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New York Giants’ Justin Tuck Leaves Note for Damontre Moore: “Get Ready to Work”

May 11th, 2013 at 10:40 AM
By Dan Benton

Coming out of Texas A&M, one of the biggest criticisms facing defensive end Damontre Moore, who the New York Giants selected in the third-round of the 2013 NFL Draft, was that he didn't practice as hard as he played. It's something head coach Tom Coughlin was quick to address, and something Moore is well aware of and ready to change.

“I think he meant exactly what he said: That wasn’t one of my strong fortes,” Moore said on Friday. “But I’m here to work and I’m trying to make my weakness my strong point."

Whether he wants to or not, and would it appear as if he does, Moore better be prepared to work tirelessly with the Giants. It's a staple of any Coughlin-coached team, and something that was made abundantly clear to the rookie when he arrived at his locker for the first time to find a note from defensive captain Justin Tuck. It read: “I hope you are ready to work.”

“I was excited that he took time out of his busy schedule to take the time to write me a personal message,” Moore said. “At the same time, I know it’s time to get to work so I’m ready to come in and listen to him.”

That rude awakening was compounded when the rookie met quarterback Eli Manning on Friday, who shared similar sentiments.

"He just said work hard," Moore said of his conversation with Manning. "He said if we need anything that he’ll be here for us. We’re rookies. He wanted to make sure you stay on your toes and you follow the veterans."

So far, Moore has said all the right things. In fact, one of his first statements as a member of the Giants was that he just wanted to keep his "mouth shut and mind open" so that he could soak up as much knowledge and information as possible.

If he's able to do that, and begins practicing as hard as he plays, he can become a very dangerous asset for defensive coordinator Perry Fewell & Co.


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12 Responses to “New York Giants’ Justin Tuck Leaves Note for Damontre Moore: “Get Ready to Work””

  1.  GOAT56 says:


    Wait so Kiwi is going to be a mostly a fulltime DE but Moore is going to play the role joker role?

    I know more played a joker role his first 2 years in college but that was more of a Ware type of OLB/DE role because they played a 3-4. But Von Miller did play that same role and has successful transitioned to a 4-3 SLB. Interesting. We all assumed that LB wasn’t addressed but maybe Moore is our future SAM. He is only 250 and is a more natural fit than Kiwi ever was. Or maybe Moore handles the Joker role until he grows into his body. I just figure Moore was a DE only even with his background so this aspect is interesting. I remember thinking Jarvis Jones could fill a similar role and really both are similar size, Moore just has a much larger frame.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      We won’t know for awhile.

      But Moore is going to be a stud. There’s no way the Giants didn’t assess him carefully and conclude that he WOULD work hard if properly motivated. And his athletic talent is unquestionable as well as his knack for getting to the quarterback. This kid is not going to disappoint.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        I agree. I some don’t realize that even some of us non football players took of first job way more seriously than school.

        I just didn’t think SAM was an option.

  2.  BigBlueGiant says:

    FF55, usually you’re on point about the players, but you got Jernigan all wrong.

    He’s out of place here. Don’t mistake it.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      We’ll see. I may be wrong but I see promise in the kid. He isn’t Cruz, but who among the slot receivers in the NFL is?

      I really hope he is Cruz’s backup, but if Victor holds out I think Jernigan can get the job done. In fact, he’ll have to. We don’t have another slot receiver hanging around.

      •  BigBlueGiant says:

        My skepticism about him is mainly due to the fact that he couldn’t find his way on the field last year when we were in dire need of WR’s. Cruz was on the outside, but JJ was nowhere to be found.

        He’s small. He doesn’t get good separation off the line either. He was used in college as a wildcat guy, and a spread option WR. He’s best when in space. We aren’t that team that creates space he needs to be good.

        I just don’t see him making it in this league.

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    I like what I’m hearing from Tuck so far. Sounds like he fairly evaluated himself and recognized he had played miserably for two years (except during the playoff run) and without passion and maximum effort. Now it sounds like he’s taking his Captain’s role seriously. He cannot very well stay on Moore and Hankins about effort if they don’t see him giving his all on every snap, and preparing for games the right way during the week.

    I think Tuck, being a very smart guy, drew the inaccurate conclusion that he had to “conserve his body” by parceling out his effort over the course of a long NFL season, and that he could do just enough to help get them into the playoffs and then rev it up when it really counted. And since he’s a leader of the team, I think at least unconsciously, a number of his teammates followed that lead. I think he now know that isn’t good enough. Of course, no one in the NFL can go 100% on every snap. Physical limitations dictate against that. But you have to find the right time to relax a little and Justin Tuck has to figure that out. If he does, and has a comeback season, then I think a lot of our bellyaching about the defense will turn to cheers. Add a 2010 Justin Tuck to our defensive front and it won’t matter if we have the greatest back seven in this defense.

