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New York Giants Will Likely Carry Three Quarterbacks in 2013

May 12th, 2013 at 10:30 AM
By Jen Polashock

Not since 2007 have the New York Giants carried three quarterbacks on their 53-man roster. However, expect that to change here in 2013.

2013 will be reminiscent of 2007 as three quarterbacks will be on the final blue player depth chart. Expect Eli Manning, David Carr and rookie Ryan Nassib to occupy valuable space. Although Curtis Painter signed a reserve contract with Big Blue in January, he will be that odd man out by every stretch. There is no way the Giants let the 23 year-old Nassib sit on the practice squad to be nabbed up by another team that currently lurks to see what the G-Men do with their roster. Carr as a backup to Manning has been a bit of a superstitious good luck charm – so far. The 33-year-old has been in blue four out of the past five seasons and is experienced in the complex offensive scheme. Painter will have been in three different systems in as many years.

Head coach Tom Coughlin’s reasoning for carrying only two gunslingers was one of always-preached versatility: it created an extra spot for a special teams player. Depending upon where said player lines up once the pigskin falls into possession, the ability to make a difference on specials could land an athlete as a rare 6th wide receiver or defensive back. This may very well be detrimental only to someone looking for something, anything to cling to that proverbial bubble during camps.

As we peruse the most current statistics that reflect special teams, they’re better than many Giants fans would care to admit. In 2012, special teams coordinator, Tom Quinn’s unit was 16th in kicking and 5th in punting. Surprisingly, the Giants only punted 58 times, but it was for an average of 47.5 yards. Thank you, Steve Weatherford. As for return units, the kickoff unit undeniably out-shined the punt return unit. The Giants were tied for 6th (with the Jets) in average/return with 26.2 yards, but 1st in the league with 1,648 total return yards. They were also tied for 1st (with the Titans) in kickoff returns with 63. Thank you, David Wilson. Big Blue may be in the midst of changing kickers, but the two difference-makers remain: who punts and who returns kicks.

Back to the quarterback situation, however; that’s where things change … a little. A while ago, we here at Giants 101 said that there would come a time for the Giants to bring on (or draft) a “David Carr replacement.” We already know how tough-as-nails Easy E is. Each night’s prayers (especially during the regular season and the playoffs) ask for his continued Iron Man health. This organization always has backup plans, albeit usually A, B and C.

"Of course, every draft pick you want to be a Hall of Famer even though that's not the reality," Marc Ross, director of college scouting stated. "With taking Ryan, there's nothing like having a security blanket like that where we think he can be an excellent backup with the ability to start in time. Of course you want Eli Manning to play and stay healthy and be there," said Ross. "But we think Ryan has starter upside and starter ability. Whether that's here or for someone else, we don't know. Hopefully that flourishes while he's here."

No doubt. Seeing how things are already popping off in rookie mini camp, we are willing to bet it will be in blue.


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30 Responses to “New York Giants Will Likely Carry Three Quarterbacks in 2013”

  1.  Dan Peterson says:

    Being first in kickoff returns is nothing to be happy about… just means our opponents are kicking off a lot.

  2.  giankees says:

    Yeah its like practicing extra point conversion defense.

  3.  norm says:

    Sounds like the street free agent TE Michael Palmer could give Pascoe a run for his money for the #3 TE spot (at least I hope so)

    Not only were the coaches singing his praises throughout the 2-day minicamp but he sounds like the very prototype of a Giants TE. From the above linked article, written just prior to the 2010 draft:

    Tight end Michael Palmer isn’t exactly a burner. He’s about average size for a tight end at 6’5” and 260 pounds. Physically, he probably didn’t turn the heads of too many NFL scouts.

    …In reality, where Clemson’s tight ends weren’t thrown at until 2009, Palmer’s role was that of an auxiliary tackle. Because of that, along with former offensive coordinator Rob Spence’s bizarre obsession with the bubble screen, Palmer became a student of blocking schemes. (emphasis added)

    …Couple his learned ability to pick up a linebacker with the hands he displayed in 2009 and we just may be onto something.

    Despite early flashes of brilliance (reference his SportsCenter -highlight catch against Georgia Tech), Palmer became a complete player starting with the Wake Forest game. The offense was simplified at that point because it had to be. Palmer became a favorite target of Kyle Parker simply because he is able to get open, five yards past the line of scrimmage at a time.

