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Why Aaron Curry Could Make Sense for the New York Giants Defense

May 7th, 2013 at 7:00 AM
By Douglas Rush

On Monday night, it was reported that the New York Giants have turned their attentions to a former first-round pick looking for a second chance in the NFLlinebacker Aaron Curry.

Four years ago, Curry was viewed as a can't-miss draft pick, as the Seattle Seahawks used their number four overall pick on the linebacker out of Wake Forest. However, fast forward to now and Curry has been labeled a bust who is just hopeful that a team will give him a second opportunity to compete again. The Giants may very well be that team.

On Curry's twitter account, the 27-year-old is excited about the opportunity to show the Giants what he can do in the meeting and is looking forward to it.

"Got hundreds of people praying that Thursday go as God planned…please join them and pray for me on Thursday," he tweeted.

Shortly after that message, Curry also said that if he, in fact, signs with the Giants, he would take the playbook with him on vacation.

"If I get this job I'm taking my playbook on a vacation," he tweeted.

From the public messages, Curry sounds very excited about the chance to join a playoff-contending team like the Giants and a defense that is looking to make improvements from a year ago.

What slowed Curry down, aside from injuries, was the really poor fit on Seattle's defense, which lead to the Seahawks trading him to the Oakland Raiders in 2011 for a seventh-round draft pick.

In Oakland, Curry seemed to have found the talent that the Seahawks saw back in 2009, but a knee injury took care of his 2012 season and landed him on the sidelines. He was subsequently released from the Raiders in November and was again out of the public eye. But not from General Manager Jerry Reese, who continues to look for talent to make the team better, and what better way to make the Giants defense an improved one with a former first-round pick like Curry.

In 2011, Curry had 114 total tackles between the Raiders and Seahawks, with 80 of them solo. And per his scouting report, he's a solid tackler who thrives in an attack/heavy-blitz defense, something the Giants have used in the past, especially with their pass rush.

Curry has great quickness in the open field and can chase down any ball carrier when needed. He's also a good pass defender and would be a major upgrade over Michael Boley at the position, who was released by the Giants back in early February. Along with his great speed, Curry is a very strong defender and can shed blockers away in pursuit of making a play, which is what made him such a can't-miss player in 2009 and why the Raiders were willing to trade for him two years ago.

Curry would make for an athletic upgrade and choice to take over the reigns of the outside linebacker position that was vacated by Boley, and he won't cost anything more than a one-year deal for less than $1 million for a salary.

The one thing that experts said that Curry lacked was proper coaching on defense, along with being surrounded by solid veteran players who can give him that professional mentality, along with the feeling of playing for a winner.

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4 Responses to “Why Aaron Curry Could Make Sense for the New York Giants Defense”

  1.  Krow says:

    He should have been great. However it never seemed to work for him. I doubt this will either, but I’m wishing him luck.

  2.  purorock says:

    Didn’t the Raiders give him a second chance? Making this his third chance? And when is it NOT needed to chase down the ball carrier?

  3. Hanshi, not really actually. yes, Dougie has been driving this whole linebacker train like it’s the only thing to write about and it is a bit frustrating because I think there are tons of things that aren’t being discussed.

    That said, I’ve always found the driving force behind a lot of G101 content is us down here. Lots of what I wrote started out as or was a response to or a development of conversations that started down here.

    He’s writing about what people are talking about, and that’s fine. I was just trying to contextualize, from my humble point of view…

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