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New York Giants Have “At Least Some Interest” in Linebacker Rey Maualuga

March 14th, 2013 at 8:00 AM
By Dan Benton

Free agent linebacker Rey Maualuga left Arizona without a contract on Wednesday, and that could be good news for the New York Giants who have "at least some interest" in the veteran, reports ESPN's Adam Schefter.

'LB Rey Maualuga' photo (c) 2011, Navin75 - license:

The Giants are clearly in search of some new linebackers, having had Jasper Brinkley in for a visit and Ruthers' Khaseem Greene in for a private workout. The Father of Karlos Dansby also said they were among the teams "in the mix to sign" his son.

Having released Michael Boley, and with Chase Blackburn seeking a larger deal than the Giants are willing to offer, Big Blue has no choice but to restock their linebacker crops. And in all likelihood, they're going to need more than one player, so it should come as no surprise that they'll look at all available linebackers on the market, possibly sign one, and then also draft one.

As far as Maualuga, he's an improvement over what Brinkley, who left without a contract, would have been, but not quite as valuable as what Dansby would be.

Originally a second-round pick of the Cincinnati Bengals in 2009, the 26-year-old Maualuga had a career year in 2012, collecting 122 tackles, one sack and four passes defended. However, he would also come with a number of potential character and off-field concerns.

Maualuga has had several run-ins with the law, including a DUI and careless driving charge in 2010 and an assault charge, stemming from a violent bar fight, in 2012.

General Manager Jerry Reese has been known to give players second chances despite their suspect history, but most of the time they are rookies or second year players whom the team can mold and develop. With Maualuga, he's already been in the league for four years and appears no more mature now than when he first came out of college. For that reason, and that reason alone, the Giants should proceed with caution.


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22 Responses to “New York Giants Have “At Least Some Interest” in Linebacker Rey Maualuga”

  1.  JimStoll says:

    news alert: Giants have interest in every FA LB

  2.  Krow says:

    Sam Huff will be in for a visit today …

  3.  The Original G Man says:


    Good column by Clark Judge on the slot receiver market vis a vis Cruz vs Nicks:

    •  fanfor55years says:

      And after all the sturm-und-drang among the fans, and the posters around here, we get right back to where I was a long time ago: Hakeem Nicks is the guy you have to keep; Victor Cruz is the best slot receiver in the NFL but doesn’t deserve an $8MM per year contract much less a $10-12MM deal that he was rumored to be seeking; Cruz will probably play under the tender in 2013 for the Giants; Cruz will purchase a big insurance policy against injury; the Giants and Cruz will negotiate toward a long-term deal now that he has been tendered but are not likely to strike one unless Nicks or Randle is hurt, or Condon gets his client to look at the Big Picture; Jernigan is better than most here think; and if some team came along and took Cruz for 2013 getting the first-round pick would be wonderful compensation for having signed an UDFA who helped win a championship and then got you that huge “going away” gift.

      The Giants are in very good shape in the Victor Cruz saga. Those convinced that losing him is a disaster are wrong. But he probably isn’t going anywhere.

      •  JimStoll says:

        I was with you until you went Jernigan on us
        over-played your hand

        •  fanfor55years says:

          If Jernigan gets a real chance I think people will be surprised. At the games I went to when he was on the field he looked pretty good even though he wasn’t targeted much. He got separation. I have no idea if he got to the spots he was supposed to reach, but he showed real quicks, and when he did get the ball he came close to breaking away on a few occasions. He also had a few impressive KO returns.

          I see something there. I don’t see him as a star. But he’s better than most here are willing to recognize. (By the way, so is Paysinger).

          •  GOAT56 says:

            F55 I’m getting scared because I agree with you on Jernigan but I also agreed with you Wilkinson too.

            Jim we still have the coming up draft so even if you don’t believe in Jernigan a replacement for Cruz could be found there.

  4.  Terrence97 says:

    I like Rey. I’d take a chance.

  5.  Emperor Norton says:

    Maualuga, Rivers, and Jenkins… we’re only a few players away from my Madden ’09 fantasy draft team, and since those guys went 19-0, I’m sure this will turn out great.

  6.  Begiant says:

    I saw a nice comparison for Victor Cruz, Steve Smith.

    Smith signed a four year 30 million dollar contract and can play the slot and outside. that is about 7.5 million dollars which sounds about right. Hopefully Reese can grab him for less.

  7.  fanfor55years says:

    When we reach the point that we are seriously looking at Maulaluga, Mundy and Brinkley you have to say that the personnel evaluators on the Giants have concluded that our defensive talent is pathetic. These guys are all bums.

    Dansby probably has something left and wouldn’t be a bad two-year stopgap while we groom a kid we draft for a critical role on the defense, but the rest of these guys are jokes.

    And btw, they might well have decided that Herzlich is never going to be much good, because having been around long enough now, you know they WANTED to turn the MIKE position over to him. My hope is that some of these bozos they’re supposedly interested in are being thought of as insurance and backups for younger players. Problem is, a guy like Maulaluga at his age won’t want to be a backup because he’ll be looking for another contract down the road. And Dansby is probably too proud to sign where he isn’t promised that he will go to camp as the presumptive starter.

    I trust Reese, but I cannot say I love what I’m seeing.

  8.  BillyS says:

    I want absolutely nothing to do with Maualuga. Nothing. I simply feel he is not a very good football player. He was insanely overrated coming out of USC and I’ve never understood why some people are still enamored with him. I wouldn’t even take him on the vet minimum and would view him as a downgrade from Blackburn. I’m kind of hoping the Packers do re-sign Jennings for $10 mil a year so they’ll cut A.J. Hawk.

  9.  GOAT56 says:

    Maulaluga I’m not a fan of because he’s the guy that more that a stop gap because of his age. Signing him could keep us from drafting a long term solution. Plus I think Dansby is still a better player.

    I don’t get the complaints about looking at every LB we can. There have been look time complaints about our LBs and JR is just doing his due diligence. Unfortunately there were never really any solutions on market so we will have to go with stop gaps or players we think will improve with new scenery. Given our current LB group is made up of young players we were always going to need at least one vet even if we do add a player or 2 via the draft.

    Blackburn is not the answer for 2013 so I rather try someone new even guys like Brinkley or Maulaluga than Chase again. But I really think a good solution short term is Dansby. If Bmore and ATL are our competition for him then it shouldn’t get into some crazy bidding war and we have a good chance of winning out.

  10.  GOAT56 says:

    Assuming KC cuts Matt Cassel, I think we should look at him should Carr leave. Jason Campbell would be my first choice but Cassel would be a good one as well. But Cassel could have better options.

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