    •  norm says:

      Digging a little deeper, I learned that Palmer went undrafted in 2010, signed with the Falcons as a free agent, and has spent the past three years in Atlanta doing mostly grunt work as blocker while stuck behind a HOF TE.

      Sounds familiar; with any luck Palmer could turn out to be a poor man’s Marty B.

      From an article on a Falcon’s fan blog:

      Palmer was always a solid blocker with the ability to catch a few passes, so he should be able to stick on an NFL roster. Certainly I’m glad the Falcons are adding talent to the position, but I was glad to have him as a Falcon for three years.

      And from the comments section:

      caught everything thrown his way. We will miss him and hope he does well.

      by old cuss on May 12, 2013 | 8:32 AM reply

    •  rlhjr says:

      I also know your love for Pascoe is only exceeded by your undying affection for Curry and Young Whales Tee’s…………..

      I am going to hazard a guess that the Giants keep or reject these candidates you’ve previewed based on how well they block.

  4.  CT GIANT says:

    Pascoe knows his assignment’s knows the offensive, and also has a knack to catch a couple TD’s a year.
    He’s not going anywhere, Palmer would have to do some real Barden catches, in camp to make him a replacement, NOT. He might be a valuable PS member?
    All is possible, but some almost impossible. Pascoe remains one big , very solid blocker!

    •  norm says:


      I’ve always regarded Pascoe as an unexceptional blocker who has improved incrementally under Pope’s tutelage.

      Palmer sounds as if he could already be a better blocker than Pascoe. Teddy Bear’s edge in the upcoming camp battle is (1) his familiarity with the assignments; and (2) his ability to play FB in a pinch.

      Pascoe is a player who is eminently replaceable. If Palmer comes in, shows himself to be a quick study in learning the playbook, Teddy should finally get his long overdue walking papers.

      •  norm says:

        In addition to all of his other sparkling attributes, Pascoe is slower ‘n a sh!t following a heavy pasta dinner; by far the slowest TE on the roster. Here are the 40 times for the top four guys on the depth chart, listed from fastest to slowest:

        Adrien Robinson; 4.56
        Brandon Myers: 4.74
        Michael Palmer: 4.79

        then last… and most definitely least…

        (drum roll, please)

        …Bear Pascoe: 4.97

        As I’ve said, eminently replaceable.

        •  GOAT56 says:

          I’m no Pascoe fan at all but it’s not going to be easy to knock him off the roster. Especially with the other TEs very inexperienced in our system. Look I can’t stand having a TE that runs like an OT but it will take other skills to take him out. Palmer will have to prove quick knowledge of our system. Then Palmer, Robinson or Myers will have to prove capable is being the backup FB. We don’t even have another FB on the 90 man roster right now. But we need a backup to Hynospki and that needs to come from the TE position. Pascoe has proven capable of that and that must be replaced. Look I’m rooting for Palmer or donnel to unseat him. But it will be difficult.

        •  G-MenFan says:

          How many post-season TD catches do AR and BM have with all that blazing speed? How many rings?

          Somebody is “eminently replaceable” based upon his 40 time?

          I won’t continue. No sense in breaching decorum.

          •  norm says:

            I’m nowhere near the gentleman you are so I’ll go ahead and breach decorum: I’m guessing the “G” in G-Men doesn’t stand for genius.

            Since when did past achievements come to be one of the leading criteria to determine who deserves a place on an NFL roster in a given year?

            Pascoe is exactly the kind of player that you should seek to upgrade, “post season TD catches” or not. Not only is his 40 time ridiculously slow for a TE, he’s not much of a blocker to boot. Other than that he’s a freakin’ Pro Bowler.

            Fans can afford to be sentimental; coaches and GMs can not. Parcells was constantly churning the bottom of the roster when he was here. On his watch it did not matter what some depth player might have contributed in the past or how well he was liked, if there was someone better out on the street… then buh-bye depth guy.

            If you honestly believe that the Giants would be hard pressed to find a better #3 TE than Teddy Bear, that he’s not “eminently replaceable,” I can only assume that you are his mother, his agent, or suffer from failing eyesight.

