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New York Giants Co-Owner John Mara Has “No Idea” How Victor Cruz Situation Will Play Out

March 15th, 2013 at 9:30 AM
By Dan Benton

As anticipated, the change in agents for wide receiver Victor Cruz has brought on a lull in activity. As of Thursday night, all remains completely and utterly silent in regards to the youngster and negotiations between he and the New York Giants. However, co-owner John Mara maintains the team would like him back, and that they've heard nothing about other teams showing significant interest.

'Victor Cruz makes the catch' photo (c) 2011, Kathy Vitulano - license:

“Not that I know of. Nothing to report,” Mara said of interest around the league. “But that doesn’t mean conversations aren’t going on.”

Mara and fellow co-owner Steve Tisch do see the hiring of Tom Condon as a positive for the long-term relationship though, citing their familiarity with each other as a huge step forward.

“Certainly we’ve done business with Tom Condon before,” Mara said. “I think the fact that he has our quarterback is maybe a good thing, but we’ll see. We’ll see. He’ll go out and try to get the best deal he can for Victor, and hopefully it will be with us.”

Tisch, meanwhile, points out that Condon also represents quarterback Eli Manning – and what top-notch agent would want to break up one of the best QB-WR duos in the NFL?

“Eli is a client of his, and we’ve had a great experience with Tom in terms of negotiating Eli’s deals,” Tisch said. “Tom is very familiar with our ownership, with the team, with [general manager] Jerry Reese, and I think it’s a win-win.”

Still, the Giants remain somewhat non-committal. Mara wouldn't say for certain that Cruz is a sure bet to return in 2013, admitting that he has "no idea how this is all going to play out," but was sure to mention how much he'd like him to return.

Although fans are anxious for some sort of resolution to this situation, they may want to relax and buckle themselves in for a long ride. These negotiations, and potential interest from other NFL teams, are a long, long way from being over.


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14 Responses to “New York Giants Co-Owner John Mara Has “No Idea” How Victor Cruz Situation Will Play Out”

  1.  jfunk says:

    Does anybody know specifically what day it is that Condon can officially begin negotiating with teams?

  2.  GOAT56 says:

    Right now our roster has only 5 WRs and one of them in Collins isn’t a lock for even PS. We are going to add some players like Louis Murphy. Maybe these guys make the team, maybe they won’t. He reminds me of the Hagan/ Devin Thomas type who is now known for special teams but to extend his NFL career he now has to perform those duties. Given his athletic ability he has a chance at developing into a 5th WR type and a quality special teams player. He had a good rookie year than had injury troubles. He has some talent and could contribute as a backup WR.

    I’m glad the KP views balanced out last night because for a while some were acting like we lost Sash to the Eagles. Since KP is gone I won’t debate how good he is because now the important question is how good Brown and/or Hill are and can be. Brown made plays last year but he reminds of a baseball hitter that hit .200 with 40 homeruns while only playing part time. Many are overlooking Brown lapses because he made plays. That’s fair but I question if he can continue to make plays to that level. And if Brown can’t then his lapses become more apparent and it hurts our defense. I think Brown can make plays but needs to play more in the Rolle role because he’s not where near KP as a centerfielder type. Rolle I think while maybe not KP as a centerfielder can play at a high level back there. I also think Hill can excel in the Rolle role and has more upside than Brown. In a perfect world Rolle would play the KP role, Hill would play the Rolle role and Brown would play the Grant role IMO.

  3.  GOAT56 says:

    I said this last offseason and i think it applies even more now with Hixon looking gone. Tedd Ginn could be a good addition as cheap vet help as a KR/PR and backup WR. Ginn is really much like Hixon in what he brings except is faster, a better KR/PR at this point but a worse WR. Given we probably want to keep Wilson from being our main KR but don’t wan’t to lose our KR strength from last year Ginn could be a solid addition.

  4.  Krow says:

    We were 28th in pass defense last year … surrendering over 250 yards a game.

  5.  kinsho says:

    Good thing is that we’ll probably end up keeping Cruz for at least one more year. But I’d still like to see a contract get done with the kid already. We shouldn’t risk losing a young game-changer like him. I still think $6-$7 million a year is a good deal for the kid, with a large amount of it guaranteed.

  6.  Dirt says:

    One of my favorite pastimes on G101 is stirring ish up, and I did well last night with KP.

    FF55 is right, KP is a baller. I can attest from my all 22 view, he makes a difference. He’s a loss.

    But yeah, the world doesn’t care. We might, we should. But surely there’s some expert or former player who understands the game better than all us who would have caught wind of this and been like “Here. We. Go. It is ON in the NFC East, the great Kenny Phillips has jumped ship.”

    But no one has, because it’s not earth shaking. Not like it would be if Eli or JPP or Nicks or Cruz bounced.

    Because, as good as KP is, and let’s not be silly, he is good, the impact of his departure only goes so far.

    So as I said last night, unless it’s Eli, Nicks, Cruz, JPP or Wilson, I don’t give a what. Like the rest of the world. Not gonna lose sleep over it.

  7.  turkish says:

    -Seems to me like Cruz wants to stay, which is why he chose Condon. Upside here is the 1st rd pick if he splits. That’s a 1st rounder for an UDFA. Obviously we would rather see him stay but the compensation is very good. Better than losing him as a FA and getting a comp pick.

    -Phillips probably signed for around $4-5M. I don’t think Reese offered more than $3Mper, which shows me they are very concerned about his health.

    -Eagles are lost. That Barwin deal is a joke.

  8.  turkish says:

    Not even sure if Phillips passed physical yet fellas. Mundy is rocking #21 now though…HA!

  9.  Krow says:

    Kenny Phillips would have been a star. But his knees thought otherwise. I think the team was only half-hearted in their attempts to retain him. That was coupled with his dissatisfaction with the med staffs inability to magically heal him led to his wanting to leave.

    I think it’s a dumb move … because with the Giants he’s ‘our guy’ … we’ve already stuck with him through two serious injuries. With the Birds he’s just a hired gun. One misstep and he’s gone. But of course it all depends on the money.

  10.  giankees says:

    Why are we waiting on cruz? We have no motivation to deal with him. He is signex on a tender which means we are already paying him. So waiting for news is wasting time. If we thought we had to sign him why would we be looking at other positions without any cap room. A team will only take a chance on him after all the talent is gone from free agency. Giving up a 1st is huge!!! You have to be desperate or think that he is the last piece to get you over the top. Rams maybe if they strike out on everyone else. That being said I love cruz but the business side of me thinks giving up a 1 and 8-10 mill on a slot is tough.
    If that happens you will see us pick up a posession rec off the heap and reeze will really do some dmage in this draft with an extra 1st round.

    As for everyone worrying about who he is picking in the first round his mo is to pickbthe highest paid positions first. Positions he csnt fill with leugue minimum types. He is taking a dt a de or cb or taking a player that can replace a big contract. For instance if he see vaccaro and the dts are taaken already he will pick a ss thinking he will replace rolle and sav on the cap next year. Just like wilson last year. He was able to drop jacobs and bradshaw due to 1 pick.
    I love the mocks but the changes are funny. Cause reese has his system and he will always go with who could save him the most don’t think lb or right tackle are worth first rounders when you can sign rivers or jw or a cheapp mlb like chase to start on a sb team. Just doesbt make sense that he will go lb or te

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