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New York Giants’ Victor Cruz Earns an Extra $221,303 in Performance-Based Pay

March 14th, 2013 at 9:30 AM
By Dan Benton

'Victor Cruz' photo (c) 2011, scott mecum - license: New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz got some good news on Wednesday. No, it wasn't the long-term deal with the team he's been seeking, but the youngster was informed he'd be receiving a check for $221,303 – or just over 40% of his 2012 base salary – in performance-based pay.

He wasn't the only Giant to receive such news as safety Stevie Brown and linebacker Chase Blackburn will also be receiving checks for $214,759 and $194,688 respectively.

Checks for 2012 will arrive this month (March 2013), but all NFL performance-based checks for the upcoming 2013 season will be deferred by two years, according to the NFLPA. Luckily for Cruz, who has worked off of one of the most valuable contracts (for a team) in the NFL, he had his second straight solid year just in under the wire. Hopefully, for all involved, he won't need a performance-based check a year from now.

Cincinnati Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict led all players with a performance-based paycheck of $299,465.


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30 Responses to “New York Giants’ Victor Cruz Earns an Extra $221,303 in Performance-Based Pay”

  1.  JimStoll says:

    now all we have to do is find $7,779,000

  2.  GOAT56 says:


    GOAT56 says:
    March 14, 2013 at 9:30 AM
    Maulaluga I’m not a fan of because he’s the guy that more that a stop gap because of his age. Signing him could keep us from drafting a long term solution. Plus I think Dansby is still a better player.

    I don’t get the complaints about looking at every LB we can. There have been look time complaints about our LBs and JR is just doing his due diligence. Unfortunately there were never really any solutions on market so we will have to go with stop gaps or players we think will improve with new scenery. Given our current LB group is made up of young players we were always going to need at least one vet even if we do add a player or 2 via the draft.

    Blackburn is not the answer for 2013 so I rather try someone new even guys like Brinkley or Maulaluga than Chase again. But I really think a good solution short term is Dansby. If Bmore and ATL are our competition for him then it shouldn’t get into some crazy bidding war and we have a good chance of winning out.

    GOAT56 says:
    March 14, 2013 at 9:33 AM
    Assuming KC cuts Matt Cassel, I think we should look at him should Carr leave. Jason Campbell would be my first choice but Cassel would be a good one as well. But Cassel could have better options.

  3.  demo3356 says:

    Few things to catch up on
    1) No to Rey- bad guy, not a really good player, nor a fit for our defense
    2) Brinkly would actually be a better fit for our defense
    3) Karlos Dansby is far from a “Shell of himself” or “another Bullock”.. I sometimes wonder how much non giants NFL Folks on here actually watch. Dansby is a bigger, stronger better LB than ANYTHING we have had in a long time. Problem is that ILB is so much more important to 3/4 teams that some teams will offer more than we can afford. Guy is still a top 15 LB in the NFL.
    4) Other than Nosh I’ve yet to see anybody argue with Fanfor55yrs that Cruz is even close to as important as Nicks yet I see daily reminders of how right HE was… Is someone Spiking Gramps prune juice?
    5) If the Patriots didn’t even sniff Cruz after Welker bolted I think its safe to say he will be here for 2013 at the least.
    6) Munday is a stiff and would be camp fodder at best. May be an upgrade over Sash but that’s about it
    7) Look for Reese to sniff nearly every available vet and sign a bunch more to vet minimum deals as they are basically cap neutral thanks to the CBA and he can sign as many as he wants without loosing much if any cap room
    8) Now that most f the big names are gone, look for teams to look at and hit our UFA’s pretty hard. KP, Osi, Hixon, Boothe, Carr, Barden, Blackburn, Rivers and Beckum all become “Value” targets to teams that missed on big names or lost guys to other teams..

    •  JimStoll says:

      KP, Osi and Boothe are the only ones that matter, and in that order

      •  BillyS says:

        I just don’t think KP is worth the money he *thinks* he deserves. He’s a very good player, but he’s just too fragile to get the payday he wants. If we could get him cheap then I’d love to have him back, but if not I’d rather save the cash and roll the dice with Stevie Brown. I’d also rather have Boothe back than Osi. Boothe will probably get some alright money, but nothing crazy. He provides very good depth, though. Osi, on the other hand, has just warn out his welcome in my eyes. He thinks he’s better than he is at this point. He’s just one dimensional — and he wasn’t even that good last year in that department. Unless he’s getting a sack w/fumble then he’s useless because he is god awful against the run.

