average ticket price costs $110.20.

Other notable NFL teams on the list were the Chicago Bears at No. 3, the New England Patriots at No. 4 and the Baltimore Ravens at No. 8.


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8 Responses to “New York Giants Listed as No. 7 Most Expensive Team in Sports to Watch”

  1.  GOAT56 says:


    GOAT56 says:
    May 20, 2013 at 4:25 PM

    GIANTT says:
    May 20, 2013 at 1:34 PM
    I dont give a fig what these so-called “experts ” do to earn their paycheck , its irrelevant .If someone came up and said Eli was an average QB in the league and he got lucky on a couple of throws in the Super Bowls , who cares ? The Giants won end of story

    In the meantime , supposedly the Giants had an interest in this kid released by the Iggles – Miguel Maysonet – is there any room to bring him in to take a look ?

    GOAT56 says:
    May 20, 2013 at 4:27 PM
    I thought the same thing. He would seem to have more promise as a RB than Wright. But Wright’s value might be as a KR. I was suprised we drafted Cox over Maysonet because it seemed we liked Maysonet but that shows me that we are high on Cox. Maysonet is someone I rather look at than Hightower though.


  2.  GOAT56 says:


    I don’t have an issue with Eli being ranked #5. But Norm has valid points against Brees. I was never a Brady guy but the post SB years actually have earned my respect much more than the SB years. You can’t discount how brilliant Peyton has been in the regular season. Rodgers is a natural talent I can’t deny and I give points like Brady and Eli for doing it out doors and bad weather. The only issue with Rodgers is he’s very rarely pulled a game out of the fire like other great QBs. None of these QBs is perfeect but neither is Eli. After 5 years of ascending play last year Eli had a down year. Eli is also less consistent than the other great QBs sans Brees. Eli reminds me in some ways of Reggie Miller. Because on average he isn’t as good as a lot of the greats in his sport but in big games and big moments he’s been as good as anyone.

    Given Eli plays in NY, while other QBs could be better and more consistent I take Eli’s ability to handle the pressure and come up big when absolutely needed.

    Also, I think there’s something the Matt Ryan is missing. I know most won’t agree but give me Flacco. Flacco to me in many ways is like Eli because he’s inconsistent. But I believe Flacco’s ability to step up and be great is very much like Eli’s. Even there first SBs runs are similar. Ryan is like Rivers and Flacco like Eli.

  3.  rlhjr says:

    Justin Pugh will be “OK” at ROT. But I think the Giants draft a mauler to play there next year. Pugh could be the next center. Being able to play each O-line position bodes well for the team and Pugh. Time and $$ will tell.

  4.  Rosedale Is Back says:

    I’m thinking Brewer finds his way into the starting lineup and with a healthy Nicks The Giants are going to be very good. I’m very excited with the pickup of Pugh and the installment of Brewer into the offensive line. With Wilson in the backfield our offense will be very hard to defend. Could careless about what pundits say about Eli he has more titles and Superbowl MVPs than any other QB in the last 10 years therefore who cares. He will always be hard pressed to live up to what Peyton is and he’s just not that player but he’s the most clutch QB in football.

  5.  Nosh.0 says:

    As the self appointed Brees sympathizer of G101, if we’re going to make excuses for Eli’s INT’s than Brees surely gets to use the fact that he puts the ball in the air far more than any QB not named Matt Stafford.

    As for the difference between Matt Ryan and Eli, look no further than the last 2 NFC championship games. 3rd and 12 in the redzone Manning hits Mario with one of the best throws he’s ever made in his career.

    4th down, NFC championship on the line, and Matty Ice can’t deliver the order. There’s your difference.

  6.  giankees says:

    Eli did it with the worst run game inbthe league too.

  7.  Liberal Giant says:

    It goes without saying that everything NY is more expensive than just about anywhere else in the country. That includes everything from taxes to the the price of a parking space, lunch, and of course, tickets to professional sport. I once sat on the floor of a NY Knicks game. Next to me was Jay Z. Bloomberg was sitting about 25 seats to my left. My seat was owned by, uh, never mind. Anyway, this was in 2003. The face value of the ticket was $1,600.00. I can’t imagine what they sell for now. Out here in Portlandia, I can buy a Trailblazers ticket on the first level, 10 rows up, for about $200.00, And unlike the Knicks, at least the Blazers try to build from the draft. Being a Knicks fan is akin to being a Redskins fan.

    Anyway, getting back to ticket prices. The thing about tickets to NY proffessional teams, is that you are not guaranteed a better performance. It is not like the Ballet. I will spend top dollar to watch the NYC Ballet peform the Nutcracker because there is no better Nutcracker on earth. The same applies to the American Ballet Theater. They are the best. BUT THE JETS? AND EVEN THE GIANTS. It just makes more sense to watch them on TV and go to the college games instead.

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