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Minnesota Vikings, St. Louis Rams May Make Run at New York Giants WR Victor Cruz

March 11th, 2013 at 4:15 PM
By Kyle Langan

Just earlier today, the Minnesota Vikings traded wide receiver Percy Harvin to the Seattle Seahawks for a 1st, a 4th (in 2014) and a 7th round draft choice. This, of course, has several implications around the league, including a potential impact on the New York Giants.

Primarily, that dealing away a first-round draft selection for a top flight wide out is not out of the question. Secondly, the Minnesota Vikings now have themselves an extra first-round draft choice.

The Giants have (see: will) tendered Victor Cruz at the first-round level, meaning that he will receive a one-year contract worth $2.87 million with the Giants barring a deal with another team. If, however, another team wants to sign him they have to give up a first-round draft choice and offer Cruz a contract he wants.

Vikings owner Zygi Wilf grew up a Giants fan. He grew up in Hillside, New Jersey and attended Fairleigh Dickinson University in nearby Teaneck, New Jersey in the 1960s and 1970s. It is not all that tough to envision Wilf wanting to steal away a up-and-coming star in the league away from the team he grew up loving. 

The San Francisco 49ers also have a bevy of draft selections (15) to play around with, and already stole away one of the Giants premier receivers last year in Mario Manningham. The St. Louis Rams have also been mentioned as possible suitors who are likely to make a "strong push" for the young star.

Though the Giants seem comfortable having the fallback option of placing the tender on Cruz, the fact that Percy Harvin was just traded for a number of draft picks (including a 1st) should give the Giants pause.

Ultimately, we believe Cruz will do his best to use any potential "offers" from other teams in his negotiations with the Giants. He does not have much leverage, so he is going to squeeze out every drop that he can while some exists. 

It will be interesting to watch this saga play out over the coming weeks and months.

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33 Responses to “Minnesota Vikings, St. Louis Rams May Make Run at New York Giants WR Victor Cruz”

  1.  The Original G Man says:


    Whoa! Cruz is changing agents! (Per Mike G)

    A guy on Twitter had posted this info to a number of the writers but they all blew him off. They guy said Cruz wants to stay with NYG hence the agent change.

    Here’s the original tip:

    @MikeGarafolo inside information just because I appreciate all the work you do.Cruz fired his agent to find someone willing to work with NYG

  2.  The Original G Man says:

    Victor Cruz’s new agent will be Tom Condon of CAA, who has done deals with the Giants for Eli Manning and Mathias Kiwanuka in recent years.

  3.  Levito says:

    Funny enough if Cruz fired his agent, he’ll be unavailable to sign any contracts for 3 days, if I’m not mistaken. Could help keep him in NY if he won’t be available when the big money starts flying around tomorrow.

    •  The Original G Man says:

      Good, call. Mike G verifies:

      Yes. RT @TheOriginalGMan: Being told Cruz can’t sign new deal for 3 days due to agent change. Any truth to that?

  4.  The Original G Man says:

    You have to wonder if Cruz being represented by Eli’s agent means they’ve got something worked out whereby he takes less in salary in exchange for promises from the agency of preferred advertising opportunities with Eli.

    •  Eric S says:

      Doubt that. Cruz doesn’t need help from Eli with endorsements. Dude is young, multi-ethnic, good looking according to the ladies I know and charismatic. He’s already killing it with endorsements.

      •  The Original G Man says:

        I know. The point is that would be a way to circumvent the cap. He and Eli together would be gold.

