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Report: Former New York Giants LB Michael Boley Arrested for Child Abuse

May 2nd, 2013 at 6:30 AM
By Dan Benton

Back in late 2011, it was reported that New York Giants linebacker Michael Boley was under investigation for repeatedly abusing his five-year-old son. At the time, his lawyer dismissed the accusation as nothing more than an attempt by the Mother to secure more child support money so that she could "increase her lifestyle."

“These allegations were brought to our attention along with outrageous monetary demands in a contested child support case which she filed over a year ago,” said Randall M. Kessler at the time. “At final trial about a month ago, she did not seek an order restricting visitation. The only relief she requested from the judge was that child support be more than quintupled to, in her words, ‘increase her lifestyle.’”

Those accusations were immediately followed up by another woman in Georgia, who also has a child with Boley, filing paperwork with a local court asking that his visitation be supervised.

It wasn't the first time Boley had dealt with a domestic issue as the NFL suspended him for one game in 2009 after being arrested and charged with three counts of domestic battery. He allegedly struck his then wife, Chantelle.

Fast forward to February of this year, three days after being released by the Giants, and Boley once again found himself in hot water. TMZ reports that the veteran linebacker was quietly arrested for child abuse.

The popular gossip site states that Boley pled guilty to the child abuse — which was physical in nature, not sexual — and turned himself over to authorities where he smiled for his booking photo. As part of the plea deal, Boley was ordered to take part in a pre-trial diversion program. Upon completion, all charges will be dropped. He plans to comply.

There is no indication that his unexpected release had anything to do with this case, however. And as recently as last week, the team was reportedly considering bringing him back for the 2013 season.

In the past, Boley has participated in many charitable initiatives for children, including hosting a “Super Autism Party” with the National M.O.M. Squad to help raise autism awareness.

Update: The exact nature of Boley's plea deal includes felony chargers under the Section 26-15-3 of the Alabama Code, which reads: “torture, willfully abuse, cruelly beat or otherwise willfully maltreat any child under the age of 18 years.”

Photo Credit: Mike Gannon


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10 Responses to “Report: Former New York Giants LB Michael Boley Arrested for Child Abuse”

  1.  Hanshi says:

    I just read the comments on the last thread because I was out last night and I want to comment.
    I like the Pugh pick and hope he has a HOF career playing for the NYG. But, if a guy like Barrett Jones ends up having a better career, it won’t have been as good of a pick as it could have been. Jones went much later and if a guy like that has as good or better career, than it wasn’t such a good pick taking Pugh at 19.
    I don’t think that will be the case but like it or not, he will be judged against other O-linemen in the 2013 draft,

  2.  The Original G Man says:

    We have a call on line #1 for “Norm.” Will Norm please pick up the nearest white courtesy phone …

    “NFL investigating Russell Shepard negotiation”

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    Too much smoke around Boley for there not to be at least a moderate fire. Unless this is a case of a father spanking a child (and even then, not abusively, but just to startle) and then being punished for it, then I want no part of him on a team for which I root.

    •  jfunk says:

      The woman is just crazy and making stuff up. So is the second woman that filed for protection.

      …and that guy whose head McClain put a gun to was really asking for it.

      …and Ray Lewis is a god fearing Christian that would never hurt a fly.

      …and that teenage girl was talking for weeks about how badly she wanted to be locked in a public bathroom with Ben Roethlisburger.

  4.  Dirt says:

    I killed a guy and got arrested, but no seriously, let me explain

  5.  fanfor55years says:

    Going back to the previous thread, rlhjr and I have been pretty much in agreement regarding what the Giants were doing, including that it would take TWO drafts to get the team rebuilt-on-the-fly.

    I don’t know if they will be able to get both a potentially elite corner and linebacker next April, but they need to try to get both one way or the other. My strong belief is that they should be willing to trade up to make sure they get ONE of those two roles filled in the next draft. Perhaps the other will emerge from free agency or from among the large group of youngsters around the team now.

