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New York Giants Schedule Stony Brook RB Miguel Maysonet for Private Workout in April

March 22nd, 2013 at 1:45 PM
By Dan Benton

The New York Giants were among several teams in attendance at Stony Brook's Pro Day on Friday and they must have liked what they saw. Following its conclusion, the Giants scheduled a private workout with Stony Brook running back Miguel Maysonet for sometime in early April.

In addition to the Giants, Maysonet will also workout for the New York Jets in early April and the New England Patriots this coming Wednesday.

The 5-foot-9, 209 lbs. Maysonet became the first player in Stony Brook's history to attend the NFL Combine in early February. When announced in a room full of his peers, Maysonet received a standing ovation.

"That was pretty awesome," said Maysonet following the Combine's conclusion. "That was my favorite part of the combine."

Little else happened for Maysonet at the Combine as a lingering hamstring injury prevented him from participating in several of the drills, including the 40-yard dash. However, the youngster still looked at it like a solid opportunity to sell himself to all 32 NFL teams and show that he's ready and determined to play at the highest level.

"I know I can play in the NFL and have a good career," said Maysonet, who rushed for more than 4,700 yards in three seasons at Stony Brook. "I have confidence in my ability and my work ethic."

Although no a significant area of need, the Giants could benefit from drafting a young running back project in the late rounds (or signing one as an URFA) to fill out their depth chart.


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3 Responses to “New York Giants Schedule Stony Brook RB Miguel Maysonet for Private Workout in April”

  1.  rlhjr says:


    Just to keep things in prospective, my choice was and still is for the Giants to come up with an impact defensive tackle. After that, an offensive lineman, defensive back and a linebacker are hopefully selected in that order.

    There are no Carson’s, Taylors or Banks, Reasons, Kelly’s Van Pelts or Johnsons to be had. I am coming down on the side of this being a two act play.
    The selections this year and next must be carefully made.

    It’s nice to dream and speculate, but I really hope Reese does a brick by brick build. It’s the right thing to start with the lines (O/D) and build out from there.
    I think being competitive is all we can expect this year. However, with solid first and second round picks this year and next the sky will again be the limit.

    I know one thing for sure; this team will not be in cap hell again for quite a long time to come.

  2.  giankees says:

    They wont be in cap hell till they have to sign nicks jpp cruz boothe toll they have to **** after 2 more lineman when they cut deal and snee an have to pay linval. There is always honna be cap hell.

  3.  mikeyd56 says:

    He was the leading rusher in FBS last year, 3 yrs over 1000 rushing got better as he got older. 2nd in the Walter peyton award voting. The kid can play. busted Syracuse for 189 yds and Aqrmy for 220 last yr. Played big against 1a schools in his career. can return punts and kicks as well. his recieving numbers look bad due to SBU being a run first team plus they had a WR for the last two yrs who’s gonna be in someones camp also.l He would be a nice addition to the back field if the giants can get him in rd 5. however he most likely will go in the 4th rd. how i know? im an alumn and season ticket holder for SBU.

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