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New York Giants Inform Kregg Lumkin, Justin Tryon They Will not Be Re-Signed

March 8th, 2013 at 12:30 PM
By Dan Benton

For running back Kregg Lumpkin and defensive back Justin Tryon, their tenure with the New York Giants is up. The team has informed the agents of each player that they will not be re-signed, and to begin shopping them around in preparation for free agency.

Lumpkin was originally signed by the Giants prior to their week 13 game against the Washington Redskins, and was expected to come in and contribute on special teams and as a third down back. He beat out Ryan Torain for the minimum available carries, and gained 42 yards in his five games with Big Blue.

Tryon, meanwhile, signed with the Giants in October of 2011 and appeared in three games before breaking his arm in a game against the Miami Dolphins. However, that broken arm may forever define Tryon as one of the toughest SOB's alive as he played through the pain for 2 1/2 quarters, and made a game-saving tackle of Reggie Bush before finally being taken to the locker-room.

In 2012, the legend of Tryon faded away as the young corner struggled from the onset. And although he would play in all 16 games, he recorded only 17 tackles (mostly on special teams) and failed to record a single interception.

Both will officially become unrestricted free agents on Monday, and are free to negotiate with any team.

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22 Responses to “New York Giants Inform Kregg Lumkin, Justin Tryon They Will not Be Re-Signed”

  1.  Dirt says:


    I’m very certain that the Colts (or any team) cannot make a multi-year deal with an out of pattern salary to avoid it being a bonus. Salary always follows some constant growth or something like that.

    •  Krow says:

      Let me repost this in support … … …

      OK … Cruz. There are a couple things to remember.

      One … Cruz doesn’t put the Giants in a box till he signs the offer. So all that talk of high one year salary … all Cruz would have to do is tell Reese the details, use it for leverage, and agree to a similar dollar figure involving a bonus. Of course if he WANTS to go … or we don’t play ball … then he signs. But there’s nothing to match till it gets his signature. Which won’t happen till we back out.

      And … the NFL is in many respects a partnership. There’s a ‘gentleman’s agreement’ not to use ‘poison pill’ contracts. And that’s what a one-year-$30,000,000-salary deal would be perceived to be. Most teams will not do that because it makes them a pariah and sets them up for in-kind retaliation free shots on their guys.

      Cruz may certainly go … but it will be because Reese decides not to match the offer … not because he can’t.

  2.  The Original G Man says:

    Jaguars cut Aaron Ross.

    I’d bring him in in a heartbeat if the $ is right

  3.  Dirt says:

    I think Kenny Phillips will rightfully remain a New York Football Giant.

    •  The Original G Man says:

      The DB market is going to be flooded.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      The whole deal for KP is whether a few GMs consider him a good enough health risk to assign him to the small pool of “elite” defensive backs. If so, he’ll get paid.

      BUT, a wrong decision by any one of them could cost him the confidence of his owner and, thus, his job sometime down the line. How many GMs are likely to take the risk? How will they assess the Giants willingness to let him test the market? It’s a very interesting question.

      I will not be surprised if Phillips gets a great offer from someone on Day 1 of free agency. I also won’t be surprised if he comes back to Reese hoping he can still get what was offered originally and then has to sign for something less. This really could go either way. Everyone knows he’s a terrific player. Everyone knows about his knee. Everyone knows the Giants are willing to let him move on. Everyone knows Jerry Reese is a pretty shrewd GM and the Giants’ pro personnel group is among the league’s best. The decision to sign KP will be a very interesting risk/reward decision for anyone. How many riverboat gamblers will there be out there?

      •  Levito says:

        If any team is going to make an offer for KP, my guess is it’s Carolina with Gettleman as the new GM.

        •  fanfor55years says:

          Yeah but he’s a new GM working for a complete jackwad in Jerry Richardson. And since he was with the Giants I assume Richardson would put the entire burden of that decision on Gettleman. Interesting position to be put in if you just finally got your dream job and you just cannot be sure about the kid’s health prognosis. He may have the additional problem that he might have been one of the major decision makers in deciding the Giants would not “reach” for KP given his health. Might not be good for his reputation if he now grabbed him after having argued that his former team shouldn’t stretch to keep him.

          •  Krow says:

            Of course he could claim he set the Giants up knowing he’d be somewhere else and could sign him. Richardson would totally appreciate a dishonorable move like that.

  4.  The Original G Man says:

    Dunno about them but he’d be all for it. RT @Joe_Szymansky: any chance the giants look into bringing back Ross

  5.  Krow says:

    I don’t know what Ross has left … he didn’t exactly light it up last year … but veteran depth at a cheap price …. plus he knows the system … and the Olympics are behind us. He’s worth a look.

  6.  kujo says:

    If we can get Phillips back, draft a corner high, get tougher up the middle of the defense, and get Cruz back for the longterm, combined with resigning Beatty to a very team-friendly deal and getting some clarity at RT and LG, this offseason would be a roaring success.