    I also don’t remember who it was who suggested that if Barrett Jones had a better career than Pugh that would prove that Reese made a bad choice. That certainly wouldn’t prove that at all. No one was going to pick Jones with their first draft pick when he cannot play in 2013. The real question is would Reese have been better served choosing Jones in the fourth round instead of Nassib. We can argue that one forever. But THAT really was the choice to be made, and it had nothing to do with picking the best available offensive lineman (who could play in 2013) with the #19 pick. I’m pretty confident Pugh will prove to have been an excellent pick, but one way or the other, that had nothing to do with Barrett Jones.

    I’ll go further, and stick my nose into what I think has become a somewhat silly debate. IT DOESN’T MATTER if someone chosen after Pugh turns out to have a better career UNLESS he is an offensive lineman. Despite the noise about BPA no one in his right mind thinks anything other than that the draft room was responding to a mandate to choose the best available offensive lineman or defensive lineman with the #19 pick, with a slight lean toward the offensive side. (I argued the case for the offense for a few weeks and won’t get into that again, but the emphasis there was very logical). That’s what they did, and I think it was the right move. Might Ogletree turn out to have a better career? Sure (although I have my doubts). But who cares? If a mistake was made by our draft team it was only if a better offensive lineman could have been picked at #19. In fact, if you look carefully at what we did, let me know if you can come up with a better trifecta that addresses in the first three picks the team needs at offensive line, defensive tackle and defensive end? If you look at it that way I think the draft room was brilliant.

    Then they got probably the best quarterback in the draft as a backup for four years, a new prototype for the hybrid safety/linebacker that will become commonplace in the league over the next decade, a brute of an offensive guard, and a big and fast running back. I don’t know if Herman will be able to make it in the NFL coming from a small program. I don’t know if Cooper Taylor will be the “next Cam Chancellor”. I don’t know if Michael Cox will even make the roster, and I don’t know if Ryan Nassib will ever throw a pass that counts for the Giants, but I do know that those who are busy questioning Reese/Ross and the draft team are not seeing the forest for the trees. This was a very promising draft even if it wasn’t an “exciting” one.

    It’s time to move on from the draft and see what the team really has, but doubting the Giants’ drafts is usually going to be a losing proposition.

  6.  GIANTT says:

    I get a little tired of the egos who show up on here and who , at this stage of the draft process , are complaining about the Giants pick of Pugh – Really ?
    You guys think you have more knowledge and better instincts than the whole Giants staff ? not only are you complaining about the pick but you have the temerity to point out which future all pro in your estimation the Giants SHOULD have drafted instead .
    Im amazed that you really think you are better at player evaluation AND team needs and you act as if the Giants staff should call you up to soak up your wisdom
    . Get over yourselves

    •  Hanshi says:

      I mentioned Barrett Jones in the first comment on this thread. It had nothing to do with ego. I hope Pugh turns out to be the best O-lineman chosen in this draft and I think he’ll have a good career. The point was that Pugh will be compared to other O-linemen chosen in this draft.
      This is a comment and debate forum. If all we’re going to do is say JR has better knowledge and instints, there is no point in commenting at all.

  7.  GIANTT says:

    FF55y – I wholeheartedly agree with you . I think the Giants draft – AS A WHOLE-addressed a host of issues and managed to meld dictates from upstairs with a relatively weak draft class .
    The only place in the whole process that a comparison should come into play is the teams won-lost record .
    The draft is not an end in itself , its a method to get to the ultimate comparison and no-doubt raison d’etre – The teams won – lost record and whether they gain the ultimate prize of a Lombardi trophy . On that scale I would say the Giants have succeeded better than just about anyone in recent years and I dont think anyone has a reason to complain about the Giants production in this regard .

  8.  Sonny Mukhopadhyay says:

    Well, its not personal, we can disagree or agree on a pick, and debate it back and forth.

    Doubting a pick, or have disagreements on how to judge a pick is normal.

    Same goes for various other aspects of a team, and evaluations.

    Personally, If Pugh is great thats fine, if not, I’ll complain (not gloat), I probably will compare him to other players taken after him, but believe its not going to be an every thread deal. Its tiring and we’ve beaten this dead horse already (then dug it up, beat it again, then hung it, then shot it, threw it on the BBQ, ate it, and crapped it out).

    I don’t believe in infallibility, I disagree occasionally, it happens.

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