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St. Louis Rams, Minnesota Vikings No Longer Expected to Pursue Victor Cruz

March 16th, 2013 at 10:00 AM
By Dan Benton

'Victor Cruz' photo (c) 2011, scott mecum - license: Good news, New York Giants fans. Neither the St. Louis Rams nor the Minnesota Vikings, who just signed Greg Jennings, are expected to pursue restricted free agent (RFA) wide receiver Victor Cruz, reports ESPN's Adam Schefter.

"With Greg Jennings in MINN, neither team with double first-round picks – Rams nor Vikes – is expected to sign Victor Cruz to an offer sheet," Schefter tweeted.

Although this doesn't indicate an elimination to a potential market for Cruz, it certainly does cripple it. With RFA signings a rarity in the NFL as it is, having the two teams most likely to sign him eliminated from the mix all but ensures he'll be a member of Big Blue in 2013 – even if he and his agent aren't particularly happy with the terms of the tender (assuming, of course, a long-term deal is not reached).

Other teams rumored/connected to Cruz were the Denver Broncos, who recently signed Wes Welker, and the New England Patriots, who have signed Danny Amendola and are working on a deal with Brandon Lloyd. Other potential suitors, like the San Francisco 49ers, have already invested heavily in other areas, and even with a multitude of draft picks, seem unlikely to seriously pursue Cruz because of the substantial deal it would take to lure him away.

Again, there's still a long way to go before this situation resolves itself, and that likely includes some unforeseen twists and turns. However, this news is about as good as the Giants and their fans could have hoped for.


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32 Responses to “St. Louis Rams, Minnesota Vikings No Longer Expected to Pursue Victor Cruz”

  1.  Chad Eldred says:

    So when all the noise fades it looks increasingly likely that the orignal scenario most of us anticipated will be the reality. He plays under his tender and a new circus ensues at the end of next season.

  2.  James Stoll says:

    Good news

  3.  kujo says:


    •  Dirt says:

      No way dude. It clearly states in the bylaws that you can only have one (1) expensive wide receiver. And everyone who’s not a complete, abject idiot knows Nicks is unquestionably the only one who deserves to get paid.

  4.  BigBlueGiant says:

    How much money do you guys think Nicks is gonna cost? What about Cruz?

    I mean. Jennings just got PAID. Brian Hartline got PAID, Percy got PAID, Wallace got his… What do you think Nicks is gonna want?

    does Reese a bit lowball bc of Nicks history with Injuries?

  5.  BillyS says:

    I like Cruz, and hope he gets a nice contract, but he simply isn’t as deserving of a huge one as Nicks is. He’s been more durable, but in terms of actual receiving ability Nicks is far and away the better wide out. I’m not knocking Cruz, but he does benefit greatly from the position he plays. When he lines up on the outside his numbers are not nearly as good as they are elsewhere. He’s good, and better than most guys at the same position, but he’s not as good as the big boys on the outside. He’s nowhere near Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald. Hell, a healthy Greg Jennings can play all 3 positions. Percy Harvin is more of a slot guy, but he can also be used on run plays and kick returns. If you can’t play on the outside, and bring no versatility to the table, then you don’t really deserve the “mega bucks”. I still feel something like 5 years/$37.5 mil will get it done. I truly feel $7.5 mil a year is a good amount for him. It’s higher than Welker and Amendola per year, but it’s not quite the $8-10 mil that he wants. I consider it a compromise. Throw in like $12-14 mil guaranteed and he should be happy. There’s no way he’ll find that on the market right now giving the 1st round tender and quite frankly I think it’s way too stupid to gamble on a single year. If, knock on wood, he gets hurt or is unproductive next year then he won’t get anywhere near what he “thinks” he deserves. I just think he should take a somewhat team friendly deal so we can keep Nicks and win.

    •  kujo says:

      There’s so many stupid lines in this post.

      “I like Cruz…but he simply isn’t as deserving as Nicks…”

      “…in terms of actual receiving ability, Nicks is far and away the better wide out…”

      “…[Cruz] benefits greatly from the position he plays…”

      I’d like you to expand on each of them with legitimate argumentation, not just reciting dumbed-down versions of the “Nicks is a HoFer” crap that FF55 spouts.