  7.  kujo says:

    Who was it that said the thing about delaying Eli’s restructure/extension until everything EXCEPT taking care of Cruz and Nicks, with the idea of making Eli’s deal suitable for retaining those 2 vital components?

    Because I can’t stop thinking about how that is EXACTLY how we should be approaching this situation.

  8.  Levito says:

    I dunno about drafting a CB high. Webster, Prince & Hosley are good enough to roll out with, and some veteran depth behind them would be nice. TT too, depending on where he ends up lining up. I’d much rather see that high pick spent on LB, DT, or OL.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      If one of the top three corners is available they’d be nuts to not seriously consider taking him. All three look to be potentially terrific NFL players who you would have on a 5-year rookie deal at a position that is hard to fill in free agency because the good ones want big money.

      But having Webster back allows them to certainly consider looking for help at corner with a later pick. There’s no doubt in my mind they are going to grab at least one corner in this draft. Crazy not to do so.

  9.  KingAndrewXXIII says:

    Just catching up on all the threads and had a few thoughts.

    I’ve said it before, but if Aaron Ross will come cheap on a 2-3 year deal, I would sign him in a heartbeat. He’s not going to be a starter for us, but he knows the system and the guys on the team, and when healthy…he was actually very solid for us. T2 is no sure thing, so Ross would be a good #4-5 CB. In addition, coming out of college Ross was an EXCELLENT KR – we just never used him there because it was too big of a liability with him starting at CB for us. If Hixon walks (or even if he remains a Giant) Ross would also be a great KR and special teams player for us.

    With regards to KP – I will be shocked if he’s back…and won’t be a bit surprised to be playing for someone else within the NFC East. Every team in the division has a need at safety…and the Eagles specifically are going to have money to burn. Dallas has already came out and stated that they NEVER threw the ball at KP – I wouldn’t be surprised to see Jerruh throw a lot of money KP’s way. Then throw in teams like the Bucs, Panthers and even potentially a team like the Niners (who are letting Gholdson walk due to the 8M/yr he is asking) coupled with the fact that KP has verbally expressed displeasure for how his injury was handled, and I think you can all but kiss him goodbye.

    I saw this morning where Michael Bennett is unlikely to be back in Tampa. I think that this helps the Giants front office out a little bit if what the Unicorn has said about wanting to play with his brother; is he going to go down to Tampa when they just overlooked his brother? I guess if the money is just WAY too much to turn down, then sure…but if Michael walks, that may even the playing field with the Bucs by just a little bit. Still unsure if the Unicorn is back though…gun to my head, I would say no. I have been banging the drum all off season, but if he does walk I would target Fred Davis or Brandon Meyers.

    I think that Kevin Boothe will be back at a reasonable deal. This draft class is loaded with interior line depth – many of whom could probably come in from day one and play just as well, if not better than Boothe. He isn’t a “name” player and while solid, didn’t do anything or perform on a level that is going to “wow” teams into throwing him a mega contract. I figure that he will reach the market but most likely re-sign with Big Blue on a relatively team friendly deal.

    Regarding Aqib Talib – I want no part of the guy. For one, he is a HUGE scumbag…both on and off the field. The guy is a headcase and not really someone who I think would fit in well in our locker room. Secondly, he is going to command WAY more money than we have to spend in FA; probably one of the top FA’s on the market behind only Gholdson, Mike Wallace and Jared Cook. Third, he got OWNED by Hakeem last year…and his play, while sometimes spectacular, is also at times VERY suspect. No thank you!

    Finally, with Victor Cruz…I suspect that some of this talk about teams forfeiting picks to sign him to a mega-deal are well planted by his agent. Sure, I’m sure a team like the Rams would LOVE to finally give Bradford some weapons…but to forfeit a high first round draft choice AND pony up 50M+ is a LOT…especially with the new “cap-friendly” rookie salaries. I figure that they will target a guy like Cordelle Patterson, who is being dubbed Julio Jones-esque and see how that pans out. Sure, Victor Cruz has played phenomenal throughout the past 2 years…and is certainly a playmaker…but he has also had the benefit of playing across from Hakeem Nicks and with Eli Manning throwing him the ball. I am not discrediting Cruz at all…I love him as a player, both on and off the field…and really hope that JR locks him up long term…but right now, the Giants front office holds all the cards.

    •  fanfor55years says:

      Good post.

      I don’t think Phillips will be back, but I think your certainty is misguided. A significant multi-year deal for a player who has a potentially career-ending injury and whose team has exposed him to free agency when that team has a great reputation for player evaluation is hardly a risk-free move. I can see Jones going for it because he has no one who can fire him. But most GMs around the league are going to be cautious about KP. Of course it only takes one gambler and he’s gone, so the odds are that he leaves. But it is no certain thing.

      As for Cruz, as I’ve said all along, I expect him to play here in 2013 and then, barring injury to Nicks and Randle, be gone in 2014. But, again, all it takes is one eager suitor and he’s gone now. If that happens, I’ll happily take the extra first-round pick.

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