      •  Chad Eldred says:

        If we sign Dansby fine, if we don’t fine. I’m pretty much indifferent. He is not the solution to the LB position for us and considering signing him a “priority” is nut. There will be more LB’s cut before the season starts there is no need to jump on Dansby. Naturally Reese is looking at everyone available. That’s a function of our lack of talent at the position, not a testament to the talent of any of the guys we are “interested in”. Karlos Dansby is a top 15 linebacker is absolutely laughable. Maybe top 30 in the world of Fantasy Football.

    •  kujo says:

      Agreed on all of these points, particularly the Dansby one. Again, he is better than what we have now, so he’d be a substantial improvement in that regard. He is a worldbeater that will anchor this defense for the next decade, and one day punch Patton Oswalt in a club in NYC? No, but he’s good enough to play at a higher level than Chase f’n Blackburn for the next season or two. Which, if I’m not mistaken, is sorta all we ever ask of anyone who plays linebacker for us: can you be good enough for 2 years, after which time we’ll replace you with another 2-3 year solution?

      Oh, and the silver lining in the Bennett-to-Chicago deal is that you were wrong, and thus I don’t have to live up to my promise to not use that geh picture of you and your buttbuddy muggin’ it up in front of the Amway Center as my fantasy football avatar. Just thought I’d remind you.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      A good number of others have argued that Cruz is healthier. Some have said he’s possibly more valuable. A number said “Give them both offers and whomever doesn’t take his is the one who goes”.

      No. Just no. Hakeem Nicks is the guy, not only because he plays the X-receiver position, but because he’s simply a better player. Use all the statistics you like. Doesn’t matter. Nicks is one of the best five receivers in the NFL. Cruz is the best slot receiver, but he isn’t among even the dozen best in the league, and his production (except, as I’ve said all along, for the few game-breaking plays that we might really miss) can be much more easily replaced than can that of Nicks. I love Victor Cruz. I hope we can keep him. I love the salsa. I love his personality. But he gains immensely from being Eli Manning’s target and Hakeem Nicks’ counterpart and a lot of slot receivers would do quite well in his position. On the other hand, he proved last season that he cannot do what Hakeem Nicks does; consistently produce when made the focus of the defensive secondary.

      No one spiked my juice. Just because you didn’t see the arguments for Cruz and somewhat questioning of Nicks doesn’t mean they didn’t occur. If a tree falls in the forest and demo doesn’t hear it, but everyone else does, hey, the tree fell. LOL.

      By the way, we still have to worry about the Vikings going crazy on Cruz. They think (wrongly, IMO) that Ponder has the goods and to whom can he throw now? They have an extra #1 pick. Probably they use it on a receiver, but perhaps they take a run at Cruz instead. As long as the Welker deal is looked at as the standard, and they don’t offer more than $6.5-6.75MM per annum, Cruz wouldn’t want to go and the Giants might decide to keep him. But I think that would be on the far end of what Reese has offered him and might even be too much for us to match.

  4.  The Original G Man says:

    I’d really like to re-sign Rivers. Very high on the guy.

    •  kujo says:

      Don’t get too high on him, lest you drop him and he breaks every bone in his body.

    •  Hanshi says:

      Yeah, I think he could be VG if he could stay healthy.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      I have always, and still do, like Rivers. And he is a lot better option than the bum-of-the-day clowns we’re talking to at this point.

      He’s actually by far the best of our linebackers. If he can stay healthy (and we don’t know if he will, or won’t) he’s a guy we’d really benefit from having on the field.

  5.  kujo says:

    inb4 people start talking about how Kenny Phillips isn’t as good as he thinks he is, judging by the fact that Dashon Gholston and Patrick Chung gots deals before him.

    •  Dirt says:

      No way bro, I was on this last night!

      •  Dirt says:

        Although I think a part of it is his injury history, it still holds from a value/demand standpoint

        •  fanfor55years says:

          ALL of it is his injury situation. Take that out of the equation and he’s the first guy signed at the stroke of midnight….by the Giants.

          But he’s a huge risk and the entire league knows it. I hope Reese has a plan for how to pay him what we offered if he comes back seeking that contract. Same goes for Boothe.

