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Corey Webster Tops List of “Overvalued” New York Giants; Will Beatty Most “Undervalued”

March 5th, 2013 at 3:45 PM
By Paul Tierney

The New York Giants have a defined philosophy that has brought the franchise two Super Bowl championships since 2007. Spend money on a quarterback, pass rushers and build through the draft while staying out of bidding wars on the free-agent market. It's a philosophy that other teams around the league are attempting to emulate and instill, but also a system of roster building that has proven effective over the last several years.

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After reading Pro Football Focus' evaluation of the Giants' most undervalued and overvalued players, it becomes apparent as to why the Giants build their roster they way they do.

The most overvalued Giants in order were: Corey Webster, Antrel Rolle, Chris Canty, Michael Boley, Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora, Mathias Kiwanuka, David Diehl, David Baas, Chris Snee. The most undervalued Giants in order were: Will Beatty, Jason Pierre-Paul, Linval Joseph, Martellus Bennett, Victor Cruz, Ahmad Bradshaw, Eli Manning, Hakeem Nicks, Stevie Brown and Domenik Hixon.

Each of the overvalued players are all veterans that are either free-agent acquisitions, or players on their second contract. The undervalued players, for the most part, were still on their rookie contracts or are playing at a Pro Bowl level. The anomaly in this theory is Ahmad Bradshaw, who was recently cut by the Giants due to his salary cap hit for next season.

However, the trend is undeniable. The more players a team can acquire to outproduce their rookie contracts, the more salary cap flexibility the front office has to work with to extend key contributors or scour the free-agent market for value. The Giants have players like this on the roster right now in Pierre-Paul, Nicks, Joseph and Brown that are contributing beyond their pay grade and enabling the team to focus allot their money to other needs on the roster.

However, as with most teams, there are undoubtedly veterans on the roster reaping the benefits of contracts that were signed back when they were producing at a respectable level. David Diehl is a veteran minimum player in overall value, but will have a salary cap hit of over $7 million in 2013. Chris Snee is on the downside of his career and will have a salary cap hit of $8.8 million this year. That's over $15 million tied up in players that are question marks heading into 2013. Perhaps that's an issue that general manager Jerry Reese will learn from in the future, or maybe it's just the price of keeping homegrown talent.

Regardless, the Giants have drafted well enough over the years to stay off the free-agent market and utilize their salary cap to keep their own players in New York. Through that strategy, the team builds chemistry, a deep working knowledge of the schemes and a consistent ability to put a competitive team on the field. 


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26 Responses to “Corey Webster Tops List of “Overvalued” New York Giants; Will Beatty Most “Undervalued””

  1.  GOAT56 says:

    I liked Jernigan from college. I think Jernigan just has been unfortunate that the position they drafted him for has been taken by a better player. Until he gets a real chance in the slot I’m not giving up on him. Assuming Cruz returns, Jernigan will probably be a bit player again. Hopefully he can contribute on KOs and as a back up WR. If Hixon and Barden both leave then Jernigan has a chance to contribute even more as a 4th WR and as a sub since at least one of the top 3 is miss some plays if not longer with bumps and bruises.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      You liked Jerningan in college? Or when Reese drafted him?

      How many games can you honestly say you watched the kid play in? Did you watch his highlights? or actually heard his name from someone saying that ” you gotta watch this kid from Troy, he’s special.”

      I watch Football at all levels. But i can’t say that I’ll tune into a Troy game unless nothing else is on. And in fact, i think that Reese drafted Jerningan so that a Rival team ( cowboys, Eagles, Skins) won’t. Jernigan ran the option in college, and wildcat and even Qb’d at times. He was mainly a trick play guy that played well in a fairly weak conference. So let’s be honest about him for a second. The kid just doesn’t fit in our system, nor will he ever.

      I still think Jernigan was a reach in the 3rd rd. And just think the kid isn’t cut out for what we need him for.

  2.  AdamGmen says:

    Are both Webster and Tuck going to take a paycut?

    •  GOAT56 says:

      No. Tuck is making 5 mil, he doesn’t need to take a pay cut. Webster at least has to take a cut of a few mil or he won’t return.

