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Might New York Giants Target Old Friend Aaron Ross?

March 9th, 2013 at 3:00 PM
By Dan Benton

Only a year after signing a three-year, $15.3 million deal with the Jacksonville Jaguars, cornerback Aaron Ross once against finds himself without a home. The team, which is currently in full-fledged rebuilding mode, released the veteran corner on Friday, along with safety Dawan Landry. However, there is a possibility that Ross' stay on the free agent market will be short-lived.

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With question marks surrounding Corey Webster, the heath of Prince Amukamara and Terrell Thomas, and the decision not to re-sign Justin Tryon, the New York Giants are certainly in the market for a cornerback. And although they've contacted the agent of Charles Woodson (who is more likely to be used at safety anyway), Big Blue could soon find themselves reaching out to their old friend.

When asked about a possible return for Ross, USA Today's Mike Garafolo said it "wouldn't surprise" him.

Much ado about nothing? Perhaps, but Garafolo is usually pretty quick to shut ideas down if they aren't realistic or possible. And given the Giants' situation in the secondary, they will be looking to add some veteran depth.

Who better than someone who already knows the system? And because the market for defensive backs is beyond saturated, someone like Ross could come for near the minimum.

We can hear Jerry Reese now: "Investigate everything."


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10 Responses to “Might New York Giants Target Old Friend Aaron Ross?”

  1.  rlhjr says:

    Think it’s not out of the question. More real than siging Woodson.
    What I really see going down is a draft day trade. And I mentioned it last week.
    Thinking if Reese see a kid he likes he could very well part with Cruz.
    Reese is not going to part with any draft choices. I think there are teams who would want Cruz both in front of an in back of the Giants pick 19.
    Arming Reese with two first day picks would work out pretty good for Blue.

  2.  TroyThorne says:

    Like I said yesterday, there are a million and one free agent CBs out there right now and you might be able to snag a good one for cheap. Aaron Ross is certainly one of these things. Nostalgia has had a lot of people overrating Ross since he left but in reality he simply wasn’t that good for us. Then he went to the talentless cesspool that is Jacksonville…and got benched. Twice.


  3.  GmenMania says:


    A couple of prospective targets at DT in free agency:

    1. Sen’Derrick Marks: Former second-rounder in Tennessee who never really lived up to the potential, but has had a couple of fairly productive seasons. Would be a very Reese-like signing (similar to what he did with Bennett), and should come cheap. Only 26.

    2. Jason Jones: On the Seahawks last year, he’s a pocket-pushing DT who can also play DE in a pinch. Very versatile player, could be had for slightly over the veteran minimum, perhaps. Turns 27 in May.

    3. Sammie Hill: Lot of potential, coming form playing behind Nick Fairley and Ndamukong Suh in Detroit. Had a fairly productive season last year with a handful of sacks, but nothing this year, so he should come relatively cheap. Could fit our need for a pass-rushing presence in the middle beautifully. Only 27 in November.

    4. Roy Miller: Last on this list for a reason, he’s more of a younger Shaun Rogers. Was a rotation DT on the Bucs 1-ranked run defense last season, but not considered to be anything more than a run stuffer. Doesn’t really fit our needs that much, but he’s young, cheap, and quite good against the run. Only 26 in July.

  4.  Dan Peterson says:

    Ross has no upside. We are looking for upside and future potential, otherwise we would have just kept Tryon.

  5.  G-MenFan says:

    Shoot me.

    Draft day can’t get here fast enough.

  6.  giankees says:

    They arent signing aaron ross makes no sense and we havent even aeen all thebpeople that will be avail. Plus if they dont have to sign cruz and they renogotiate eli and drop diehl theybcould get themselves under the cap at approx 20 mill with 2 first round picks. Especially with it being a buyers market reese is goungbto have a field day. And be able to do what he wants in the draft without worrying about a position.that means a nice cb hoefully a dt drops to us in the first round and and a ol or lb in the first 2 rounds. Reese knows what he is doing. This is the year for signing good talent atvthe league min. You can pick up a slot reciever you can pick up a lb or ol easy cause people are dumping them to signbthere own talent. Reese wull be giving people 1 yr prove it to me contracts to get jints back at em this yr.

    And tbu is gone reese doesnt care about te. And he wont draft one in the first round either. Dt and cb or a crazy reciever thats his way

  7.  nmcgill@mchsi.com__gg says:

    It makes perfect sense to bring Ross back. They should not have never parted ways in the first place. Aaron Ross is a much better CB and athlete than Webster are Prince. It ant like the Gaints had a good season either. Ross is a good fit with the G-men!!!

  8.  giankees says:

    Ross used to get beat by everyone. He had a good run in the playoffs during the sb run

    •  G-MenFan says:

      Yes…and the inventor of the original “chase and grab” method of tackling in the Giants secondary.

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