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New York Giants’ David Diehl Says He Will Restructure Contract in Effort to Retain Victor Cruz

March 22nd, 2013 at 7:30 AM
By Dan Benton

'David Diehl' photo (c) 2006, Alexa - license: Earlier in the week, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning said he'd be willing to restructure his contract in order for the team to retain wide receiver Victor Cruz. On Thursday, that sentiment was shared by offensive lineman David Diehl who told NFL Total Access that he'd be willing to do the same.

"I wish I was his agent. I'd tell you more answers, and I wish I was upstairs in the office," Diehl said. "But like you said, Eli would be willing to do things, I'd be willing to do some things to restructure and help other guys out, and to keep a great teammate along like Victor Cruz."

Diehl did mention however, that the Giants have not yet approached him in regards to a pay cut or a restructure. This conflicts with earlier reports that the two sides had agreed to restructured deal and then a later report, this time by co-owner Steve Tisch, that the two sides continue to discuss a restructured deal.

"I have restructured before in my 10 seasons of being a New York Giant. It's not something that I'm unfamiliar with. I mean, that's part of the business of the NFL," he added.

The veteran offensive lineman is scheduled to earn a base salary of $4,475,000 here in 2013 with a total cap hit of $6,825,000. As a result, it's inevitable that he take a pay cut, restructure his deal (which would essentially be a contract extension at that point) or be released.


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5 Responses to “New York Giants’ David Diehl Says He Will Restructure Contract in Effort to Retain Victor Cruz”

  1.  kujo says:

    I was talking to my dad about this last night, and I gotta say–nice as it is that Diehl, Eli and others have expressed a willingness to restructure their contracts so that the team can sign Cruz, I’m not interested in them doing it. What, are we gonna free up another $10 mil and just give it all to Cruz, ostensibly caving in to the high contract demands his previous agent had? I don’t know what they’ve offered him, but I’d bet that it was in the $7-8 mil neighborhood, which is a) what they can afford, and more importantly b) what they believe he’s worth. If they really needed more money to give him, they probably would’ve done these restructures/paycuts/extensions weeks and months ago. I love Cruz as much, or more, as the next guy, but to cave in now, with the specific purpose of giving Cruz more money, would be tantamount to waving the white flag and surrendering to public demand, setting a dangerous precedent for guys like Nicks, JPP, Wilson and future fan-favorites.

    It’s great to hear Eli and Diehl being classy and offering to make things work, but I imagine that Reese already knew they’d say yes, and yet still hasn’t asked because he’s not going to be strong-armed.

  2.  Krow says:

    I’m confident that a deal will get done. Cruz doesn’t want to leave or play out the RFA year. He’s got a new agent with a history of getting contracts done with the Giants. They’ve already said they’re over the Welker-$6-mil-barrier.

    So … let’s assume they’re at $7 mil/year. It’s effectively $8 mil since it erases the RFA year. Maybe a little negotiation gets it to $7.5 ($8.5 effective).

    Does Cruz really play out the year … then hit 2014 free agency … all over the possibility that someone will pay him more?

    It’s just not sensible.

  3.  giankees says:

    The fact that they didn’t cut diehls pay already makes me think that he will be cut later on. I think the giants don’t like to show there cards prior to the draft. It really makes no sense thatt they would pay cut webster and bass and not Diehl. So I believe that he will be cut when they pick up either a high draft pick and a fa or when we pick up 2 free agents for a total of half of what Diehl makes in one yr. Or they will just offer him league min to stay on the team as a plan d. I have to hink that the longer fa goes on that the players left on the board are getting cheaper and cheaper. Plus nfl has made a serious push to get older players signed by causing a min cap hit on league min signings. Reese will address the line later. As for cruz he will be no cap hit xause tge jints woll work it out to hsve min cap hit yhis yr so they don’t want to restructure riggt now when they can save even more money with restructuring eli nect yr

    •  kujo says:

      Cut Webster? He just took a 50% paycut?

      Cut Baas? He restructured again and is a pretty decent center, and hardly the reason our OL has been weak.

      Cut Diehl? That I can get behind, provided they feel Brewer is the heir apparent at RT, and that they plan to replace Boothe by drafting an OG in the 1st or 2nd round that they intend to play immediately. Even if those 2 things were to play out, Diehl is still somewhat better than the depth guys we currently have–well, no he’s not, but the *idea* of Diehl is.

      Not gonna happen, bro. These 3 guys are 2013 Giants roster locks.

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