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Steven Jackson on New York Giants: “If They are Interested I Sure Would Listen”

March 8th, 2013 at 8:30 AM
By Dan Benton

With Ahmad Bradshaw now gone the way of Brandon Jacobs, the New York Giants are prepared to enter the 2013 season with an open competition for the starting running back job. Second-year man David Wilson, Andre Brown and Da'Rel Scott are all expected to step up and earn themselves some carries, but acquiring a veteran back has not been ruled out. And one name that has been brought up a time or two is former St. Louis Rams running back Steven Jackson, who said on Thursday he'd be open to signing with Big Blue.

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"The Giants are a great, great organization and I was a part of the draft class with Eli Manning so I definitely have been following his career for quite some time now," Jackson told SiriusXMNFL's Movin' the Chains on Thursday. "They have a great young runner. If they are interested I sure would listen.”

The one hang-up with Jackson is his continued desire to be the "lead dog." He left St. Louis with the hopes of starting somewhere else, but even if the Giants were interested, that's far from a guarantee.

"Well, that’s where a very open dialogue has to take place," Jackson said. "I’ve opted out of my position of being with the [Rams] and being comfortable because I want to continue to still be the bell cow. So that’s how I want teams to look at me. That’s how I’m going to shop myself and we’ll cross that bridge when we get there if that’s not the feedback that we’re receiving.”

Any running back looking to fill in as the starter is also looking to be paid that way. That scenario would all but eliminate Jackson from potential consideration with the Giants, who are still looking to shed room under the cap – not add to it.

For the Madden-age fans, it's fun to dream about what Jackson, Wilson and Brown could do for the Giants. Unfortunately, paying big money for a back who has chronic injury issues is precisely why Bradshaw was let go in the first place and why Jackson being brought in is extremely unlikely. After all, if General Manager Jerry Reese & Co. were going to pay that sort of money for that sort of player, they'd just bring back Bradshaw, who has an intimate knowledge of the offensive system.


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19 Responses to “Steven Jackson on New York Giants: “If They are Interested I Sure Would Listen””

  1.  Krow says:

    We’re not … so don’t.

  2.  Levito says:

    As long as he wasn’t expecting to be the starter, I’d give Steven Jackson a look. He’s always been one of my favorite RBs in the league, he can catch, block, and is a beast.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Sure, as the #2 back at $2MM he’d be spectacular. But that’s a fantasy. He’ll want $4-4.5MM plus performance bonuses and a promise that he can truly compete to be the #1 back. The odds of his being a member of thise team are less than slim.

      •  Krow says:

        He’ll be on the Giants roster the day a cheeseburger slips past demo.

      •  Levito says:

        He’ll have to get a better offer somewhere else, and for a 30 year old RB, it might not happen. If he wants to play for a contender, NY is a good place to play.

        I don’t think he’ll be a Giant, but crazier things have happened.

  3.  fanfor55years says:

    Pretty refreshing dialogue that Richard Sherman had with Bayless. I have to admit I’ve never seen that show, but I sure know all about Skip by reputation. Glad to see Sherman do Stanford proud.

    Funny thing is that until his senior year Sherman was an indifferent wide receiver. He only played defensive back his final year at Stanford. Gotta give Pete Carroll a lot of credit for having seen his potential when he looked at his opponents’ players. But it’s impossible to ignore the fact that Sherman is a whole lot “bigger” than he was at Stanford. They must have a great training table out there in Seattle.

    •  Krow says:

      Sherman is roided to the max … this also explains his personality which I’m assuming was quite different till Pete got him on the Seahawk diet.

      •  fanfor55years says:

        Yeah, he was always confident but he was a pretty typical gentlemanly-but-tough-minded Stanford type. But based on what I hear about Bayless I’m guessing a lot of people were awfully happy Sherman laid the wood to him.

        By the way, much as I HATE to admit it, word was that it was Harbaugh’s idea to shift Sherman to defensive back. Guy may be a serious jerk, but he can coach and he’s creative. His one big weakness at Stanford was that he was a really lousy in-game coach. bad clock management. Poor play calls at times. Sideline confusion at times. That all seems to have carried over to the San Francisco sideline. I’m really happy that the Ravens won the Super Bowl, but the Niners lost that game with horrific play-calling in the Red Zone near the end. That was their game to win.

  4.  James Stoll says:

    Jackson should be a Jet. He would start, get over-paid, and they need a real RB for that offense.

  5.  jfunk says:

    The possibility of losing Cruz is definitely real.

    A team with a lot of cap space could easily have him. All they have to do is give him a large year 1 salary instead of a signing bonus (so the Giants can’t match). All that money is then cleared off their books after year 1 so they get all that back in cap space next year to keep building.

    For example, why not a team like the Colts? They don’t pick until #24 and have gobs of cap space. Why not lock a player like Cruz up for the next 5 years with your #24 pick with a deal you can eat the majority of THIS year after which you’ll get that cap space right back to keep building the young team?

