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New York Giants’ David Wilson Addresses Victor Cruz, Kick Returning, Starting Competition

March 21st, 2013 at 1:53 PM
By Douglas Rush

People are excited to see what David Wilson can do for the New York Giants in 2013. After showing the fans a glimpse of what he could do in 2012, the Giants decided to part ways with Ahmad Bradshaw to give their first round pick of 2012 more playing time as a featured back.

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Wilson spoke at a Boost Mobile Shrink Hunger community event and discussed several topics with Jenny Vrentas of the Newark-Star Ledger.

On Victor Cruz's contract situation:

"I think he's a key player. If I was in charge, I would have gave him a contract to make sure he don't go nowhere."

"I mean, you've got to be logical with. But I would definitely want him on my team, especially the success that he's had in the city."

On kick returning in 2013:

"I'd truly miss being back there on kick returns if they decided to take me off. And I would still try to get back there somehow."

On being the Giants starting running back:

"The job is not given to anybody, you've just got to go out and earn it."

On bulking up for pass protection:

"Because at the end of the day, Eli is our quarterback in there. And when the game is in a tough situation, the ball is going to be in his hands to make decisions. And when he makes those decisions, he's got to be able to stand in the pocket."

Wilson finished his rookie season with 71 carries for 358 yards and four touchdowns. The Giants also have Andre Brown and Ryan Torain, who will compete for playing time in 2013 as well.


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38 Responses to “New York Giants’ David Wilson Addresses Victor Cruz, Kick Returning, Starting Competition”

  1.  KingAndrewXXIII says:

    Snee’s cap hit is 11M this season!!! Are you kidding me?! He did say in this article that he would be willing to restructure…but that number is just RIDICULOUS for an interior linemen…especially one that has been on the decline the past couple of years! I am hoping he does bounce back to his old form…but I am not holding my breath.

    I have been saying it, but if we don’t retain Boothe…it’s highly likely that we see the human turn style that is David Diehl starting at LG this season, and that would be a nightmare.

    •  jfunk says:

      I mentioned this last week some time, but I suspect his big cap number this year is a direct result of JR trying to push him out the door.

      They restructured him last year, but didn’t extend his contract beyond 2014, so they knew he was going to have huge numbers this year and next. If they felt he was in their long term plans they would have extended him at the time.

      They still might, or they could simply restructure him again to drop that cap hit about about 2.5M and push 2.5M more to next year. But I suspect either way they do not anticipate his being on the team in 2014.

      I also still think there’s an outside chance he’s not on the team in 2013 if the Giants acquire at least one guaranteed starter at guard (Boothe or other) and especially two (Boothe + high draft pick?). They’d clear over $4M now and $9M in 2014 by cutting him.

      •  KingAndrewXXIII says:

        This draft is ripe with mid-round guys who could come in and be an upgrade of what Boothe and Snee did last year. I do think Boothe outplayed Snee, and that there’s still a chance that we could re-sign him to a team friendly 2-3 year deal…but that we won’t break the bank for him. Off the top of my head, aside from the sure fire first rounders guys like Kyle Long, Barrett Jones, Larry Warford, Justin Pugh, Alvin Bailey, Brian Winters and Quisenbury are all mid-round guys who I think could turn into solid starters at the next level. I think Snee will play for the Giants this year, but with numbers like this I cannot see him sticking around much longer after 2013.

  2.  KingAndrewXXIII says:

    Omar Kelly ?@OmarKelly 4m
    Word on the street is Osi Umenyiora is asking for more than the Dolphins are willing to pay right now. Market for DE is $5M & he wants more

    Osi may watch his market dry up before his eyes. Guys much younger and who were more productive than him got less than what he’s asking for…and with guys like Dumervil, Abraham and Freeney still on the market, and a draft deep with DL talent…no one’s paying him 6M+ a year. Love what Osi did for the Giants during his tenure with the team, but certainly not sad to see him go.

  3.  jfunk says:

    I like the PR sound of these answers coming from Wilson. Tells me maybe he “gets it” now, unlike last year where he didn’t seem to understand what was expected of him at times.

  4.  LUZZ says:

    Players should just stop commenting on all other players contract situations. Interviewers should stop asking them what they think. If they get a dumb interviewer who forgets the rule, the stock answer should be “I don’t comment on contracts that aren’t my own.”

    This only puts them in bad positions. even a comment as benign as “I would have given him a contract already” really shouldn’t be uttered. He likely has no clue what Cruz is asking for, and if it’s too much money then he should want JR to stand down, heck, that could be his money at some point.

    i wish the interviewers would stop asking these guys what they think of other players contracts. It should be an unwritten rule.

  5.  Krow says:

    ‘David Wilson recently underwent minor hand surgery to remove a bone chip in his palm.

    “I didn’t want to do it, like, before the season,” said Wilson. “But it was already chipped. So (they) just take it out so it won’t be floating around.” Wilson is still stitched up, but he has been training at the Giants’ facility for the past several weeks and isn’t expected to miss any time.’

    Hopefully his eyesight wasn’t affected.

    •  kujo says:

      You’d think Prince would’ve had this procedure by now. Those double-Dutch rudders are murder on the digits.

  6.  Krow says:

    I think we’re too hard on Snee. I still feel he’s capable of being a solid performer at ROG. He’s not living up to his contract, but he’s not a bum either. It’s not like you can throw some mid-pick rookie in there.

  7.  Krow says:

    Oh …. for the record …

    Player X will always say that the team should pay Player Y a lot of money. What they’re really trying to say is that when it’s their turn the team should pay THEM a lot of money.

  8.  Krow says:

    O$i … I swear I’m not hating on him … but the money means so much to him that I hope he doesn’t get it.

    •  Emperor Norton says:

      He won’t. The $5+ million contracts dried up on day 2 of free agency, and unless he thinks he should command the same kind of money Dumervil will, he’s in for a shock when the $2-3 million/year contract offers trickle in. Atlanta or Baltimore might pay him that, but if he thinks he’s ever going to get a whiff of the money he made in blue, he’s dreaming.

  9.  norm says:

    Serious question for Krow:

    Do you feel Louis Murphy adequately addresses this team’s long standing Samoan deficiency?

    Is half a Samoan better than none? Or, will it take nothing less than a 100%, full-blooded, hair-halfway-down-the-back Samoan to fill the void?

    I eagerly await your response.

  10.  PittsburghJim says:

    I’m NO elocutionist (I did sleep in a Holiday Inn Express once)
    but did you hear/see the comments by David Wilson above????

    I will not belabor the point, but I’m pretty certain even the noted linguist Mario Manningham did NOT ever end a sentence with the word “with”.

    I just did though.

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