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New York Giants: Chance Warmack on Team’s Radar for 2013 NFL Draft?

March 25th, 2013 at 4:00 PM
By Douglas Rush

With the 2013 NFL Draft a little less than a month away, the New York Giants draft picture is still a fuzzy one and most fans know they have needs like defensive back, linebacker and offensive line.

Over the weekend, the Giants had Alabama's Chance Warmack in for a visit with the team, which is odd timing considering they just re-upped with Kevin Boothe on a one-year deal. However, the Giants' interest in Warmack makes sense, considering they could look to go younger on the offensive line over the next two years.

David Diehl, Chris Snee and David Baas are all older players on the line, so drafting depth and potential players who could look to be heirs to their spots would make a lot of sense for Giants general manager Jerry Reese. Plus, Boothe will be 30-years-old by the time the 2013 season begins and was only signed by the Giants for one season and not five like left tackle Will Beatty.

By signing Boothe for just one year, the Giants are looking at 2014 for someone to step up, and Warmack would make a lot of sense.

A 6'3", 320 pound guard from the National Champion Alabama, Warmack is the total package at guard. He's big, strong, athletic, moves well, and is a great athlete for his size. With guys like Luke Joeckel, Eric Fisher and Lane Johnson projected as the top tackles in April, Warmack might be the best guard available.

The only problem is the Giants first-round spot at No. 19 as some mock drafts have Warmack being taken before the Giants pick, going to teams like the New York Jets at No. 9 or the St.. Louis Rams at No. 16.

The Giants normally don't draft offensive lineman in the draft and tend to take lineman in the later rounds; Luke Petitgout was the last time the Giants drafted offensive line in the first round back in 1999, coincidentally at No. 19 as well. But with the re-signing of Boothe, the Giants might know that Warmack might not be on the board by the time they are picking, and Reese was just doing his due diligence as far as scouting players goes.

The clock is ticking until April. The Giants have a month to decide on this pick. Don't be shocked if the Giants take Warmack if he's still there at No. 19.


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33 Responses to “New York Giants: Chance Warmack on Team’s Radar for 2013 NFL Draft?”

  1.  F0XLIN says:

    Don’t toy with my emotions Doug

    •  Paul Tierney says:

      I don’t think we are taking a guard. Aside from the fact the Giants don’t usually take offensive linemen in the first round, the team does not have an immediate need at guard. It doesn’t make a ton of sense to spend a first-round pick on a player who won’t be able to contribute much this season. Smart move is to take a guard in the midrounds and give him a year to learn the system before factoring him into the solution for replacing Boothe or Snee in 2014. The again, the Giants tend to draft BPA as opposed to need, so if Warmack is the highest player on the board they might take him regardless. However, judging by past history, I don’t see this happening.

      •  F0XLIN says:

        I think Reese goes BPA regardless of need at all times, if Warmack is there he will be BPA in my opinion (discounting a player like Millner slipping)

        I’ve said it over and over the last few months, in the last 14 years of the Draft there have not been 2 guards taken in the first 18 picks

  2.  MentalHockey says:

    While I wouldn’t love it if they took him in the first round, I wouldn’t mind it either. He isn’t what you would consider a sexy pick based on his position but he’s easily one of the most talented guys in the draft.

    •  F0XLIN says:

      Personally… I’ve never thought a 320lb man was so sexy

      •  MentalHockey says:

        To each their own I guess. I mean, if you asked Samard he could probably tell you all the things he likes about Warmack’s backside and why it would be a sexy pick…

  3.  MentalHockey says:

    A position that will definitely be targeted in the draft will have to be CB. Look at our depth chart. Prince, Swag Hosley, Wesbter, Ross, Thomas, practice squad guys.

    Thomas is coming back from a 3rd ACL tear. THIRD! Serious doubts he’s able to play at a high level, even at safety. Probably won’t be on the team next year. I even have my doubts about him this year.

    Webster is coming off of a terrible season and even if it was just injuries, I don’t see him getting a new contract after his expires in 2014.

    Ross is here on a one year deal, and might not be back next year. Still love him though.

    Practice squad guys I know crap about so who the heck knows, there might be talent there. At least you hope so. Then you remember that they’re on the practice squad for a reason and you lose that hope.

    Not only do I see a CB being taking in the first 3 rounds (Rhodes/Trufant, Banks/Slay/Poyer/Amerson/Taylor or Ryan/Gratz/Webb/Wilson) I also see the Giants targeting one in the later rounds to battle it out for the sixth spot, assuming Thomas is either not on the roster or switched to safety. Someone like S. Williams, Hyde or Hayden in the 6th round or so.

    •  KingAndrewXXIII says:


      I think with the NFL having become a pass-first league and a premium being put on cover CB’s, along with teams utilizing slot receivers more now, it is wise to often invest draft picks in them. I kind of doubt that Rhodes is there when we pick and believe that we can get great value with one of the guys you mentioned in rounds 2-4…and also agree that it’s worth adding a late round guy as well to compete for depth and ST contributions.

  4.  Hanshi says:

    Reese factors need into BPA. There was even an article on G101 that totally agreed with me on that. But, that’s an argument for another day. I’d really like Warmack but I believe he’ll be gone by 19.

    •  F0XLIN says:

      Agreed he has mentioned they will put additional weight on areas of need but will always stay true to their board and take BPA

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Yes, need is always taken into consideration by weighting the board toward “needs”, but this year there aren’t many glaring needs out there so he’s pretty free to drive for talent and impact. But depending upon what they think their needs will be in 2014-2015, those WILL get extra attention in April.

      Cornerback is definitely a place to watch, as is defensive tackle. There are others, too, but I think those two along with the O-line are going to be places they look very carefully.

