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Three New York Giants Make Pro Football Focus Top 101 Players of 2012 List

May 7th, 2013 at 10:00 AM
By Dan Benton

On Monday, Pro Football Focus ended their week-long release of the Top 101 Players of 2012. No. 1 overall? Houston Texans defensive lineman J.J. Watts. However, three members of the New York Giants also made the list. Two of them you would suspect. The other? Probably not so much.

'Thread the Needle' photo (c) 2010, AJ  Guel - license:

Quarterback, Eli Manning – #90

While Eli was unable to replicate his marvelous 2011, let’s not pretend he didn’t play extremely well for most of the season. While some performances disappointed (notably against Pittsburgh and Atlanta) Manning was able to almost carry his struggling Giants into the playoffs with his usual array of clutch throws.

Key Stat: Completion percentage under pressure dropped to 47.9 percent in 2012, after it was 55.6 percent a year earlier.

Tackle, Will Beatty – #85

Injury meant Beatty didn’t start the season as the Giants’ left tackle. Whether injuries handed him his starting job back, or it was the Giants’ plan all along, the former second-round pick didn’t take much time showing everyone what he was capable of. A fine pass protector, Beatty is one of those left tackles who can actually generate some movement in the run game as well.

Key Stat: Allowed just three sacks and zero quarterback hits all season long.

Defensive End, Jason Pierre-Paul – #46

The danger was always there with how people viewed "JPP". As good as his 2011 season was the emphasis placed on his sack numbers were always going to come back to bite him. And while it’s true he didn’t have quite the same impact as he did when the Giants won it all, it shouldn’t take away from a tremendously complete season he put forward. Excellent against the run, there’s no shame in the 55 QB disruptions he managed.

Key Stat: His 30 defensive stops in the run game were the third-most of any 4-3 defensive end.

What say you, Giants fans? Do you agree?


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15 Responses to “Three New York Giants Make Pro Football Focus Top 101 Players of 2012 List”

  1.  GOAT56 says:


    Look we still need numbers at LB so it will continue to be a discussion. It’s possible Sabino steps up or a guy like Muasau but since we have general kept 7 LBs and would think to keep at least 6 questions are there in who will fill those spots. Obviously JR made his stance so we are likely not making a move other than a vet minimum type player if we do make one. Signing Curry to me is more a signal that Kiwi will not be a fulltime early down SLB. While I’m not excited about our MLBs the OLB group of Williams, Paysinger, Rivers, Sabino and Curry is intriguing. Each really provides the type of athleticism I think we need on the field even on early downs against today’s offenses. I also would hope that Williams, Paysinger or Rivers is now familiar enough with the defense to be our MIKE LB in nickel situations. I think my concerns at MLB with Conner or Herzlich are minimized if they are only 2 down LBs. I thought when Williams and Boley handled the nickel LBs in 2011 they were good and a combo of Williams and Rivers or Paysinger or Curry can provide.

    Also, I do wonder about Muasau earning a roster spot. He was hurt during preseason and didn’t really get a full look at him but the training camp reports were promising. He’s not going to be the starter this year but with our view of LBs he has the chance like Herzlich and Paysinger to be in the system and have a sot at some real time next year if he can make the roster.

  2.  GOAT56 says:

    Zero QB hits for Beatty but 3 sacks? Even if Beatty allowed those 3 sacks as QB hits for the season that’s great play.

  3.  Krow says:

    Beatty must have THE best publicist in the world. He’s more valuable than Eli. Yeah, right.

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    These are the Dog Days of the NFL season and that’s a good thing. It’s good to “get away” from it at least some of the time. With this weather, the Knicks, the Rangers, the North Koreans, the Syrians, the Iranians, Pakistanis and the cyberspying of the Chinese military there’s plenty of other things to direct attention toward.

    I get the sense that John Mara is prepared to enrich the team’s offer a bit, because he has steadily insisted that they will work things out with Cruz, and that probably means that he understands that Condon and Cruz need some face-saving improvements before anything can be signed. As fans, we should all hope that the “extras” will be composed of primarily guaranteed dollars. That’s money out of the owners’ pockets but not dollars that affect the cap. I’m not concerned about how much the Maras and Tisches spend. I just don’t want those dollars to damage our ability to sign other players we need or want.

    I think considering Curry makes plenty of sense since he won’t be guaranteed a nickel even if he passes the physical, but I think the signal it sends is that Reese wants to facilitate the movement of Kiwi to DE, where he definitely belongs. It made sense to play Kiwi at SAM when the idea was to have the best players on the field on third downs and passing situations, but Osi’s gone, Tuck is diminished, and Moore is a rookie. I think we will need a lot of contributions from Kiwi and Ojomo this season from the DE spot, and should get them.

    I think fans, even many sophisticated fans, are generally underrating Rivers, Connor, Herzlich and Paysinger and perhaps somewhat overrating Williams. I love Williams, but he has to show more against the run this season. He cannot allow himself to be taken out of plays to his side as easily as has been the case in the past. And I am bewildered by those who fail to see that Connor and Herzlich should be pretty fine candidates at MIKE in the defensive system the Giants will play (lots of nickel and dime defense, a minority of snaps with a base defense that includes three linebackers), and that Keith Rivers has a chance to be a top linebacker in the league if he just gets a little luckier regarding health. Paysinger is one of those playmakers who may not overwhelm you when you watch him but seems to be where he needs to be most of the time and makes the plays that have to be made. I think he’s a more athletic but less experienced Kawika Mitchell: a glue guy who gets the job that needs to be done completed.