    Just think about it: JPP, Tuck, Kiwi, Moore, Ojomo, Joseph, Hankins, Jenkins, Patterson, Rogers, Austin, all vying for roster spots and playing time (with Kuhn ticketed for the PUP list). That is a pretty scary defensive front.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      On paper. It sounds good.

      \But Tuck hasn’t played well the past 2 years, JPP was good but not great last year, Ojomo is a question mark, Joseph has underwhelmed, Hankins is a rookie, Jenkins hasn’t played well in 2 years, Patterson is also a health concern, Rogers hasn’t played in a year, Austin who knows what you get out of him this year…. I just see it as a giant question mark in all honesty.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        Can’t disagree with your assessment of their play over the past, but do you really believe JPP is going to stay at the level of last season? I don’t.

        Kiwi will be fine.

        Hankins may be a rookie, but taking the role of the immovable force doesn’t require too much sophistication. It’s “keep pushing the center and guard back and don’t let those two guys move you and don’t let either of them slide off you to go after the linebacker”. He’s been doing it in college so should be able to do it in the NFL, even as a rookie.

        Joseph was disappointing last year but should be far better if he has a real run-stopper paired with him up front (not the case in 2012). Even more important, the disappointment was because he didn’t take a HUGE step forward. His 2012 year was better than his 2011 year, and his 2013 year should be better than his 2012 year. Our problem with him was expectations that were too high.

        Tuck HAS to be better. That was the premise of what I said above. He’s a real key to the defense in 2013.

        Ojomo and Moore are “naturals”. They know how to get to the QB. Both, of course, need to move along the learning curve. But they should contribute in 2013 anyway.

        I figure one of the two guys from the Eagles will be healthy enough and good enough to help. If Patterson can stay healthy he was a STEAL. He was one of the top DTs in the league not so long ago.

        Rogers didn’t need to play to again take on the role of run-stopper. He’s been doing it for a dozen years. He didn’t forget how. As long as the blood clot is resolved he should be fine.

        Austin? Either he flashes or he’s gone. So if he’s here then he showed something good.

        I understand there are questions. But I am excited by the prospect of having a great defensive front.

        •  BigBlueGiant says:

          I sure hope these guys play better, because it’s the difference from us winning 6 games or 10 games.

          I personally think Tuck is done. He just doesn’t have it anymore.

          Kiwi has been decent when used. He is what he is.

          Rogers. Of course he didn’t forget how to run stop, but at his age and the shape dude is in, a year off…. Is a LONG LONG TIME AWAY from football. Plus, his better years are behind him. He may not be on the final roster.

          i’m afraid Hankins might get buried in the DT Depth, and be on the inactive list the first part of the season. It’s just what we do to rookies. Happened to Joseph as well.

          Ojomo and Moore might be naturals, but they’re both a still big unknown. Sorry. until they prove themselves in this league, they get that treatment. You can’t judge Ojomo because of a preseason game where he played well. Moore is a rookie. And will likely get the same treatment that Hankins gets. That’s the truth.

          Joseph should be better this year. Given the rotation we got for him.

          As for Patterson and Jenkins, I also think one of these guys go.

          Yes, JPP is our stud. he’s our face of the defense. We can only hope that he’s motivated to return to that freakish form that he was the previous year. And i Think he will. BUT one player doesn’t make the D-line.

          We rely on the D-lien to carry this defense, and last year they stunk. I see marginal improvements but in all honesty, nothing but question marks. Mostly old vets who have been injured or have underwhelmed the past few years. I just don’t see something to be so excited about. Sorry.

          •  Begiant says:

            If you think JPP was not great last year, you must not have been watching that closely or are getting caught up in the sack numbers. He got a lot of pressures on the QB and might have been the best DE against the run last year. 16.5 sacks a insane and something that is hard to repeat. I think he can be the player that has the potential to get that every year, but to expect it year in and year out is unrealistic. I think his sacks numbers will go up due to the interior presence we added through Jenkins and Patterson. In addition Tuck seems motivated and should play well, but I will wait until he gets a minor injury in order to see how he responds.

  4.  CT GIANT says:

    Cullen Jenkins imo, will be the best FA signing in this year’s group. Snee who had to play against him, was thrilled that he was signed.
    I watched film of how this veteran can make such a “quick move” and get into you back field in a flash! He wasn’t given his contract for his “history” and will make the defense faster, and someone will get open to go after the QB/RB. He gives the younger Joesph added strenth and how ever it works out, the front four will be better. My 2 cents. Ojomo is one high motor guy, and if he “gets it” it will be hard to keep him sitting down, has to much natural ability, very quick burst, and should be a real good addition, to an aging Tuck.

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