    •  fanfor55years says:

      You may be right, but giving up that #24 pick when the guy will be a free agent next season is a big hurdle for any GM. And I’m sure Reese is sitting there thinking “Hey, if someone wants to give me an extra first-round pick when I need to rebuild on the fly, be my guest.”

      Let’s pose a hypothetical. We lose Cruz and get Indy’s #24 pick. We go into 2013 with Jerrel Jernigan the presumptive starter in the slot and come out of the first round with one of the five best offensive linemen in the draft and one of the five best defensive tackles or four best corners in the draft, each of whom we have under contract for five years on a rookie deal. Which is the better outcome given that any way you look at it Victor Cruz is at least a $8.5MM per annum cap hit in 2014 forward? yes, Cruz is proven and no rookie has played a snap in the NFL. But you’re getting, in exchange for him, a player who SHOULD be very good (the Giants don’t “miss” on early draft picks) and costs about $6MM less under the cap each year after this one, meaning you have dollars available for other purposes. That’s enough extra cap space to pay the premium to retain Nicks or JPP without having to drop other valued players to do so.

      Which is the better outcome?

      I think the REAL problem is that we may have Cruz only for 2013 and then he’s gone with no compensation. Even then, we’d have signed a street free agent and he’d have helped us get a championship. No matter what happens, Victor Cruz and the Giants have been good for each other.

      •  jfunk says:

        They wouldn’t give Cruz a 1-year deal, they would lock him up long term with the deal he signs.

        The point I’m making is a team like the Colts (that have $40M in cap space right now) can give up a huge 1st year salary INSTEAD of a signing bonus. It’s all the same to Cruz, but the Colts take that (random number) $15M hit in one year instead of $3M/yr for the next five years.

        Making the “signing bonus” a 1st year salary instead means the Giants can’t match due to lack of cap space.

        I’m not arguing whether or not it would be preferable for the Giants to get a 1 for him this year vs. nothing next year. I’m just saying it’s not that difficult for a team with a lot of cap space to offer him a deal that will both be cap friendly to them long term and impossible to match for the Giants. They just have to be willing to use a big chunk of their free money THIS year to take the cap hit. which may actually make sense if they don’t covet a lot of the players available in FA. Remember, there’s a spending minimum too. If you don’t want to spend all that $40M on guys available now, giving large 1-yr salaries is a way to “spend” it without committing long term cap dollars to the roster.

        •  fanfor55years says:

          You didn’t understand my comment. My point is that if they wait Cruz is a free agent after 2013 and they can sign him next season without having to compensate the Giants (if they top the bidding).

          And my whole point is that the Giants would not be at all bad off if someone DOES take Cruz right now. I don’t want to lose him but I think it’s almost inevitable. Awfully hard to keep TWO excellent receivers on any one team when the cap pinches, much less THREE. I’m willing to, and my guess is the Giants are also willing to, bet on Randle. As big a loss as Cruz would be, N icks and randle and Wilson and Eli will make any decent slot receiver productive because when surrounded by such weapons that receiver will be matched against less-than-elite defenders and should gain sufficient advantage to produce good results. Steve Smith wasn’t close to as athletic as Cruz but was made a Pro Bowler by Eli. If Jernigan cannot replace 65% of Cruz’s production (the other 35% should be made up, and more, by Randle and Wilson) then they’ll find someone who will. I’d like to keep Cruz but the team will not collapse if someone grabs him away. That extra fiirst round pick would be very nice.

          Truth be told, if you think the Giants are a year away from competing for the Lombardi you should probably be hoping someone does grab Cruz now. Only if you think we’re in the hunt in 2013 should this be worrying you.

    • Anthony Raiaaxr29 says:

      If someone is willing to give Cruz an outrageous deal, be my guest. A first round pick in return isn’t chump change and could be used to get Tavon Austin possibly.

      •  jfunk says:

        The deal doesn’t have to be outrageous. I don’t think the Giants can/are willing to give him market value. The only reason Cruz isn’t already signed is because the Giants have Hakeem Nicks. If they didn’t, they would’ve already paid Cruz.

  6.  somethingtofollow says:

    Does anyone know Hartline’s new contract #s? He just re-uped for 5 yrs

  7.  Krow says:

    OK … Cruz. There are a couple things to remember.

    One … Cruz doesn’t put the Giants in a box till he signs the offer. So all that talk of high one year salary … all Cruz would have to do is tell Reese the details, use it for leverage, and agree to a similar dollar figure involving a bonus. Of course if he WANTS to go … or we don’t play ball … then he signs. But there’s nothing to match till it gets his signature. Which won’t happen till we back out.

    And … the NFL is in many respects a partnership. There’s a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ not to use ‘poison pill’ contracts. And that’s what a one-year-$30,000,000-salary deal would be perceived to be. Most teams will not do that because it makes them a pariah and sets them up for in-kind retaliation free shots on their guys.

    Cruz may certainly go … but it will be because Reese decides not to match the offer … not because he can’t.

  8.  rlhjr says:

    Cruz could be a draft day deal. Plenty of suitors starting with the Rams an 16 and on down from there. No one in the top 10 (IMO) would bite.

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