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Former Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders OLB Aaron Curry to Visit New York Giants

May 6th, 2013 at 8:19 PM
By Douglas Rush

The New York Giants search for linebackers continues, as a new name has emerged as an interest.

Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News has reported that Aaron Curry will be in town for a visit with the Giants. Curry is a former first-round pick of the Seattle Seahawks back in the 2009 NFL Draft, but never lived up to the hype of being that type of pick and was traded in 2011 to the Oakland Raiders for a seventh round draft pick.

On Monday through his Twitter account, Curry sent out a message to all of his fans, one in which sounds like he's very hopeful of a chance to sign with the Giants.

"Got hundreds of people praying that Thursday go as God planned…please join them and pray for me on Thursday!" Curry tweeted.

In 2012, Curry played all of two games with the Raiders due to knee troubles and was eventually released by Oakland.

Curry was once viewed as a can't-miss linebacker who had a bright future in the NFL and at age 27, the former linebacker out of Wake Forest could get a second chance at resuming his NFL career by playing for a championship caliber team.

Vacchiano said Curry will arrive in New Jersey on Wednesday night and said his knee was feeling healthy and working out in hopes of getting a potential deal. The Giants were the first team to get a crack at him with the visit.

The Giants could look to put Curry on the outside with Mathias Kiwanuka being used as the "joker" in the defense, Jacquian Williams dealt with injuries all last season and Keith Rivers on a one-year deal. Michael Boley was released by the Giants back in February due to salary-cap reasons.

Giants GM Jerry Reese has a chance to scoop up another former first-round pick that would likely not cost a lot to sign, and potentially play at an extremely high level if he's anything like he was coming out of Wake Forest.

The Giants ignored the linebacker position in the 2013 NFL Draft last weekend, and since then, many fans have wondered if the team would address the position, since the unit struggled with inconsistency and injuries.

Curry's best season was in 2011 when he played for both Seattle and Oakland. recording 114 total tackles, 80 of which were solo.

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17 Responses to “Former Seattle Seahawks, Oakland Raiders OLB Aaron Curry to Visit New York Giants”

  1.  KingAndrewXXIII says:

    I am all for it. The guy showed serious promise when he was coming out of college, but was definitely over-drafted and kind of rushed into things up in Seattle…and played a little out of place in Oakland. He will certainly come cheap and may be put into a system where he can truly show what he’s got. More of a classic OLB, perfect fit for the 4-3. I don’t think it could hurt for some competition in camp.

  2.  shmitty013 says:

    2007 NFC Championship game against the Packers is on NFL Network if anyone is interested.

    And I’m cool with bringing in Aaron Curry on what probably would be a vet minimum deal. I don’t see any real downside to it, kind of the same as when we traded a 5th round pick for Rivers, but this time, we’re not giving up a pick.

  3.  rlhjr says:

    Physically gifted player. I think he flopped due to the mental side of the game.
    And he had some really big expectations placed upon him. I think everyone saw him as a linebacker who could do it all including rush the passer.

    Oakland was maybe the single worse place he could have ended up.
    If his knees are shot, that will be clear early on. I would expect him to undergo a complete physical before they even think about signing him.

    •  Sonny Mukhopadhyay says:

      I didn’t think it was any mental issue, it seemed to me to be purely physical.

      When healthy, he was a playmaker, problem was, he was never healthy.

      I’m not so sure he has anything left, I’m not even sure how he is going to pass any kind of physical. If he is healthy, the next question becomes, can he stay healthy ?

      I’m honestly not sure he is worth taking up a roster spot. We’ll have to see how his workout goes.

  4.  KingAndrewXXIII says:

    In unrelated news, I heard that Buster Hymen has decided to hang up his cleats to focus on music with his band, The Penetrators. Despite him hanging it up, I still think he could’ve been a force in the middle!

  5.  G-MenFan says:

    This is Reese’s “blind side”. He has a tendency to fall in love with talented players that he can have for a song. But they’re physically and psychologically fragile.

    No thanks. We have Keith Rivers and Clint Sintim just retired. I’m all crippled-out.

  6.  BillyS says:

    I’m hoping he comes in and does well so he can be had on a vet min deal. I’ve always liked him because of all of the untapped talent. Yeah…he was a bit overdrafted, but he had talent. I just don’t feel he fit those teams at all and would be better over here — especially if there wasn’t tons of pressure of him having to be “the guy” on defense.

  7.  GOAT56 says:

    Interesting. Not a bad gamble. Rivers is a good comparison but Curry has even played that well when healthy. But if he’s healthy with his athletic ability you would think he could help. If Kiwi is really a DE we need at least 6 LBs and now we have 5 that look like roster locks in Williams, Rivers, Paysinger, Conner and Herzlich.