  5.  GOAT56 says:

    I disagree Jen. If Nassib continues to impressive as he has and Carr looks how he did last training camp I think Nassib is our backup this year. I do believe Carr is more likely to win games if needed in 2013. But if Nassib plays well the difference between him and Nassib isn’t worth a roster spot that’s not likely to even be used. Nassib make up reminds me of Cousins and he won the backup job over grosman last year. Unlike Washington with Eli keeping a 3rd vet QB is unnecessary. Cousins beating out grosman was more difficult than it will be for Nassib given the experience we have in Eli and his durability. Of course Nassib could struggle meaning we need to keep Carr. But I get the feeling Nassib can play and has the mental makeup to play early if needed. JR compare him to dalton which means that we don’t consider him raw and should compete for the backup job right away. I like Carr more than most and think his career was derailed by unfortunate circumstances. Carr would have performed well if need the seasons when he was Eli’s backup. But we didn’t draft Nassib as a QB project we drafted him to be Eli’s backup and possible eventual successor. Carr has to clearly outplay Nassib to keep a job. For once we have a real reason to be excited a out the second half of preseason games. I think Nassib will play a lot so we can truly assess if he’s ready to be a backup.

    •  jfunk says:

      Carr might earn his roster spot this year based on his contributions in the meeting room as much as his likelihood to win a game for us.

      I won’t be surprised if he loses his job to Nassib, but I think it’s more likely we carry all three while Nassib learns to be a pro from both Eli and Carr.

  6.  demo3356 says:

    So.. The Left TACKLE that we drafted in the first round is starting out at right TACKLE…. Even I get tired of being right all the time.. Where is Kujo?

  7.  norm says:


    Someone just told me that the Giants gave UDFA WR Marcus Davis a $15,000 bonus to sign with the team immediately following the draft.

    Considering that Davis’ entire Giants career consisted of a 2-day rookie minicamp, I’d say the young man did very well for himself.

    Only in America.

  8.  Krow says:

    Still a bit early to pronounce judgement … but Brewer is getting close to becoming mayor of Bustville.

    •  norm says:

      According to CNN, the race between he and Austin for that coveted office is still much too close to call.

      •  kujo says:


        4th round picks don’t “bust”–they just “don’t work out.”

        On the other hand, when a 2nd round pick, who was drafted under the oft-used “too much value to pass up” reason, doesn’t work out, that is a BUST.

      •  rlhjr says:

        If Pugh being slid into ROT does not get Brewer going not much else will.
        That was (until Pugh) his position to lose. This summer will see a number of players being forced to show their worth or possibly be shown the door.
        This is Austin’s year to (IMO) to show or go.

        There is much to be excited about. I felt that Reese had to come through this year in terms of drafting players who will have some measure of impact this season. And he will be under pressure to produce in next years draft as well. Not only to get under (WELL UNDER) the cap. But also to bring young players who are ready to go and push the ball club back into the elite category. There will be much to take in debate about. That’s all good.

  9.  GmenMania says:

    Moore being groomed to play “Joker”:

    Hopefully it’s more of a stand-up pass-rusher type designation, rather than the role that Kiwi played (2-down SAM, 3rd down pass-rusher). I think Moore has too much pass-rushing talent to be wasted for two downs playing LB.

    •  rlhjr says:

      If there is a way to waste defensive talent, Perry Fewell will sure as hell find it.

    •  KingAndrewXXIII says:

      Agreed. I don’t wanna see Moore dropping into coverage. Stand-up pass rusher? Fine. But that needs to be the extent of it. Kid is a natural pass rusher and played DE when A&M made the transition to 4-3. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

      In regards to Pugh, I maintain that he may be our RT going into camp and very well could be going into the season, but still think that he was selected as a future heir somewhere along the interior of our OL – be it at G or C. Regardless, I think he starts somewhere along the OL this season, which is a very good thing.

      •  KingAndrewXXIII says:

        Also, I know we haven’t even started the season yet…so talking next year’s draft is absurd…but I want to throw one name out there now: Bryan Stork, C, FSU. Kid is a complete stud…and like Pugh, VERY versatile.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        If we are just talking 2013 think the “Joker” or the role Kiwi has been playing is a good idea to get Moore on the field. The kid is a natural pass rusher that as a 4th or 5th DE will be lucky to see 20 snaps per game. The Kiwi role would allow him to see the field a lot more. At 250 he’s still a natural SLB size and not a DE trying to play SLB. Going forward I expect Moore to gain weight and grow into his body so he will become a fulltime DE. But as a way to get him on the field more in 2013 if he plays the position well enough then it makes a lot of sense. In 2014 I fully agree Moore should be a fulltime DE.

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