      •  James Stoll says:

        People continue to denigrate Cruz’ abilities solely because they are afraid of losing Nicks
        The guys only set the franchise record in his first full season, and he effectively only played 13 games (1550+ yards in 13 games)
        Last year with no Nicks, no running game, no o-line and Eli playing below his best abilities, the guy still clears 1000 yards

        He’s not a Welker slot guy
        He’s a legitimate deep threat, a great possession receiver if need be, and a great YAC guy

        And he is so far durable (remember his rookie year he was IR’d early with a phantom hamstring when the Giants thought they were uber-deep at WR; then everyone got hurt)

        The guy is a great receiver and arguably more valuable than Nicks due to health

        But Nicks is great too, and between them both they make our offense fearsome

        If Randall develops, the three of them will outshine 2011′s trio

        But any way you slice it, Cruz is a beast, a great teammate, and a rock on which to build the Giants church

        All the haters can go root for the Jets

      •  BillyS says:

        1.) Nicks has much better hands. Cruz had stretches where he played like he was wearing potholders.

        2.) Cruz doesn’t play nearly as well as he does when Nicks is on the field. I believe the numbers were something like: when Nicks was on the field Cruz averaged 80 something yards a game. When Nicks was out (and Cruz was forced to the outside) he averaged like 40 yards a game.

        3.) Cruz benefits because he gets a lot of one-on-one coverage while Nicks draws the double team (and can still make the play). Not to mention Cruz may be athletic and have good vertical speed, but Nicks is more “shifty” and “elusive” with his run after the catch ability.

        Plus let’s not forget the postseason when Nicks was an absolute beast with double the yards and TDs than Cruz produced. If you’ve watched games with/without Nicks then you’ll notice that the offense was MUCH smoother when Nicks was on the outside as opposed to Cruz. I stated that Cruz is very good (and one of the best slot guys in the entire league), but he’s not the RECEIVER that Nicks is. The numbers back it up. The eye test backs it up. Nicks’ only real knock is his injuries — and even then he still sucked it up like a man and got onto the field even though he was hurting because just him being on the field was enough of a threat to keep Cruz from being constantly doubled.

        •  demo3356 says:

          Billy is 1000% correct on all these points… Love Cruz and he is a great player but is not and never wil be a #1 WR in this league. He was non factor in a lot of Games where Nicks was out or hobbled and solid corners like Carr or Taylor played hard press coverage. Cruz thrives when Nicks is getting doubled or When Nicks and Manningham (2 Game breakers) are in the field as well. Cruz is essential to our offense, but he IS NOT a #1 WR nor should he be paid like it. He deserves more than the pure slot guys like Welker got but nowhere near What Wallace got.

  6.  Chad Eldred says:

    A Cruz-Nicks debate. Totally didn’t see that coming.

    I sure hope nobody mentions Nicks’ injury proclivity. That could wake the bear.

  7.  rlhjr says:

    If Cruz were six four there would be hell to pay. He is strong and has enough leaping ability to contest ball thrown into traffic. And yes, when Cruz gets a step on a db, it’s over. But his reach and height limit his catch radius.
    That being said, Nicks is somewhat in the mold of Kenny Phillips.

    No One mentions his name when elite outside receivers are discussed.
    For sure, that’s Giant hate by talking heads. They (especially ESPN/NFL Network) simply refuse to acknowledge what the kid is capable of. As well as what he’s already done.

    Nicks is so smooth and fluid that he looks like he’s loafing. But it’s just the ease with which he runs and jumps that boggles. He also has a very large catch radius and a pair of meat hooks for hands. Like Phillips and a few other Giants, Nicks is elite, but without the fanfare and self advertising that goes hand n hand with so many other elite players.

    The caveat is the kid is hurt just about every year. But every year he plays through injury. Last year was simply too much for him to deal with.
    (I’m looking at YOU Giant Medical Staff)
    Nobody, repeat nobody loves the player Victor Cruz is more than I do.
    But next time you get a chance and he’s isolated on a DB, just watch Nicks go to work. He’s a ga-damn FREAK.

  8.  PittsburghJim says:

    For those of us who “grew up” with the Giants of the late 70′s (oy vey) and the 80′s, just chew on this….

    When we signed Mark Jackson (Broncs), Mike Sherrard (Niners) or even the early Free Agency “Plan B’er” Chris Calloway from the Stillers…we thought we were IN HEAVEN. They were all average NFL WRs.
    But they were SO much better than our stable of previous wideouts (I loved Lionel Manuel, Bobby J & Stacy & Phil McConk too, but let’s be honest….)

    We have not one, but two Pro Bowl WRs on the field with our 2 time SB MVP QB.

    So, debating the merits of who is better is fruitless. Let’s hope the team cuts & restructures in order to keep both. Thats why we have an underpaid RB & TE corps. A relatively inexpensive OLine, etc….Need to keep both & then you can have the Hixon, Jerrels, Reubens fill in the blanks….

  9.  PittsburghJim says:

    PS Good Bye DH.

    Louis Murphy in Blue….

  10.  turkish says:

    Patriots are still scaring the feta out of me with Cruz dangling out there.

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