    •  Dirt says:

      Isn’t a healthy Curry just as accomplished but better than Connor?

      •  Dirt says:

        I guess what I’m saying is if someone plays better, what makes Connor (or some of those other guys) a lock?

        •  GOAT56 says:

          He can be talent wise but he’s rarely shown it with his play. I don’t look at Curry knocking a Conner off the roster because he’s been an OLB. I think Curry knocks a guy like Sabino off the roster if he plays well.

          •  BillyS says:

            I feel Sabino’s potential is pretty high. His value was low because of 2 things. First, he lacked instincts on rush vs. pass plays. He’d often get fooled and had trouble determining one from the other. When he made the right choice he flat out showed a lot of ability. He used his hands very well for a college player. He wouldn’t get stuck with a blocker because he could shed them quickly in pursuit of the ball carrier. He also is a great special teams guy because he’s a sound tackler with lots of energy. Secondly, he broke his leg and only played a few games, so that definitely had an impact on his draft stock. If he were healthy all season there’s no doubt he’d have been…at the very least…a 4th rounder. Curry has talent, but there’s also a reason so many teams have passed on him after his gig with the Seahawks and Raiders. The talent is there, but the real question is can any coach or team tap into it and get a diamond in the rough?

  8.  James Stoll says:

    The burn unit that is the Giants linebacking squad continues

  9. It boggles my freaking mind that I get home from work at almost 2 am on Mond…errr, Tuesday morning, and WE’RE STILL FREAKING TALKING ABOUT LINEBACKERS!

    At least this time, there’s good reason for it (an actual player actually visiting) and not another “Veteran, ‘maybe-you-know-his-name-but-maybe-not’ MLB available; Giants interested?” discussion.

    Look, I’m going to address all of the issues surrounding the Giants linebacker situation in this post right here…and then we’re going to move on to talking about more important things for the rest of the season.

    – First, the Giants are not “looking for linebackers,” so let’s all stop talking about this team as if Jerry Reese is driving to work every day thinking about where he can buy a good MLB for a sawbuck and a smile.

    (I know, I know…stupid of me to say this on a post about the Giants bringing in a linebacker for a visit. But this is a veteran, value-based, low risk/high reward tire kicking. Curry presented a player worth taking a shot on, he happens to play linebacker, the Giants aren’t stuffed to the gills with linebacker talent. Most likely, he gets a non-guaranteed veteran minimum-ish contract, which is pretty much equivalent to an invitation to training camp and not much more. THIS DOES NOT CONSTITUTE A WILD, SINGULARLY DESPERATE SEARCH FOR LINEBACKERS!)

    – Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, how is Dan Connor/Mark Herzlich noticeably different in any way than what the Giants have trotted out there at MLB the last 5+ years. Correction: how is it different than what the Giants went into a season with? Blackburn, Goff? The Giants simply haven’t committed much resource to the position in years…and, relatively speaking, Dan Connor is a pretty solid player in this era of the NYG MLB. Sure, not as much of a leader/coordinator on the field as Blackburn may have been, but at the absolute very least he’s a few ticks better athletically. SO WHY ARE WE UNDER THE PRESUMPTION THAT THE GIANTS ARE SO IN NEED OF LBers?

    – And chew on this: where are you going to get MLBers at this time of year? The idea that Reese is going to turn over some rock or pull a string in May or June and make a stud MLB appear is so Madden-driven its unbelievable. You know who is available this time of year? Guys who are washed up; who maybe have one bolt of lightning left in the tank. Read: guys that give you very, very little sense of security as it relates to your investment and expected production. There’s a reason Urlacher is still on the market. And, for that matter, there’s a reason Dan Connor is not.

    Jerry signed himself a cheap, veteran MLB in free agency, he passed on trading for or drafting another one early. He’s flirting with the idea of bringing back Michael Boley. Maybe. In a few months. ARE THESE THE ACTIONS OF A MAN DESPERATE FOR LB HELP?

    – And, as I said, the rest of the rotation won’t blow you away…but it sure is pretty damn far from a bare cupboard. You have some exciting, young, ready-to-play talent in Jacquian Williams. You have a trusted, productive veteran in Mathias Kiwanuka penciled in as a starter as well (more on that later). You may not like the Connor/Herz battle for the MLB and backup MLB spots, but it is what it is and those guys are going to be 1 and 2 one way or another come Week 1. And behind the starters, you have Spencer Paysinger who is turning into a pretty capable player: good athleticism, great ST; he’s everything you can ask for in a backup. Rivers is a lottery ticket who is again, a dream backup but in a different way: a difference maker when healthy, smart veteran player. Sure, there’s room for another guy (hence this whole Curry thing) to come in and compete with Rivers and Paysinger and try to catch lightning in a bottle…but the Giants are far from desperate for bodies at the position. That’s a solid, well-rounded crew.