  5.  GOAT56 says:


    kujo says:
    March 11, 2013 at 4:18 PM
    Also, I noticed FF55 mentioned that an “improved” OL + David Wilson + Randle and some other stuff would give us a sturdy offense, with our without Cruz. Of course, that’s assuming that the OL improves, which implies that there would be some new faces (3/5 of the starting 5 will surely be returning, with Boothe up in the air and Diehl probably back) or old faces playing better. This is an ENORMOUS and dangerous assumption to make at this juncture, with so much uncertaity along the OL, and the need for real upgrades at at least 2 spots. And while I would also like Allison Brie to sit on my face for an hour and a half, it ain’t gonna happen, and neither will this sudden and complete “improvement.”

    fanfor55years says:
    March 11, 2013 at 4:22 PM
    Doesn’t require “complete” improvement. Just improvement. And extra picks in the top 48 will tend to help in that regard (and don’t tell me Reese wouldn’t pick a stud O-lineman among those three because he absolutely would given that extra pick). He’d grab a guy who could play THIS season.

    wlubake says:
    March 11, 2013 at 4:26 PM
    Thought it was just me on that Allison Brie thing…

    GOAT56 says:
    March 11, 2013 at 4:29 PM
    The assumption is wrong. The OL improving doesn’t require new faces. The OL sucess is based on chemistry much more than pure talent. Plus the OL wasn’t our issue. We add Nicks who wasn’t really here for much of last year plus an improved Wilson and Randle and that’s a start.

    I don’t you guys are overvaluing Cruz as much as a WR like Cruz. I don’t think that type of WR changes the offense that much. I know look at what Harvin got trade wise. I say look at how the Vikings played without him – they made the playoffs. A true #1 WR has some value but even those can be replaced. Part of it comes from Eli spreading the ball to the open WR. I think Eli is almost better when there are less WRs he trusts because he doesn’t force the ball as much.

  6.  The Original G Man says:

    Cullen Jenkins officially signed his contract.

  7.  jfunk says:

    wlubake says:
    March 11, 2013 at 3:57 PM
    Re: Cruz, interesting article from last year:

    Highlights the different type of slot receivers: (1) shifty “Welkers”, (2) big intermediate targets, like “Colston”, (3) possession guys, like “Boldin”, and (4) TE’s like “Gronk”.

    Interestingly, they put Cruz in the Colston category, rather than the Welker category because of the type of routes he runs. Mostly intermediate to deep routes. He stretches the defense opening up underneath stuff for the TEs and RBs, rather than being a dump off option.

    It may be that targeting someone to replace Cruz would take us away from Welker and Amendola and shift us toward a bigger-bodied deeper threat.

    I think what makes Cruz so good is he can do both.

    Regarding the different types, it wasn’t that long ago that “slot receiver” was almost synonymous with “deep threat”. Used to be the “speed guy” that could take the top off the defense so the other guys could work. All he required was to be fast enough that the safeties had to respect him, lest he be wide open behind everybody.

    It’s only in fairly recent years that the slot guy turned into the possession receiver. In fact, it may not have been until Wes Welker that it became popular. People used to say the small receivers couldn’t run those possession routes because of the hits they’d be subjected to.

    Steve Smith was a pretty good Wes Welker clone. Cruz does what those guys do just as well, but he also adds home run ability. Great player, I hope we can afford to keep him.

    The agent change is a good sign. Means Cruz really does WANT to be here and is trying to reboot negotiations (or, in a perfect world, he actually wants to sign an outstanding offer from the Giants that his agent wanted no part of like Osi last year).

    If a healthy Nicks, Cruz, and a motivated/playing up to potential Ruben Randle are on the field together, Eli Manning has little excuse not to put together another 2011/MVP-like season.

  8.  Valid says:

    Awesome. Looks like Cruz staying a Giant is getting close to a sure thing.

  9.  KingAndrewXXIII says:

    Condon is a VERY good agent! Along with David Dunn of Athletes First and Rosenhaus, probably the best. I like this switch for Cruz. Condon, being a good agent, will likely get Eli extended (possibly even on a deal similar to Brady) that should free up some money for his newest client. For those out there mentioning the Patriots as a potential suitor for Cruz…with this move, you can throw that one out the window.

  10.  KingAndrewXXIII says:

    WOW! Boldin to the Niners! NFC West is going to be INSANE! They got him for a GREAT price too!

    •  F0XLIN says:

      Let it be like Big East hoops, they beat each other up all season and flop come tournament time

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