          I doubt Osi and Reese even talked money. Reese probably said “Love you Osi, but we see you as a rotation guy who is now a specialist. So go get your money elsewhere and you’ll leave with all our best wishes”. It would be VERY hard for Osi, a proud man, to come back seeking a $4.5-5MM deal (which he would view as a huge discount on his value) knowing he’d probably be told he’s looked at as a $2.5-3MM guy now.

  6.  Krow says:

    I think the market has spoken … and slot receivers get $6,000,000 a year. Now Cruz is more than just that. And maybe his price drives up some … like $7-ish … but it’s not the $9+ I was thinking earlier.

    The Giants were smart to wait. But now they need to make a deal. Leverage the $2.87 RFA year … offer something like 5 years/$35 mil … and wrap him up. That’s effectively $8 mil a year because you gain $5 mil from restructuring 2013.

    The time to do this is now. The iron is hot.

    •  Chad Eldred says:

      I’m inclined to agree with you on the 7 million number. The market is just too tight. I really thought he would get 8 or more, but the I think he can thank Wes Welker for killing that possibility.

    •  GOAT56 says:

      See i don’t see how the “market” changes Cruz’s perspective. He plays the outside WR as well and is pretty good there. If I was him I would compare myself more to a Harvin. I understand he doesn’t return kicks and can’t do some of the other things Harvin can but when Harvin plays WR he’s mainly a slot WR. And like Harvin, Cruz makes plays from that position that are outside the box. I would still think 9 mil range if I was Cruz.

      But I do agree 7 mil would probably work for JR.

      •  Chad Eldred says:

        It doesn’t change Cruz’s perspective, but it changes the reality he has to accept. I know that fans generally root for guys to sign at a low number because it’s good for the team. But the older I get the more I appreciate that there is a long life after football. These guys sacrifice years of their life and the quality of their lives with every year they play. I don’t blame any of them for looking for everything that they can get. Any one of them is one play away from their careers being over. I have never been able to shake the memory of watching “Broke” and seeing broken down Keith McCants and so many others who have come to terms with the reality that the money runs out.

        •  GOAT56 says:

          That part I don’t agree with. Our offer was never going to change much if at all what ever it was. But if Cruz plays this year under the tender and is a free agent next year he will he a contract offer at least in the 10 mil range per year. It’s a matter of how much he wants to stay and how much he’s willing to bet he will remain injury free.

          •  Chad Eldred says:

            I’m not saying that our offer would change, what has changed is the offers that he can expect to get elsewhere based upon how the other deals have played out. ff55 has a good point regarding the Vikings. It’s not uncommon for front offices to feel the heat of popular opinion after surrendering a talented player and do something drastic to compensate. There is always the oddball outlier that you have to be concerned with. However, the market in general is not as favorable for Cruz as it looked prior to the Welker and Amendola deals. One less team is now a potential landing spot. Good for our front office, bad for Cruz. He may have to take a step back towards us and accept the offer or play under the tender.

          •  fanfor55years says:

            As I said long ago, Reese won’t budge much from the offer. Cruz will probably have to play under the tender and SHOULD be out there right now getting a big insurance policy priced by his agent. Take the $2.9MM and spend at least $1.75MM of it (all deductible as a business expense if done right) on a single-payment policy insuring him for the maximum dollars he can get from that payment against injury that destroys his earning potential (the insurer and Cruz’s lawyers will have to battle out the terms and what constitutes an insurable event). That’s probably his best “risk/reward” strategy. Frankly, it’s one the Giants should encourage because they will want to get another year to see what he’s really worth to them.

            The next best approach for Cruz is to take a lower salary than he wanted (probably a small increment more than Reese offered with Condon squeezing Reese for “saving Victor’s face” money) but get at least $16MM in guarantees, which I suspect the Giants would give him. Then go earn all those endorsement dollars and hope to retire a Giant.

            Coming from where Cruz came from, if I’m Condon I’m telling him take Option #2 while explaining that if he really, really, wants to bet on himself and is willing to risk walking away with no more than about the $5-7MM he could collect from the insurance policy then he should go with Option #1 against my advice. The risk/reward ratio may be better with Option #1, but coming from where Victor comes from you probably ought to take the sure thing and not worry about what you might have made in free agency next season.

  7.  rlhjr says:


    G-MenFan says:
    March 14, 2013 at 6:27 AM
    Here’s all you need to know about the Giants’ interest in Dansby:
    1. He’d be an upgrade.
    2. They’d want him to contribute for 2 seasons.
    3. They’re looking to get him on the cheap.
    3. He fills a need at a philosophically “down-graded” position on the field.

