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New York Giants Re-Sign Guard Kevin Boothe

March 25th, 2013 at 10:55 AM
By Dan Benton

Offensive lineman Kevin Boothe will be back with the New York Giants in 2013 after all. Kim Jones of NFL Network reports the sides have agreed to a new one-year deal.

As recently as early March, Boothe and the Giants appeared to be far apart on a new deal. He was said to be receiving interest from the New York Jets and Carolina Panthers, while the Giants had begun exploring other options like former Jets guard Matt Slauson. However, management never backed down on their desire to retain Boothe, and even some of his teammates and friends began to speak publicly about their eagerness to see him return.

"Kevin is a good friend of mine, and obviously I want him back," Chris Snee said last week. "I think he’s a great player. He’s been very important to us the past couple years. But that’s not my decision to make, and I know Jerry Reese will put the best team out there he can. I hope it’s with Kevin Boothe."

With Boothe's return, the Giants now have four of their five starting offensive line positions spoken for. From left to right it will be Will Beatty, Boothe, David Baas and Chris Snee, with the right tackle spot open for the taking.

At right tackle, a lot will depend on the status of David Diehl. The team has been working on a pay cut/restructure with him, and he says he's anxious to remain with Big Blue, but nothing has been finalized. If they're unable to reach an agreement, the team will have no choice but to release him and have James Brewer either step up as the No. 1 man or look to the NFL Draft (the team had met with Alabama guard Chance Warmack over the weekend).

For Boothe, it appears he was unable to find a better deal elsewhere and had to settle for one of the many one-year deals General Manager Jerry Reese & Co. are handing out.

Update: The Giants have made the signing official.


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57 Responses to “New York Giants Re-Sign Guard Kevin Boothe”

  1.  Casey Sherman says:

    Great news.

  2.  Emperor Norton says:

    Great news! Any word what the numbers were?

  3.  Dirt says:

    So all that’s left up in the air is Double D, David “Drunk Driving” Diehl.

  4.  jfunk says:

    Interesting. Glad to have the concern mitigated, but we’re going to need a roster’s worth of guards for 2014.

    I suspect Boothe was not interested in signing long term at the Giants figures and wants to try his luck next year, hoping that this years terrible free agency is just an aberration.

    •  Dirt says:

      I’d be curious what next year looks like. I feel like this year’s free agents mostly signed 1-year deals, but that’s just my sense. If true, they’ll all be up again, with a whole new class of free agents.

    •  Chad Eldred says:

      Dirt is right. Next year won’t be any better. There won’t be significant cap expansion until 2015 and there will be another crowded market for FA’s.

  5.  GOAT56 says:

    Good news but not great news in my view because it’s only a one year deal. I understand in some cases but with Boothe he should be signed for 2-3 years if he was being brought back. Maybe that’s nitpicking because I’m definitely pleased he is back. It just seems like we had too many free agents this year and we will be in the same situation next year with one player who didn’t need to be there because we know what Boothe brings to the table.

    This makes us a lot more likely to draft a first round OL. To invest in a first round guard and not start them is crazy. A RT is still possible but would we really have that much more confidence in a rookie than a young vet like Brewer who has talent and knows the system?

    Our free agents pickups really lead us to the position of picking the BPA. It’s always based on our needs but know we have no glaring need at a starting position. We can certainly upgrade some positions but it seems unlikely we are starting the player we draft at #19. So I think it’s a position that can contribute without starting.

  6.  NC Giant says:

    First off…Dirt…hilarious Cruz trade/Saints first pic post on last thread. Well played!!!

    Another solid, non-panic move for JR. Nothing earth shattering here but I prefer Boothe to another FA guard who needs to come in and learn our system and become familiar with Baas and Beatty. He’s a nice player at what I am assuming is a reasonable price.

    I don’t think JR lost many starring contests as a kid…the dude just does not blink first.

  7.  Begiant says:

    LMAO this is too good to be true. We signed our starting LG who can be a super sub if needed for a one year deal so we can still dump cap next year. I do not know how Jerry Reese does it but this is great.

    I wonder if Hixon is next?

    •  kinsho says:

      I think jfunk explained it best. He wanted to test the FA waters next year to see if he can find himself a better deal.

  8.  wlubake says:

    So I’m sure this has been discussed quite a bit, but what is the cap hit of cutting Diehl? SportTrac has him with a total 2013 cap hit of $6.825 MM, with $4.475 MM of that being base salary. I would think we could at least save the salary portion against the cap. Since this is his last year, there’s no future bonus money to accelerate.

    So why aren’t we hearing about Diehl taking a $3 MM salary cut or something. The guy won’t be getting better than a $1.475 salary elsewhere, right? Are we asking for more, maybe?

    •  demo3356 says:

      Its actually been talked about a lot.. They were really close to a restructure a few weeks ago. I think they were waiting to see what happened with Boothe before forcing Diehl’s hand. He should be dealt with shortly. If he is cut it will trigger $2,078,125 in dead money towards the cap but is better than 6.825 if he stays at current deal.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      There has been some thought that Diehl’s cap number would only be addressed after we had taken care of Beatty and Boothe. Now that we have I expect that there will be some news on Diehl taking a pay cut soon. Before I thought he might be cut but with the glowing words from our owner that seems unlikely now. Unless Diehl will refuse the pay cut which would be a huge surprise.

  9.  Krow says:

    We’ll know more about Boothe after the draft. If we see an OG signed in the first 3 rounds then it’s a good indication they don’t feel optimistic about signing him next year. And with several notable FAs coming up I can see the logic.

  10.  norm says:

    Great move.

    The one-year length of the deal all but screams “STOPGAP.” At 29, Boothe is still pretty young for a guard. He has a lot more than one year left in the proverbial tank. If the Giants brain trust viewed Boothe as a long term solution on the interior line, they probably could have locked him up for more than just this season without incurring much more of an annual cap hit.

    I’m already on record as saying I think the Giants will go interior O-line high in this draft. If Cooper is still on the board at 19, I think he’s going to be the pick. If Cooper is off the board, then I think a guard is selected no later than the 3rd.

    Having Boothe in house for 2013 relieves on pressure to play a rookie – even a highly drafted one – right away. He can spend a year under the tutelage of Flaherty and be ready to go in 2014.

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