  3.  CT GIANT says:

    Just having a conversation with my Cowboys fan, brother, about how Aikman has publicly said, “protect Tony Romo, before you throw him under the bus”.
    The Reese concept over the past several years, is to look for linemen in later rounds, and it’s not ironic, that both Diehl & Snee are hitting the cap number big time, simply because Reese thinks why not, they protected Eli in 2012, least hit, and it makes his job a lot easier to focus on the defense.
    But look at the last few drafts: Prince; Wilson; JPP; in round one, and only one, imo, his worth his taking there, obviously JPP.
    Both Prince who still plays to soft, and has had many health issues, dropped 18 spots to Jerry, and 18 teams let him?
    Wilson may or may not be a starter, and I would bet a ton of money that Doug Martin was the choice, and when Tampa Bay moved up, the look on the faces and the full clock time, on the guys at radio city almost looked shocked, like now what?
    I have advocated a OT in round one for many years, and one look behind {depth} the current lineman is all telling, Cordle; Capers; Brewer, it’s obvious Reese doesn’t think the front line is very important, IF he can get away with it.

    If Eli was not as good as he is, and was getting whacked, I suspect Reese might change that attitude in a NY minute.
    Hey, I’m just a fan, but there are times when you have to add real value, as Reese has said” someone who makes an immediate impact” in speaking about a #1 pick. That is far from what is reality for several of his picks, just facts!

    Lastly, if anyone is inclined, go to and read his statements about Adrian Robinson, TE, “the JPP of TE’s. You might be shocked, or just think he’s boasting a bit about him, but don’t be surprised if Robinson is our new TE in 2013.
    Enjoyed your article, Dan.

    •  Chad Eldred says:

      Wilson is absolutely a starter and five years from now everyone will be amazed that Doug Martin was picked ahead of him. One year does not a career make.

      On the draft subject., Bob Papa insists that his sources told him on draft day that Wilson was the pick of Martin and he’s adamant about it. Papa has been around a while and I take him at his word.

      •  GOAT56 says:


        Dan should put up a pole asking for the next 4 years would you rather have Wilson or Martin. I’m betting Wilson would win. Martin is like a better Bradshaw which is a very good player but there’s a ceiling. To me Wilson is dynamic and can be Tiki like. Martin is and was always the safer bet and skill set that was NFL ready. But I think Wilson will prove to be better or at least good enough that none of us will worry about Martin. I didn’t want a first round RB but at least if we are going to draft one it should have the upside Wilson has and not Martin IMO.

        •  Nosh.0 says:

          Jerry said that they had Wilson rated higher than Martin. Normally you wouldn’t take a GM at his word but Jerry has been pretty honest. And in 2007 he had no problem saying that Revis was the highest corner on the Giants board, after they selected Arron Ross.

  4.  Samardzija says:

    Was never really a Jernigan fan. Watched him a few times in college and came away thinking he was just another fast guy that wont do much in the NFL. Had some real problems getting separation, especially when pressed so they moved him around a lot and found ways to get him into space were he could use his speed. He is also not very small and not that much of a target in tight spaces. Honestly Im hope he proves me wrong and turns into a major weapon, but I just dont see it.

    •  Nosh.0 says:

      When we drafted him I thought his physical skills were a lot like Manninghams. But after 2 years of ZERO production I can’t back the kid.

      And I’m not buying the Cruz was blocking him in the slot argument. With Nicks out this year Cruz was outside a ton, and with guys like Barden and Hixon seeing a lot of action, Jurnigan could have forced his way on the field and he didn’t.

      He’s with us for another season so no point in giving up on him but right now I don’t know how anyone can expect anything from him.

    •  BigBlueGiant says:

      Couldn’t agree more.

      His highlight reel is nice, but when you have a fast speedy guy that runs trick plays, it’s usually going to be.

      As i’ve stated above, i don’t think he’ll ever be a weapon in the NFL, at least in our Offense. We just don’t run plays that the kid is designed for.

  5.  jfunk says:

    Just trying to catch up on a few points in a spare minute. Excuse my brevity:

    1. Beckum – I call BS that this guy was just “misused”. No, he shouldn’t be expected to be a great blocker, but the problem was he was a non-existent blocker. If all he is capable of is running WR and slot routes, then he’s just a poor WR and we’ve had better options.

