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New York Giants: Aaron Ross Gets No. 31 Back; Will Hill Switches to No. 25 for 2013

March 22nd, 2013 at 3:00 PM
By Douglas Rush

When cornerback Aaron Ross departed after 2011 to the Jacksonville Jaguars, safety Will Hill took his old number. Ross wore the No. 31 with the New York Giants from 2007-2011 and, in fact, it's the same number Ross has when he went to the University of Texas.

During his one and only season in Jacksonville, he wore the No. 31 as well

When Ross re-signed with the Giants on March 12, some wondered if he would get his old number back, or would be forced to switch. Well, as the Giants reported via Twitter, Ross will get his old number back with the Giants.

Will Hill, who wore it during the 2012 season, will wear the No. 25 in 2013.

What Ross had to give Hill in order to get the No. 31 back wasn't disclosed to the public. And it's not the first time that players on the Giants got a number they wanted from a teammate. Former punter Jeff Feagles switched his number twice while with the Giants.

When Feagles started with the Giants in 2003, he wore the No. 10, that was until the Giants traded for Eli Manning on the day of the 2004 NFL Draft. Manning got the No. 10 from Feagles and in exchange, Manning paid for Feagles and his family on an all-expense paid vacation to Florida.

Feagles switched to the No. 17 for 2004, but then the Giants signed Plaxico Burress in the spring of 2005. Burress was given the No. 17 by Feagles in exchange for the work that Feagles needed done on his house. According to Feagles, Burress never paid him for the number.

Hopefully, Ross doesn't stiff Hill on whatever agreement they came up with for the No. 31.


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10 Responses to “New York Giants: Aaron Ross Gets No. 31 Back; Will Hill Switches to No. 25 for 2013”

  1.  kujo says:

    The 2013 G101 Community Mock Off is officially ON! Send your 4-round mock drafts to mkier86 AT aol DOT com, along with your username. Results will be posted–and discussed–draft day!

  2.  GOAT56 says:

    I like Jarvis Jones because I sw him produce at a high level in the SEC. He certainly played faster than his 40 which is why everyone was shocked. Compared to a Teo people who really studied film weren’t surprised by his 40. So to me at 19 Jones questions about speed are well worth the risk. To me the question is more how his skills translate to a 4-3 SLB and the value of SLB for JR. LB in general has been low but it appears the right MLB in Fewell’s scheme is worth a pick at 19. I wonder is that also true for SLB. The pick of sintim says that Jones could very well have that value at 19 because Jones seems to bring similar skills but just better.

    I don’t think you draft a “low floor” player like Werner at 19. Especially at DE the idea is to draft an impact guy and I just don’t think he’s that guy.

    I read so many different things about Ogletree that there’s no consensus. It’s a matter of how we see him but I think he needs to be viewed as a MLB to be selected by us. Even if we view him as a MLB he must be viewed a great MLB prospect so if we select Ogletree then it means he’s highly though of by our scouts.

    This kid would be the type of RB we would draft in the 5-7 rounds.

    •  kujo says:

      The thought of Werner and JPP reminds me of the tandem of Justin Smith and Aldon Smith in San Fran. Werner is a good pass rusher and a beast run stopper. Seems ideal to me.

      •  GOAT56 says:

        Justin Smith is a 3-4 DE. When he was a 4-3 DE he wasn’t that great. And still Smith is a better athlete.

    •  F0XLIN says:

      The knocks I see him outside him are like you said

      Projects to a 3-4 OLB
      Most of the plays I saw him make in college were uncontested or in 1 on 1 situations
      Medical concern
      overall I don’t like him as a prospect or fit for the Giants
      we already have an Interviewee in Antrel who opens every sentence with “At the end of the day”

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      I think he’d be a great fit in our defense. He’s extremely athletic and finds the guy who has the ball.

      Don’t pay too much attention to 40 times. hey also said that this guy was gonna slip regardless.

      He’s a good ball player.

  3.  giankees says:

    They will only go lb uf they love hi. An tge top 3 dts are off the board and ghe tpp 3 dbs are pff the noard. And the top 5 des are off the board. That being said reese does not feel that lb is an ecpensive position. He picks the expensive positiins first cb de dt or wr unless he sees a crazy ralent like wolson 4.3 game breaker. Even ggen he knew he could save bradshaw and jacobs money off the cap.

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