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Report: New York Giants, Victor Cruz May Complete New Deal Today

April 23rd, 2013 at 10:35 AM
By Dan Benton

'Victor Cruz' photo (c) 2011, scott mecum - license: On Monday, New York Giants co-owner John Mara said a long-term deal with wide receiver Victor Cruz will eventually get done and that everyone needs to be patient. This was in stark contrast to General Manager Jerry Reese who recently said he couldn't assume Cruz would even be playing for the Giants in week one.

It's been a wild rollercoaster ride since day one, but there's a possibility it could all come to an end today. Or so John Clayton of ESPN reports.

"Cruz contract may be completed today," Clayton said on ESPN's Mike & Mike this morning.

Use of the word "may" suggests Clayton could just be throwing some stuff up against a wall based on Mara's recent comments and hoping it sticks. After all, this is coming from the same guy who once reported that Kendrell Bell would sign a deal with Big Blue, and from the same network that reported Eli Manning would miss several weeks with a shoulder injury.

All that said, it is certainly possible this comes to an end today and Cruz is signed to a long-term deal. It's also possible ESPN credits a breaking story to Jay Glazer, who undoubtedly reported it first. In other words, it's not likely, but not impossible either.

We could sit here and rehash the entire situation (ie. agent changes, alleged offers, guaranteed money, Jay-Z and RocNation, Tom Condon, etc.), but we feel you're probably pretty well caught up at this point.

Tick. Tock.


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13 Responses to “Report: New York Giants, Victor Cruz May Complete New Deal Today”

  1.  BillyS says:

    I’m getting so sick of this that I don’t even want to hear Cruz’s name anymore. Maybe he can steal Lord Voldemort’s title as “You-Know-Who”.

  2.  norm says:

    This is good news.

    When last checked, the world’s supply of Young Whales jokes was dangerously close to depletion; certainly nowhere near enough to cover another 2-3 weeks worth of installments in the Cruz contract soap.

    Let’s hope a deal does get done today or the next so that there may still be enough of this precious non-renewable resource for future generations to enjoy.

  3.  GIANTT says:

    not caught – trapped is more like it

  4.  fanfor55years says:

    Once he signs the Giants have Nicks (who will be extended), Cruz, Randle, Murphy, Myers (remember, his contract is a multi-year deal if the Giants want it to be), Robinson, Wilson and Brown, plus Mr. Manning.

    They have Beatty locking down the LT position for five years. They have a pretty good center in Baas (if he can get and stay healthy….remember, he is a better athlete than was Shaun O’Hara). They really only need ONE stud on the O-line and two “solid” players to add to the mix to give them a ridiculously potent offense. But there’s no reason Reese cannot get them two studs over the next two drafts, starting on Thursday.

    I know there are plenty of “needs” for this team, but my view is that most fans and pundits are overestimating the need for defensive ends (yes, I am bullish on Ojomo and think Kiwi will play a lot of DE in 2013), linebackers (we’re not that bad off there and except for Arthur Brown or Jones I don’t know who would even be a candidate at #19….anyone dreaming of Ogletree is going to see him gone early), and corners at the #19 slot in the draft (first, I think Ross will be okay in Fewell’s scheme as long as he stops falling for double moves; second, I think that there are talented corners available later in the draft).

    It’s entirely possible that Cooper is available at #19. If he is I really hope Reese grabs him because I think he makes the offensive line excellent almost instantly. He could play LG (moving Boothe back to super-sub) and allow them to run left or right (he is a great pulling guard when called upon). He’s a great athlete. He’s the kind of guy they haven’t had on the O-line since….well, since I can remember. But even if Cooper is off the board it seems likely that both DJ Fluker and Menelik Watson would still be there. And they’d be strong picks too.

    Hard to believe I’m saying this, but I think it could be such a HUGE plus for this team to have a near-great O-line rather than just an adequate one that if I were Reese I’d consider trading up if necessary to get Warmack or Cooper. That’s how important I think either of them could be to this offense, and that’s how much I believe that future champions will have to ride their offenses to win it all.

    •  wlubake says:

      I personally don’t think the guard class is very deep. That’s why I’d like to have a guard drafted by round 2. Any of Warmack, Cooper or Warford would make me happy. Personally, I like Warford in round 2 if possible. He might not survive round 1, though. We’ll be replacing 2 guards in 2014. Getting a top guy this year would be a smart step to prevent that.

      I also don’t find the DE class terribly deep, especially not for the type of DE that works in our defense. I’m not really interested in a Mingo type of undersized player. To me, Jones, Hunt, Carradine and Ansah would work. There are some mid round guys who have the size figures, but don’t really excite me.

      I think corner is very deep. Safety is reasonably deep. Linebacker is reasonably deep (for our purposes). Defensive Tackle is reasonably deep. This is all good news for us, as these are key positions to target this draft. We can get good players later.

      Thus, I hope we go DE/OG in rounds 1&2, then fill those other positions in 3-6. If we can get a falling QB with upside to develop (Landry Jones?), I like that later. We also need a RB.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        What about guys like Thomas that are tackles who some project to guard. i think there are a number of prospects I see listed as tackle that will be at least considered at guard. I think that makes the class much deeper. I also think Brian Winters is a guy to look at closely in the 3rd or 4th round since we brought him in.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      You made a point last thread about the difference between who you would pick and who you thing the Giants would pick. I still don’t think Warmack or Fluker will be the picks but as the draft approaches I can really see Cooper. As we have discussed JR goes for “freaks” or at least those players with very good measurable for the position. Athletically, Cooper fits this mode and he’s a top player so I see him as much more a fit than the other two players. I also wouldn’t be shocked if Watson was our pick. The talk about Brewer playing might be true but maybe it’s at guard.

      I don’t think we need a DE at all in 2013 but very much so in 2014. I think DE is a sneaky need like CB was when we selected Prince. It looked like a non need with Webster, TT and Ross. But both TT and Ross were free agents the next year. Drafting Prince was protection much like an early DE would be.

      You really think Ogletree will be gone? He’s a prospect that might have the greatest possible fluctuation in the draft. His interviews and background check will determine a lot. I could see him gone before us or sliding until the end of the first.

    •  The Sherminator says:

      they need a word limit in the comment section. Don’t have the time to read a novel.

  5.  GIANTT says:

    Oh no – Norm are you saying that that seemingly endless fountain of pontification is running dry ?

  6.  Mikeomerta Vasquez says:

    Cruuzz. All you haters better not get all cruz happy again when he starts helping us win games.

  7.  Moe Manning says:

    All I know is we all need to have faith and be patience.victor cruz is a player who is extremely important to the offense,the team,the organization,& this fan base lets just hope we get this deal done before training camp starts. Hopefully according to these beat writers let’s hope it gets done today just be patince after all this kid broke the giants all time signal season receiving record. I know the giants are not just going to let him slip threw our fingers. We will get a long term deal done.

  8.  Drew ImHungry Crawford says:

    I also may sign a contract with the Giants

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