    2. Cruz vs. Nicks – This is the biggest strawman going and it seems like it gains more traction every week. I don’t know a single person that dislikes Cruz’s salsa. I don’t know anybody that doesn’t want him in Blue. The ONLY “let Cruz go” arguments that exist on here are based on the ASSUMPTION that we simply cannot pay both he and Nicks. Nicks’ role in the offense is more imperative to the overall function of the offense than Cruz. That is all. Now IF Randle should turn into a Nicks clone this year, does that mean we should consider paying Nicks over Cruz hoping that Randle can replace Nicks on the outside? Sure, but until Randle shows that, we can’t make that assumption. Right now we have ONE guy capable of being a “big boy on the outside” and that is Nicks.

    3. Wilson has game breaking talent. Martin does not. Wilson is to Martin what Cruz is to Steve Smith. I think in today’s crazy offense NFL, where you’re running 3 wide as often as possible anyway, I’ll take the game breaker that’s good in space.

  6.  somethingtofollow says:

    Since Reese always seems to search the garbage bins for players and he has shown some interest in DTs, how about Glen Dorsey. 1 yr minimum. He was misused in the 3-4, could be a decent 4-3 player.

  7.  Krow says:

    Roid poster child Shawne Merriman announces his retirement. You don’t hear a lot of how the Chargers suckered us in that Eli Manning trade any more.

    •  jfunk says:

      lol. yup.

      Been saying this for a couple years now. Eli > Rivers + Merriman + Kaeding.

      The talking heads were climbing over each other to talk about how badly the Chargers pilfered the Giants. Once Merriman started having “issues” they went silent. None of them revisited the trade…they just went silent.

      And I’m not going to say it was a choice between those players either, because the Giants wouldn’t necessarily have drafted those guys. The main point is that draft picks do not equal success. You don’t pass on the sure thing based on the assumption that you won’t miss in the future.

      •  Krow says:

        Still kinda wish he hung on to Tila Tequila’s neck a little longer. Either that or threw her to the Juggalos.

      •  Dirt says:

        Which is exactly why I’m all about the current stars (Cruz, Nicks, JPP), not the fomer stars (Webster, Tuck, Snee, Diehl) or maybe stars (draft picks).

        I fully get that the cap is forcing the hand, but, to Krow’s constant point, damn someone for playing the chess game in a manner which led us to have to eat the deals of Snee, Diehl, Tuck and Webster and discuss which of Nicks, Cruz or KP would have to go.

        •  jfunk says:

          Nah, you can’t sweat the deals after they’ve already paid their dividends.

          We won a couple championships with those guys holding down key spots while the front office worked the numbers in other areas.

          You always have to pay the piper at some point. Just because a couple guys appear to have started to outlive their contracts now doesn’t mean they weren’t worth the price of admission.

          I really don’t think they totally kill the team right now either. We’ve got some good young talent on this team and 5 more Eli years left. All things considered, we’re in fine shape to eat those contracts during 2013-2014 and still be in position to contend.

          Honestly, if it weren’t for the Nicks/Cruz conundrum we wouldn’t really be talking about having to possibly give up a “can’t let’em go” type of player. A lot of that has to do with just how insane the Cruz story is. Suddenly having two “must have” talents at WR when you didn’t expect it is a good problem to have. Having to choose hurts, but it’s a heck of a lot better than not having two guys to make a tough choice between. We don’t win 46 without BOTH of those guys on the field.

  8.  somethingtofollow says:

    I remember when they called him the next LT…HA!

  9.  somethingtofollow says:

    Takes a true athlete to be good while on roids…looking at you A-roid

  10.  GmenMania says:

    I, for one, am tired of the whole Cruz vs. Nicks debate. We have no idea what JR is going to do until he does it, so I really don’t see the point is making the assumption that we can’t pay both of them. For all we know, JR could sign them both to affordable deals tomorrow (obviously not going to happen, but I’m proving a point).

    Until such time as JR makes some move regarding Nicks and Cruz, I think it’s silly to debate this much over them.

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