    – And here is where you say, “But Simon, Kiwanuka is not going to be a linebacker this year…he’ll be a defensive lineman.” Well, hopefully, you’re right. It seems pretty clear that the Giants (and Kiwi, for that matter) want to get him back into the DL rotation. But they just aren’t going to be able to do it until and unless someone shows they are ready to play. Maybe Rivers stays healthy enough; maybe they roll the dice with Curry and hit 7s (sorry, I don’t play craps but 7s are good, right?); maybe Spencer Paysinger takes a step forward; heck, Michael Boley probably comes back or the job.

    My point is, the Giants want to move Kiwi back down to DL with Osi Umenyiora gone and Justin Tuck perhaps fading fast. They’re trying to put together enough able bodies to do so…but again, they are far from strapped at the position. Especially if/when Boley returns.

    – Now, a quick word to all the people who have anything negative to say about the Keith Rivers trade or a possible Curry deal. “What a waste of money, he is,” you wine from your mama’s basement. “He’ll never stay healthy,” you say about a man who does for a living things that might literally kill you or I, and are risks inherent to and accepted by the people who are employed and those who employ others in their given field. “He’s a bum,” you mutter, unlike you who went 1-4 at Beer League Softball last week. Taking low risk/high reward shots on talented players isn’t a weakness of Reese’s; it’s just good business. For anyone who players poker, it’s like a free or cheap draw to the nut flush: you know you’re putting in a few dollars for a hand that might not connect…but when it does it connects big and returns tons of value. If you complain about Curry or Rivers but will stand on a soap box for Brian Urlacher, you’re just an idiot fish.

    And, specifically to those of you who would call Rivers a waste of a fifth round pick, I say that you, my good friend, you are the fool. You wanna hear a waste of a fifth round pick? I’ve got one: Rhett Bomar. Want another one? Mitch Petrus. Or another one? Charlie Peprah.

    My point is, guys like Curry and Rivers, despite their issues, are absolute studs compared to whoever is available in the fifth round. Sure, it may not work out. BUT NEITHER DO MOST FIFTH ROUNDERS!

    – So, where does that leave us? Oh, that’s right, with a few fun facts about life in today’s NFL. Look, I’m too tired to research statistics, but NFL offenses are run out of the nickel over 50% of the time. Running is down, passing is up. Quarterbacks can run like the wind. And there’s more Reggie Bush, LeSean McCoy and CJ Spiller than there are Brandon Jacobs and Jerome Bettis. You just don’t use your MLB the same way you used to. They’re simply going the way of the fullback. They just aren’t needed as much.

    Which is a big part of the reason why it’s not the end of the world of Herz or Connor are liabilities in the pass game. It’s a big part of the reason why the Giants, and NFL teams in general, are trying to get deeper and deeper in the secondary. It’s a big reason that Reese drafted a great athlete in the fifth round whose stock dropped because he’s an LB/S ‘tweener. Sounds freaking perfect.

    – So, in summation, we don’t have to talk about linebackers anymore. Suggestions for other topics of discussion:

    - How it should be painfully obvious to everyone that Kiwanuka absolutely has to be a full time, starting DE…not an LB or a Joker. Kiwi and JPP start. Tuck is clearly better suited for a rotational gig at this point in his career.

    - Also, has anybody noticed than Kenny Phillips is gone? I know you all love Downtown Stevie Brown…but unless Will Hill breaks out big time, there will be a huge drop off in safety play this year.

    - Also, I’m so excited to see Wilson and Brown do their thing if the O-line can get their sh!t together. Seriously. That said, are we really being serious with this whole Tim Hightower thing? The guy was the definition of underwhelming before tearing his ACL and then was out of football last year. Sure, low risk, high reward…I get it. But still. Tim Hightower?

    – Had to google to make sure he was still on the team, but remember that time that Da’Rell Scott showed he had serious burners and took it to the house a few times in preseason? I do. It was awesome.


    •  Hanshi says:

      So, that was all directed at Doug Rush, right? He posted the article, we’re just responding to it. What else is he going to write about at this time of the year? The Giants are having the guy in, it’s news so he wrote about it. That was the article and the readers responded. Isn’t that what is supposed to happen here?

      You have some insightful posts, but you should refrain when you’re tired. It makes you seem grumpy.

    •  giankees says:

      If they were content they wouldn’t have brought in 2 udfas and they woulnt be talking to curry. So I do agree that its not a huge deal. Reese still is looking at lb and back up rb. I’m sure there is a chance he pulls in a cb which I think is still a big hole. Not that holset and ross aren’t seviceable I just wouldn’t want my season coming down to them on an island

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