      I’ll be shocked if Warmack drops to #19, but I remember when miraculously Kenny Phillips dropped to the bottom of the first round. Strange things happen on draft day.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        The guard from Stanford was highly thought of as well last year but lasted until #24. I think guards last to teams with more secure rosters. If you have a lot of holes its hard to draft a guard early. But if you have few holes and/or are a proven winner drafted a guard is different. I think one guard at most goes before us and the pick could easily be Cooper over Warmack.

      •  Hanshi says:

        Don’t you think he weighs in future needs? Such as 2014 and slightly beyond? I think in addition to CB, we will need a S. In addition to DT, we will need DE. We will need all spots on the OL. We may need a TE and maybe another late round RB. I know there’s next year’s draft but we take almost a year to get them on the field.

  5.  BillyS says:

    Warmack wouldn’t be a terrible pick. It definitely isn’t an exciting pick like getting a star QB, WR, CB, DE, or LB, but every team needs a good line in order for the rest to produce. Warmack is the type of talent who could be a mauler for the next 10-15 years. That makes him an extremely valuable (and hopefully productive) pick. He won’t be a human highlight reel that will get everyone excited with youtube clips, but he really would be a solid pick. I love Chris Snee, and don’t think he was nearly as bad last year as some are saying, but there’s no denying that he is getting up there in age and it doesn’t hurt to have a capable replacement who is ready to step in when it’s his time. I don’t think he’ll last til 19. One could make an argument that he could wind up in the top 10. I think the Jets would be stupid to pass up on him. And how could he get past the Rams with their need of O-linemen over the last few years. It’s a pipe dream, but I don’t think we’ll get him.

  6.  GOAT56 says:

    I can’t see with the re-signing of Boothe how Cooper or Warmack are selected in the first round. Only possibility in my view is if we surprisingly cut Snee. Need and positional value drive the pick of a guard way down. I think some overlook that after the top 2 guards there are a number of quality guards in the 2-4 round range. Also this draft is deep at OT. So just because we don’t address the OL in the first round doesn’t mean it won’t be addressed. Also we can’t overlook a player like Mosley in being in the guard or even tackle mix as well.

    Also clouding our OL need is that we could use a pick at CB, DE, LB, DT and S. We also could use a depth player at RB and maybe even WR. Our free agent signings have patched us up from any glaring needs for starters but we have needs all over the place for you talent infusion at various positions.

    •  MentalHockey says:

      True. Boothe might only be here for a year but that’s enough time to develop a mid-round guy under Flaherty to be the starter next year.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        It’s not just Boothe. Snee could be gone after this year too. That’s why I would have signed Boothe for longer if possible. We could easily end up with 2 new starting guards in 2014.

        •  NC Giant says:

          we may have tried to sign him for 2-3 year deal…but he still needs to say yes.

          I prefer the idea of grabbing a CB or D-Lineman in the first and come back in the 2/3rd for the O-Lineman and the CB/DL which wasn’t selected with the first round pick. I hope we do not reach for a LB and that we absolutely do not take a TE.

          Where it gets tough for me is with Fluker…if he is available I would be very tempted to make the pick. He can serve as a viable backup at both G spots and RT this year…but he would be a great plug/play at RG next year (assuming Brewer locks down RT)

    •  Hanshi says:

      This could be Snee’s last year.

  7.  Chad Eldred says:

    If Warmack is on the board at 19 I don’t know how you couldn’t take a long hard look at him. While guard may not be a premium position in the NFL, this kid is an enormous talent. Not to mention we have an aging guy on one side who has been less than stellar of late and a guy on a one year deal. Value and need meet at Warmack.

  8.  TroyThorne says:

    Warmack is a beast who brings everything you want to the table as an NFL guard. The size, the attitude, the strength, the production, the coaching, the level of competition that he dominated, etc. I think it would be awfully short-sighted to pass him up in this hypothetical situation just because we signed Boothe to a 1 year deal. Don’t forget that Boothe is Mr. Versatility and has played tackle before. We could take Warmack and just swing Boothe to RT. It’s certainly a possibility.

    This draft is pretty deep at a lot of the positions we’ll be looking to address so there will be a ton of options come April. We’re pretty lucky in that regard.

    •  BillyS says:

      His attitude is really impressive. He’s the classic mauler type blocker who has a nasty demeanor. I love when an offensive lineman has a mean-streak. There are some positions where that can be a liability, but guard is the perfect spot for it. I want a guard who will get pissed off at a big DT. I want a guy who will stand his ground and just hate the other team. That’s not a knock on Snee or Boothe, but attitude is infectious and I just feel this guy is one of those players that has “it”. Not a glamor pick, but tons of value.

  9.  LUZZ says:

    I would love this pick

  10.  norm says:

    If the scouting reports I’ve read are accurate, then Xavier Rhodes is not a player I want within a million miles of a Perry Fewell coached defense.

    More than one report I’ve seen describes Rhodes as an excellent press coverage corner who tends to struggle when playing zone.

    If true, that’s a recipe for disaster in this scheme. I doubt he’d last half a season here before the “bust” chants reached deafening volumes.

    Of course, one of Reese’s biggest failings as GM is his tendency to sometimes select players that are poor fits for the coaches’ favored schemes (see: Sintim, Clint) So I’m not saying he WON’T be the pick… only that he SHOULDN’T (if he really is a liability in zone coverage)

    •  KingAndrewXXIII says:

      Agreed. And it sucks, because I think Rhodes is going to be a terrific pro…but you’re right, he is more of a physical, man-up type CB. I do think that someone like Trufant, Banks, Slay, etc. would be a better fit in our system…although, I long for the days when Fewell will let our CB’s play some press-man coverage…and having our #1 shadow the opposing team’s #1 WR all over the field, how the Jets utilized Revis.

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