    The Giants do not value the middle linebacker position. Obviously. They have a philosophy that the game has changed in ways that make linebackers in general little more than large safeties, who can cover when called upon and make tackles when called upon. That’s all folks! So don’t sell that poster of LT, Carson, Van Pelt, and Kelly sitting on the tractor with the hard-hats anytime soon.

    Ain’t that the truth. But given the defensive alignment at the time the emphasis was on the four studs playing linebacker.

    The focus is now on the four defensive linemen. Which is as it should be in a 43 defense. However, I do point out that the three Giant defensive linemen in those 34 days were ALWAYS at least worthy of respect by the offense.
    They rushed the passer, they made stops against the run and they occupied offensive linemen to the extent that the backers were not stifled.

    The same cannot be said for the THREE Giant linebackers in the present defensive alignment. Like it or not they stink, that’s the plain ugly truth.
    For this defense to hold playoff offenses at or below 25 points, they are going to need an upgrade at linebacker.

    Even if Osi were here, there would still be only one defensive lineman on the Giants team who draws double/triple teaming. The rest of the stiffs can’t even take advantage of that. So hell yeah, that point to Reese taking another defensive line player. But defensive end is not the “Ansa”. The problem is up the middle.

    I hope Jenkins represents a one year show me deal for AUSTIN. Because if he again disappears in a cloud of mediocrity and injury it’s time for him to go away for real. So despite all the linebacker rumors, the draft priority is:

    The latter two positions could change according to the last FA acquisition.
    The first two could shift depending on who is available at 19.
    And remember this is a two year project.

    This ball club won’t field a competitive defense without taking a skilled MIKE at some point via draft or finding a young one (= < 26 years of age) via free agent market. But that will cost money. Especially for a talented youngster.

    The organization got away slick in 2011, because the Pat's defense stinks, and Eli was a beast against Frisco and New England. That "ISH" is not going to cut it this year and in the future. BOOK IT. Not unless the D-line and linebacking get dynamic talent upgrades.

  8.  rlhjr says:

    The Welker deal just put Reese in Cruz! controll. Now that a good one.

  9.  Krow says:

    Sometimes teams will over-pay for free agents. But most times they won’t. Welker had a year that exceeded Cruz’s in many categories. Yet all he could command was $6,000,000 a year. Now personally I think Cruz is better. By extension he should get a better contract. But he’s not going toget ‘big target, outside WR’ money. Because that’s not where he plays.

    Next year he’s going to face the same market the Welker did this year. He’ll get offer that are in that range. He’s not getting $12-15 mil a year.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      No, but they’ll be a year closer to the 2015 cap jump. I think he might well get his $8MM if he has a really good 2013. But he was reputedly thinking $10-12MM and that simply isn’t going to happen.

      Again, I would think the best course for him is give the Giants what they need for this contract (probably in the $6MM/4-year range) but get his $15-16MM guarantee, and hope that he gets another decent contract from the Giants down the road and retires a beloved presence in New York where he would have been getting the endorsement dollars and the post-career opportunities thrown at him.

      I know all the arguments about how he “doesn’t have to be in New York to be popular enough to get the outside money”. Bull. Unless he goes to Miami, Texas or California his celebrity will dim, and even if he goes to one of those, he’s not the “hometown boy” there as he is here.

      Cruz should stay if he’s as smart as I think he is, but the siren song of “Money Now” is always hard for young men to resist.

  10.  fanfor55years says:

    Some may remember that I said that this season we were going to see a LOT of pretty good players having to wait until after the draft to get any offers from teams (after they had seen where they STILL had holes to plug). I also said that as time goes on the players lose nearly all of their bargaining power unless they are prepared to retire or are among the very few that will get multiple offers in April. Those still left without a chair when the music stops may have to wait until teams see what they have in camp at their OTAs, and some perfectly good players will still be home hoping that someone gets injured during the preseason because they will still be players-without-a-team.

    I know most assume that now that the top guys are off the shelf there will be a tsunami of signings of the next group. I’m not so sure. I think guys like Phillips and Boothe might get a bite, but just as likely will not see much action now. The same may well be true for players like Blackburn, Rivers, etc. As some of these players get queasy about not having a deal we might well see a lot come back to Reese looking for a team-friendly deal that he may, or may not, offer. The really smart GMs are going to play their cards very close to the vest once they have the one or two players they targeted immediately.

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