    I think a HUGE question for the team this season is this: do they have enough in the back of the defense to offset the loss of Kenny Phillips and the failure to get a starting-quality corner in the draft? On the answer will ride a lot of the story of this season for the Giants.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I think we will miss KP less than we did when he didn’t play last year. We can now construct a long term plan to play differently. Which maybe is a less complicated plan for our safeties. I think Rolle is best suited to handle KP’s center field responsibilities. Not to say KP is easily replaced but him being him and out made it harder to adjust last year.

      There’s legitimate concern at CB depth wise but I think Webster is still a starting quality CB. I question if anyone besides Prince and Webster are though. But if we have have injury luck we can be fine at CB. I would have liked to add talent at CB but I’m not sure that player plays much this year anyway.

    •  Joseph Bulger says:

      Fan for 55, wholeheartedly agree. I’m feeling pretty good about the front 7, especially now that JR’s demonstrating interest in bringing aboard another FA LB. If Curry’s knees aren’t shot, and the injury gods are kind this year to Rivers, Curry, Connor, Williams, and the DTs then the front 7 should be stout against the run. That alone should make the back of the defense better, again if the injury gods are kind to Ross, TT, and Prince. I’m very interested to hear what TT has to offer… CB or Safety? If he can defy the odds by returning to his previous performance level, and CWeb can show last season was an aberration, they’ll look pretty good back there.

  5.  BillyS says:

    Eli at #90? That’s bull. Roethlisberger is #70. Roethlisberger played in only 13 games and had 700 LESS yards than Eli, but he was ‘better’? It’s not like the Steelers made the playoffs.

    •  Krow says:

      Eli never gets his due and never will. Maybe when he retires and we have Dave Brown 2.0 at the helm.

      •  BillyS says:

        Those were some dark days in Giants history. For everyone that bashes Eli, look back at some of the past QBs. Brown, Kent Graham, Danny Kannell, etc, etc.

        •  Krow says:

          If history repeats … we’ll be longing for the Eli-Coughlin Era.

        •  norm says:

          For fans of a certain vintage, the Brown/Graham/Kanell years seemed like a breath of fresh air when compared to the Snead/Morton/Pisarcik era.

  6.  norm says:

    All you need to know about the validity of the rankings on that list:

    Two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning: #90

    Nine-game NFL starter Colin Kaepernick: #81

    Bob: #31

    Yeah, I know the rankings were based only on the players’ 2012 production – and that prior history was not taken into account. But to call it a “Best Players” list is nonetheless misleading. “Flavor of the Month” list seems a far more appropriate heading.

  7.  fanfor55years says:

    Especially in this new era of the NFL teams will rise and fall depending upon the presence or absence of a durable franchise quarterback.

    The Indianapolis Colts are going to be a powerhouse team for many years because they have a perfect quarterback: mobile, big, smart, big arm, able to make all the throws, and willing to primarily play from the pocket.

    I don’t see the same level of long-term success for San Francisco, Seattle and Washington because over time their style of play will have to change or their quarterbacks will not prove durable enough.

    Will we have “the guy” when Eli leaves? History suggests it’s very rare to have a great successor in place. Only Rodgers after Favre and Young after Montana have really been that. And the way it was done in those two instances was to have a very unhappy backup for at least two years who was champing at the bit, and then a putsch that cost a legend his job and was not welcomed by the fans. If Nassib is “that guy” will the Giants push Eli out the door when he has 2-3 years of good ball left? How would we feel about that?

    Much more likely is that Eli retires a Giant, and that a drought follows his exit from the scene, and we look longingly back at this era as the great one it is, much as we can now look across the expanse of the long drought after 1990 (that was only interrupted a few times by teams that were good but not great because we did not have a great quarterback) to the great Young/Parcell teams and appreciate them.

    So enjoy this while it’s happening. These “eras” don’t last forever.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      I disagree about Wilson. He runs but much more like a Rodgers because he gets what he can then gets down quickly. I think Luck and Wilson are similar in how they play sans Lucks physical size. I do have similar questions about SF and Wash though.

      “If Nassib is “that guy” will the Giants push Eli out the door when he has 2-3 years of good ball left? How would we feel about that?” Fans would move on quickly. I say that because I remember Simms and Ewing and how many wanted them to go even before they did. Fans in general are unforgiving but especially in NY. Especially, if Nassib looks like he’s the real deal. It’s much more likely Eli retires as a Giant but if Peyton is playing for the Broncos then it shows anything can happen.

      I think I’m even more invested as a fan now because I understand we are in a special era and it might not be like this for a long time. Seeing what happened with the Knicks the last decade shows what can happen.

  8. FF55 — I said basically the same thing early this morning re: Kiwi.

    He absolutely has to be a DE…and that’s why Reese is stocking up on bodies like Curry, Rivers and presumably Boley to fill the other OLB spot across from Jacquian.

    I’ve been saying for years that I thought Kiwanuka was the best all around DE on the team, even when he was playing linebacker. Of course, JPP probably changed all that…but it should still be pretty clear that Kiwanuka should be the guy lining up across from JPP with Tuck coming in rotationally.

    Between Rivers, Curry, Paysinger, hopefully Boley…I’m not too worried about the linebackers. I’d rather have the front four locked down before we start fretting over linebackers.

    Kiwi used to play LB because it was the most effective way of getting the best players on the field. That just isn’t the case anymore.

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